VIDEO: PM Browne makes appeal for election of Dwayne George


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  1. Where is the candidate to give his closing argument? After the Dwayne George train wreck on Friday on ABS, Gaston will not take such a risk.

  2. I also watched Dwayne George make an absolute fool of himself on the government’s television mouthpiece, ABS.

    The Honourable Kelvin Shuggy Simon, did the right thing by opting out and wanting nothing to do with this ABLP/ABS love in.

    The interviewer, wasn’t asking any difficult or pertinent questions; and I bet your bottom dollar that if Nikki Phoenix had a chance to conduct this interview with Dwayne George, she would have exposed him to the voting St Mary’s South constituents; and he would have left the studio cussing and cursing like previous ABLP (opps! Now ALP) politicians.

    This government is SCARED of REAL scrutiny!

  3. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. BRIXTONIAN supports DUNCENESS. Shugy did not accept because He is too DUNCE to answer questions. DWAYNE GEORGE did a FANTASTIC interview. That is why ERIC ( THE RED ) POLLING..DWAYNE GEORGE leads SHUGY SIMON by 14 points. BRIXTONIAN put that up your nose hole. BRIXTONIAN the LOSER.

    • Howdy GILES, I’m glad we both came through hurricane Tammy to resume our political engagements and dogfights.


    • @ giles u have to be the most dunce person ever commented on this medium. Anyone who understands the finance questions that Mr. Berford asked Dwayne with would be left puzzled in his answers. No wonder there is a stigma attached to labor party supporters. U are as stupid as they get! Please stop embarrassing yourself!

    • Wow 😳😳 wow wow wow As a concern citizen my question to my fellow men Why the senior members of the ABLPa are not campaigning in the St Mary’s constituency with the Prime Minister I find it quite strange I noticed that when it was Samantha Sir Robin Malwyn Chet Green they were present does it concern you

  5. We want to know where the $25,000.00 bribe money come from. Everyone here need to get involved. From AG, to GG and Scotland Yard. Where is the transparency? Dwayne George didn’t have that kind a money to just give way just so. Where the money come from? Gaston Browne you so desperate you giving Dwayne George money to bribe voters. Last election you padded certain constituencies to make sure you and your self-enrichment party would stay in power. You were proud to admit to that illegal move. Gaston Browne need to be investigated by the AG and if not this must be sent higher up the chain. Follow the money trail, see who have it and where it came from.

    Bribe money for voters, illegal. Padding constituencies, illegal.

    ABLP living the rich highlife. We lucky to have bread and cheese to eat.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Pensioners not getting paid.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Government workers not getting paid.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Holes in the sidewalks in town waiting to bruk people foot.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Social Security not being paid out.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. We can’t get water steady, not even to shower once a day.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Nigel Christian family can’t get justice. Who holding the gun?

    Take the bribe money and vote for the candidate who works for the people and the constituency.

    A vote for Dwayne George is another vote for a self-enrichment politician.

  6. What should I say? I requested assistance as a matter of national importance and substantial merit, which would immediately provide jobs, donate large funds to the same constituency but without wanting votes, just wanted to set up my office. So i can hire between 5 to 50 people and continue making my donations to the police and Bolans Village.

    And all I wanted was my application which said to me at the time was still pending to be expeditiously decided. To this day I have not gotten a letter or email from this board about whether I was approved or denied.

    Oh my, I wonder….
    I have nothing against either candidates and I still hope the best one for the constituency wins and the one will push leaders to help citizens who want and can make a difference get basic things they need.

    I but I am definitely not forgiving certain family members.

  7. @ Gaston, did watch the interview with Dwayne George and Berford on ABS recently? That in itself should disqualify Mr. George from office. Many people were left confused and baffled regarding his answers. No wonder he hasn’t done much interviews cause u guys are hiding him. Anyone with an inch of intelligence would be embarrassed!! Don’t worry, the embarrassment will end tomorrow when the good people of the south shall take your gifts but vote shuggy all the way!

  8. Did I miss something? I thought you were the leader of the government who should be looking out for the interest of EACH AND EVERY citizen of this country dispute there political affiliation. Did you just say that person’s will only benefit if they support the ALP. Please just keep in mind that all of us do pay taxes. SHUGY will win tomorrow let’s see how much you really care about the people and if all the incomplete projects in SMS will be completed.

