VIDEO: St Vincent’s Prime Minister Injured By Angry Protesters In Kingstown


SOURCE NEWS 784: The Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines Dr Ralph Gonsalves, was injured in the capital city of Kingstown earlier this evening.

The prime minister attempted to make his way through an angry mob demonstrating a proposed amendment to the Public Health Act.

Questions have already arisen as to why the Prime Ministers’ security team would allow him to walk through the crowd of demonstrators.

Videos obtained showed streaks of blood on one side of the Prime Ministers’ faces.


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  1. This man did not see. What had happen to Macron in France. He was walking through a crowd of spectators. One of them slapped him in the face. That person was sentenced to 3 months in Prison.
    You as a security person. Cannot stop anyone from doing what they want to do. You could try and persuade them of the dangers. In the end that decision is theirs to make. Ralph Gonsalves is a very stubborn person.

  2. Sad but he should have known better than to venture in that crowd. Them feel them high and mighty and no one can touch them no matter what. I Wish him well though. He should fire his Securities.

  3. Whatever you think about the leader of the nation, violence is NEVER an option. Should never be so.

    I pray that Mr. Gonsalves recovers successfully. Justise must be carried out also.

  4. Ralph could eat shit they should have buss his head wid a bigger stone, mandatory vaccines well looks like Ralph just his shot 😂😂😂😂

  5. Ralph could eat s**t they should have buss his head wid a bigger stone, mandatory vaccines well looks like Ralph just got his shot 😂😂😂😂

  6. Our opposition leaders need to be alot more responsible. Great leaders do not need to resort to violence to be successful. They should take a page from the book of Dr. Martin Luther King. Sometimes what theses opposition leaders say or what they do cause their supporters to get violent. For eg statements like ” chop up the tax collectors when they come infront of your door ” should be condemned & dealt with by the law. Thank God Antiguans are passive people.

  7. Gaston if you continue mess with the rights of the people of the Country.Let this be an example and stop your bull shit.Been in power doesnt mean you come to take over the rights of people and their justice.Who is you to be more powerful than God? God has all the power.We elect this pary for a new change and it turned out to be the worst of worst.

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