VIDEO: PM Browne sends warning to attendee of “famous funeral”


Prime Minister Gaston Browne sent a warning to an attendee of the “famous funeral” that Browne said likely led to a woman contracting COVID-19 and dying.

The Prime Minister told Pointe FM on Saturday that “many of the returning nationals, even those who live overseas and were coming back during the Christmas season to visit their relatives, even those who came for funerals and weddings and so on, they took a position that they born in Antigua, “Ah ya dem born”, and so they can do as they like.”


“I see one idiotic one name Georgie Boy, who live in the States, running his mouth saying that he coming back here very soon and that nobody can tell him that he has to quarantine at Jolly Beach, he gonna stay at home and do whatever he pleases,” Browne said.


“Well, I’m waiting for him patiently because me personally gonna take the police for him,” the Prime Minister warned.

“You see Georgie Boy came back… early in the New Year for his mother’s funeral, Mammin. That is the famous funeral I spoke about in Point,” he revealed.


“You should see the man all about. He was calling me on a daily basis to meet with me. I refused to meet with him, but these are the type of irresponsible behavior that we had to contend with, and then when they come, and they hot up the place, and they spread COVID all over the country, they blame the government and they blame the guests.”


Following the funeral, which took place on January 7, many mourners, including several without masks, danced to iron band music through the Villa and Point communities.


On his radio programme on March 6, the Prime Minister said that 57-year-old Clancia Samuel, who died at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre on February 20, likely contracted the coronavirus due to the funeral.


Browne maintained that the sudden surge in COVID-19 cases in 2021 resulted from returning nationals mingling with the local population and not tourists who were required to stay in bio-secure locations.


“They try to say it’s because we did not lock down the airport. That is why we had an increase in the spread but look at the evidence now,” the Prime Minister contended.


“The airport is still open, we still have guests coming in, but there’s a reduction now in the spread, and that is because we have better control over those who previously allowed to quarantine and were breaking the quarantine and even those who stayed at home,” Browne insisted.


He explained, “whereas they should be staying in their particular room and, you know, isolating themselves for a 14-day period, it is very probable that many of them were literally mixing with their relatives inside their home.”

“Now, that is not something that we could police. Yet still, you know, there were many who said, oh, police were not doing their work.

So, what about the responsibility of the individual,” he asked.


“In any case, we have made a significant amount of progress, and the gaps that we had in the system that were exploited by others will not happen again,” Browne insisted.


The Prime Minister reiterated that “those who believe they can do as they like, I see them on Facebook running their mouth. As I said, me personally will report them to the police and make sure they put them in jail.”

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  1. …Well Papi, kum blow de #ConchShell.
    …’cause for some odd, odd reason,
    …it seems like it’s crazee season!
    …this thing is getting hotter, than hell.
    …or, could it be just another illusion?
    …#Another #Illusion!
    …brought on by pure confusion!
    …#Pure #Confusion!

    …so let’s see, what will happen after this decision!
    …#This #Decision!
    …being boldly proclaimed, by the PM of the Nation.
    …#That #Proclamation!
    …which neither Tut, Munn nor Boggie,
    …have a Right to even question!
    …that’s the final decree! Feel me!
    …so, please act sensibly!
    …#Act! #Sensibly!
    …otherwise, it’s 1735 or Public Cemetery!
    …either way, come what may!
    …at, the end of the day!
    …the King, PM Browne say!
    …it will cost you, plenty money!
    …#Plentee! #Donnee!

  2. The PM is to be commended. He is a Speaker of Truth and a Bearer of Knowledge. This man carries a spiritual anointing. Don’t play around wid him. Mr. Prime Minister, lead on in the spirit of V.C. Bird and the ancestors. Touch not the Lord’s anointed.

  3. Stop pulling on the mans mustache. Woe unto him that call lies truth and truth lies. Pharoh was not the Lords anointed. The police know what is their duties are

  4. “Antiguans need not apply”

    Foreign criminals are roaming the streets with impunity killing, thiefing, and raping and not a word from this Jamaican PM. Yet, he has time to attack indigenous Antiguans who return to bury their family. Antigua people better wake up. And where is the leader of the opposition?

  5. Aww shup up you have nothing to say ? He could never lead in the spirit of V.C. Bird and Ancestors .

  6. Tourists are not required to stay anywhere.

    They are not tested. They are not quarantined and they go wherever they choose.

    There is a reason that English Harbor is a COVID-19 hotspot and it isn’t “returning nationals.”

    Antiguans, you are a joke if you keep this clown (who is stealing your wealth and selling off your country at the same time refusing to protect citizens) in office for one more term.

    He should be ousted immediately. He destroyed tourism (Antigua variant) and failed to protect lives.

    • @clown PM
      Generally airport arrivals are lax.

      “we have better control over those who previously allowed to quarantine and were breaking the quarantine and even those who stayed at home”
      “In any case, we have made a significant amount of progress, and the gaps that we had in the system that were exploited by others will not happen again,” PM Browne insisted.

      So, pray tell what is the explanation for the information below?
      Arriving Nationals x 4 couples in past 2 weeks, that live away, have told me they were NOT tested, temperature checked, braceleted, told to call in temperature daily, isolated or quarantined.NONE.
      They all arrived at their respective AirBnB’s, then went grocery shopping. They told me out of respect they would not visit their family homes BUT family do visit them by their pools for the days they are here ( without masks or distance).
      All 4 couples were here less than 6-nights.
      These 8 people are a miniscule sample of the daily arrivals in past 2-weeks.
      Please don’t tell me every other arrival WAS processed & held to strict published protocols.

      Remember USA has daily increasing variant cases.

      Again, I query the math-massage happening on the Slimline dashboard and continued lack of sharing the # hospitalizations.

      ( I observed these folks in various places & placed myself at 8′, I was fully masked, and had a ‘friendly chat’ to understand their airport arrival experience)

      • These types of things we’ve heard about all year

        The PM has made a calculation to continue hiding information and allow a certain amount of locals to get sick and die as the price for keeping the island wide open to anyone and everyone without rules, without restriction

        At the same time he’ll keep blaming locals and returning nationals for the mess he has created

  7. You and VC just alike. Cuties make your heart go pitty patter. Talking about probability. Is it at least likely that your own members of your family. Committed the same actions in the first instance. Or worse. Boats do travel! You sound like a teenager or a stalker trolling people on Facebook. Go find work fu do!

  8. wow im surprised none of you watched this video and not see the irresponsible behavior of these pple but you are on the PM’s neck.

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