  9. Two good candidates. They are both shining a light on how our communities can be or need to be improved. Best wishes to the people of St. Mary’s South.

  10. If the PM was really confident in DWAYNE he wouldn’t be looking like an errant child.

    He knows DWAYNE made an epic ass of himself and he so desperate he’s out here PLEADING…..


  11. If the ALP should lose the by-election, NERO will certainly find himself at Claire View. An overdose of risperdal still won’t help him. He’s out doing himself from the days of Rawdon Turner.

  12. To the pm of our land stop making g urself look so dedicated an cheep. All dat $1500. U gave away an the other money’s u still weak. Respect urself Mr Browne ur nit so young be careful of health issues. The saying goes wat God can’t do don’t exist. I still believe My Shuggy have it. My ppl don’t let the money fool u , wat they r doing is wat they should do for u. Take the money an vote for someone who care respect an willing to listen yo ur suffering.

  13. A political party in Antigua that will follow its constitution can easily win the next general election without bribery and corrupt election practices. Both ABLP and UPP have not followed their constitution in choosing candidates and this dog fight is as a result. Political leaders stay in St. John’s and without having a clue what is going on in a particular constituency- hand pick candidates that are not entrenched in the constituencies. What happens to rebuilding strong constituency branches and allowing the constitution of your parties to work.
    The recent political leaders are from St.John’s and all you have done is stay in St.John’s and never built up a relationship with the people in the country areas , except when it is election time. So you end up taking foolish advice and choosing candidates that are not liked by the people. George Walter had community support throughout Antigua when he won in 71.
    UPP- Mr.George was once a loyal soldier no doubt and you did not show him any respect. You need to look around and at the young people in your ranks and give them opportunities. Have training workshops in public speaking. Pringle learned thd hard way and could have been destroyed if not for his fortitude.
    ABLP your political party has become Gaston Browne political party. A party where everyone are afraid of their political leader. Mary-Clare and Chet Green as the party leaders are not making decisions in the best interest of the ABLP organization. Both of you have strong leadership qualities and could be great Party builders based on your backgrounds . Today All you do is follow the Ranchie Nany political leader and is destroying ABLP organization.
    The future of Antigua politically in terms of good political parties, with strong community backing is not in place. That is why the educated young people are side lookers. So both political parties continue to depend on generational supporters.
    In the quest to destroy the UPP Gaston Browne is only looking inside the UPP for defectors and in no way interested in building a strong ABLP organization.
    Calling on D. Gisele Isaac and Hon.Pringle to seize the opportunity and build a strong political party/organization , well rooted in the communities. Harold ACLM had a perfect model whereby you guys went into the communities and set up. Antiguas at that time were not as Educated as today and the UPPites and especially Papa Birdand and his Birdits branded you.
    Saint Mary’s South has two good young men both of whom if guided properly could become good politicians. I have nothing wrong to say about Mr.George except his Leader is not a good example. To Shugy because of your charisma you have what it takes to be a modern day VC Bird- loved by the people I mean.
    All the best to the both of you in the future and I do hope that the looser will find a way to concede gracefully.

  14. This is the look of a desperate man. He hangs by a thread in parliament and will face a no confidence vote in the not too distant future. Have you ever seen anything like this in all of Antigua and Barbuda politics? The PM campaigning more that the candidate he put there? When this idiot looses, it will be the beginning of the end of Gaston Browne and his incompetent, self-enriching 10 year reign of terror in Antiguan and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda MUST rid itself of this scourge. Everything that he promised, he either never fulfilled, or has gone back on.
    Dwayne George is another dunce. I was almost embarrassed for the guy on ABS. Wow! We don’t need another one in our government.

  15. I tell you. Some of us are so dumb and foolish. School uniform grants are down to one uniform. People must suffer. The public servants pay so much high taxes and yet still no substancial benefits to the people of this Country. Social Security: Pensioners can’t get pay…sometimes months before they could get the one little money owed to them for how much months. Maternity: Which most mothers are still waiting to receive. Vaccine: Forced vaccine mandate .Threatened people’s job if they didn’t take it. Protest for your rights: Protesting against the vaccine mandate led the Government to call in his force not only to use tear gas and rubber bullets on the people of this nation. It’s time we wake up. We need a change. This alp government only cares about enriching themselves and give y’all money to bribe y’all for y’all votes. Y’all don’t see that? Am fed up now.

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