VIDEO: Prime Minister Gaston Browne responds to “Furiously Ugly” Dr Jacqui Quinn

Dr Jacqui Quinn

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded robustly to recent remarks made by Dr. Jacqui Quinn, a talk show host, regarding the presence of political posters along the route to the United Nations Small Island Developing States (SIDS) conference at the American University of Antigua (AUA).

Dr. Quinn had expressed her dismay and anger over the sight of Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) Next Level posters on the light poles, calling it inappropriate for an apolitical international event.

This is how the prime minister responded: (Video of Dr Quinn’s Comments Also Included).

Here are the remarks by Dr. Jacqui Quinn:

Prime Minister Browne refuted Dr. Quinn’s claims, asserting that neither he nor the cabinet had issued any directives to put up these posters.

He expressed disbelief at the allegations, noting that he had not seen any such posters during his attendance at the event.

“This just came to my knowledge this afternoon,” PM Browne began. “I was there yesterday; I didn’t see any such posters. She says she’s furious. All I’ll say to Jackie is that she has become furiously ugly, internally and externally.”

Prime Minister Browne continued by drawing a comparison to a recent ALBA conference he attended in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where promotional posters were used to celebrate the significance of the event.

He emphasized that for the SIDS conference, which is possibly the largest conference ever hosted in the Caribbean, there were no posters of himself welcoming attendees, underscoring the non-political nature of the event.

“There’s no decision of me personally or of the cabinet to do any form of personal or political promotion,” Browne stated.

“What’s notable is that she sees the poster but doesn’t see the SIDS conference. You don’t hear them congratulating or using it as a springboard to other benefits.”

Dr. Quinn, in her comments, had urged the Prime Minister to ensure the removal of these posters before the conference began, labeling the situation as “totally inappropriate” and “reprehensible.”

She called on conscientious citizens and relevant authorities to take action if the Prime Minister did not.

PM Browne questioned the motive behind Dr. Quinn’s statements, suggesting that she was nitpicking and failing to recognize the significance of the SIDS conference.

He indicated that if there were any political posters, they were likely put up long before the conference and not as a deliberate act tied to the event.

“Our community is very liberal, and people like Jackie should be ashamed of their baseless accusations,” Browne concluded.

“Years ago, based on the moral integrity of this nation, people like her wouldn’t even be able to speak out in this way.”

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  1. For man whose wife looks more Indian than black, this is an outrageous insult to this distinguished black woman. He should apologize.

  2. Dr Quinn has made some very valid points that requires a valid response by the Prime Minister, and he resorts to calling her “externally ugly”.

    Says one of the ugliest leaders in the Caribbean region.

    It beggars belief how Gaston Browne has been allowed to get away with this abhorrent behaviour for so long.

    He’s a political embarrassment to Antigua & Barbuda.

    Mek he try dem tactics with Mia Mottley or our own Gisele Isaacs.

    Misogynistic basket case.

  3. I shudder when I think about the possibility of this guy representing us at the SIDS Conference, off his meds and not being tethered. He might have accumulated all the money in the world but he cannot be separated from the sty. Finally, persons from as far as the Pacific will know how docile we are.

  4. Wow Wow Wow Wow Antiguans and Barbudans I’m hoping that we will come out in Numbers and Picket

  5. Wich one worse, .calling our elderly rag-tags. You all a set of hypocrites in this place! Those stickers she’s referring to was around prior to the last general election. This is the same lady that was a non-supporter of the university, now she works there making her daily bread. You’ll the best in this place. Take down what! quiet!

  6. Gaston acts as if he’s in secondary school. Always reducing women to their looks. He’s disgusting and an embarrassment of a PM.

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  8. “people like her” wow, that’s even worse than ” furiously ugly”. I hope the folks from the UN don’t see these comments.

  9. Can you imagine what it would be like for Satan to lecture Christ about how to run heaven?
    So can you imagine what it would be like for our Prime Minister lecture anyone on moral behavior?

  10. When the pm makes these rude, disgusting and bullying comments about women i wonder if his wife speaks to him about it. After all she’s a woman and id think she would have much to say . Only in Antigua

  11. Misogynistic comments.
    UN SIDS have many women’s events that will have the international spotlight.
    Cabinet best advised to check their rhetoric carefully over next week.

    All Electioneering paraphernalia is, I thought, supposed to be removed by the relevant parties within one month of election.
    The electric pole stickers and huge billboards of grinning politicians should have been long gone by now.
    Wonder who is responsible for enforcing anti-littering and responsible removal of same?

    SIDS4 will also have a keen eye on pollution… plastics, light, sewage, runoff, rusty vehicles in bush, marine pollution…and yes, long over election paraphernalia.

  12. Gaston Brown, acts like a child and not like a leader with common sense. What type of education did he receive. The words that comes out of his mouth is not that of a leader or an educated man. He is the ugliest man I have seen, looks in not only physical it’s inward. He needs to do some introspection.

    • Sadly it seems @Juditha, that Gaston Browne’s thuggish and disrespectful behaviour (especially towards educated females) is trickling down to our young men, who then in turn sees nothing wrong with denigrating women.

      Bwoi, as they say “when the top is rotten…”

  13. Who Hitler calling ugly? He should look in the mirror. Instead of addressing the situation, he criticize her look. His wife can be his child and she isn’t even black so who is he judging

  14. gaston clown forget that he has a crazy mother hence the reason why he is crazy , and did that clown forget that he married his goddaughter, get a life clown!

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