VIDEO: Police called to Rawdon Turner’s home following fracas


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  1. Wow! So these are the type ah people Gaston wanted in his government?

    Enjoy your win ABLP … we warned you all!

    • Are you serious!! Its clear as day that the AM supporter went there to stir up trouble as they have been doing throughout this entire election!! Is your destain for GB that great that no matter what he or member of his party do they will be in the wrong. Come on now man you seem like an intelligent person call a spade a spade.

    • BRIXTONIAN and TABOR I have your SMELLING SALTS as promised. TEK DAT. BRIXTONIAN sorry no Senate seat for you. Tabor sorry no Attorney General. Find a real job.

      • @ Eric the red
        You want to bet this government doesn’t last five years? There is a man over eighty right now in the government and two more heading there. Are you go prop them Up like Lester Bird? Waiting for the by-election. Don’t forget Gaston hanging on by the skin of his teeth with one seat. By the time the opposition exposes all the corruption in the Labour Party, somebody May go to jail.

      • I thought you said it was going to be a 17-0 win for the ABLP @ ERIC?

        Look, enjoy your victory, because I want the best for Antigua & Barbuda, but remember, when Gaston does breaks any of his manifesto promises, pull him up boss, so you don’t come over like a sheep 🐑


      • No nonsense woman, please go brush you tongue, remember to scrub an scrape too.
        This language is uncalled for in the comments area, save that for your personal life or I’ll be forced to block you from the comments section of this site.

        Just FYI, I’m the new dude, we run da wirezz on the web.

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Protect your life and property. Aryu done win, give the man some peace. Jesas Christ.

  2. I strongly feel that guy was sent at turner place to cause problem,and is by far wrong wrong wrong then disrespecting that mans mother

  3. Why the hell were you there in the first place… God nah lub ugly… Suppose shit had hone down differently… Boy… I tell you… Only Jah know…

  4. ERIC (THE RED) did the ALP win all 17 seats. That is what you should be addressing your nonsensical prediction. The ALP is damn lucky it managed to win the election.

    • @ Charles Tabor. Your intention was to dethrone ABLP from being the Gov’t. However, you & your UPP blue flies failed miserably. You say Red Dead but I say Red Deadly. It is for that reason why they are force to reckon with & a political party hard to get rid of

    • If you look at the total voting public @ Charles Tabor, you’ll find that the country was virtually split 50/50, but people like ERIC & From the Sideline talk as if the ABLP won by a landslide.

      When Parliament re-starts, those two will realise that the political changes of Government House will not allow Gaston Browne to ride roughshod over the Antigua & Barbuda without accountability.

      UPP may have lost the General Election, however with more representatives Gaston can no longer walk all over the country like before – his supporters don’t even realise this fact!


  5. Look at you all people fighting for alp and upp when you all out there fighting one anothere they all seat down together eating there big food on resturant enjoying themself with one another seriously people open you all eyes they shake oneanother hand as good friends and you all fighting your own man kind .waw waw

    • … and people like you @ Lovely (really!!!) Do not want to hold our ELECTIVE representatives to account.

      WAW WAW …!

  6. What we need to understand is that most of he people who voted for ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA TRRUE LIED PARTY AREN’T even antigua born they just to fast and funking up me country

    • Absolutely correct @Antigua me come from a day me born (nice tag!).

      There was a reason why Gaston ‘Scrape Through’ Browne and the ABLP appealed to non-nationals, because they knew that the autochthonous population would not vote them back in.

      You only have to look again at the indigenous voting patterns in the Village of All Saints and Barbuda to witness it was the non-nationals in the main that helped ABLP SCRAPE through …

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