VIDEO: Police confiscate hundreds of pounds of seafood from fisherman


An Antiguan fisherman, Jahlarnie Sylvester, was taken into police custody over the weekend in Barbuda and had both his catch and boat seized after another fisherman reported him for illegal fishing.

A source in the fisheries department says that the total catch seized tipped the scales at over 900 pounds although Sylvester has hotly disputed this claim.

In a video circulating on social media which has sparked outrage for several reasons, the fishermen clearly acknowledge that a considerable portion of the catch was comprised of ‘chub fish’ which is also known as parrot fish.

Onlookers were incensed because they took the view that the Antiguan was being harassed by police for fishing in Barbudan waters

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    • Lol. This must be the most hilarious 😂 commentary I’ve heard in ages.

      Love my Antiguans and Barbudans and ¥our lawmen. We argue peacefully in A very entertaining style.

      • This video is upsetting. What the fishermen them do? Tell me. These police officers shoild be fired come on man.They have time to mess with innocent people why not trouble the real bad man them? This need to be looked into. This is totally out of line. The Government… what are you guys really doing? Ever so often police harassing innocent people. What work police really do but mash up Government vehicle and harass poor people. I am highly annoyed.

    • That is exactly what happned. Fisheries Officer requested the Police assistance. I hope the camera man help him with the fines. But, for me is the $300 for hundreds of pounds of fish at $10 per lb do the maths. Be wise people.

  1. Good to see the Barbudan cameraman/fisherman supporting his Antiguan colleague. Is it that Antiguans are not allowed to fish in Barbuda? But it seems the French and other countries can?

  2. A thief them police go thief the fisherman fish them for themselves…. them thief me phone already. Dirty dog police man

  3. It’s clear the Police could care less or even heard of conflict resolution.
    Even without knowing the background of the incident the video tells me enough of what the public wrong or right have to deal with this on a regular basis.
    The constant tit for that is unprofessional.
    What the hell is “don’t make me see you when I come back’ supposed to mean or what will he do ?
    All over the world a single Police would go rouge or beyond and the rest of them would just watch and never say anything

  4. My skin is crawling….i hate when POLICE argue with the Public. You are Trained in Law Enforcement, apply the Law and Stop Aruing with the the Fisherman. BARBUDA needs serious Police Officers it does not look good watching this Video. I am sure the Top Brass watching this video as well. 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬

  5. These officers should be fired. What line of duty were they in? Somebody please tell me. Then your making threats when I come back make sure you gone. Is he on private on property? Did the fisherman trespass? All yall police do a yaam dung till aru belly look like aru swallow 2 jack fruit, harass innocent people and mash up government vehicles. Wha work yall do? Could yall do them things in other Countries and get way… wow.

  6. Is the RPFAB ready to pay for the ensuing cost of therapy brought on by its officers triggering childhood trauma in the civilians? Boss said since he small people a tek advantage a he and he won’t allow it.

    That officer would have behaved worse if there was no camera.

  7. It’s going to be interesting to see the facts here. Things I d like to know:
    Does the fishermen have a current fishing licence and a registered boat?
    Are the fish in open season?
    Were the fish taken outside of a protected area?

    If the answer to these questions is yes, then this activity is completely unjustified.
    If the answer is no, then throw the book at him, if we want to be able to eat local fish in the future, we need to regulate our fisheries, it’s not an unlimited supply.

    We don’t have the facts, so can’t judge. But we need to support the fishermen that work within the rules and come down hard on those that don’t. Otherwise there won’t be anything left to fish

    • I don’t have to know the facts to know a police shouldn’t tell someone “make sure he doesn’t comes back and meet him.
      What would happen it he came back and meet him ?
      I don’t have to know the facts a police shouldn’t be back and forth with words . It truly shows a lack of self control and unprofessionalism.

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