VIDEO: PM Browne dismisses allegation that he bribed supporters after being filmed giving cash


Prime Minister Gaston Browne said:

They bought $5 drinks for their supporters; I gave my supporters money to buy their drinks. Their $5 gift is morally acceptable, but according to their false logic, my gift constitutes a “bribe.”

Tell them UPP losers, laggards and charlatans, get a blasted life.

The latter is a mild version of what I would really like to tell them.

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  1. Gaston it’s best that you hush your mouth,you’re the worst prime Minister ever to go in our parliament………You bring nothing to advance the country and nothing to enlightening our young people future………..Your days in office is numbered, just be a man and set your election date………We as Antiguans want leaders to represent us,not to come an curse us an our kids……..You’re a shame to society as an educated person, you really show that power an education is not for everybody………Certainly not you ………….Get some BALLS and set an election date

  2. Where the hell was all this support during COVID when people were out of work and many took to the streets to beg? Why not do something positive for the Jolly Beach workers and LIAT workers who have been suffering for over 2 years.
    Instead of acting like a “never see, come see” deviant, can Gaston just pretend that he is an adult? At least during the silly season? He is an national embarrassment.

  3. Gaston,
    You are your own worst enemy. If you don’t realize the implication of your action, then you are really unaware of a sense of decency.

    • @ From the Sidelines. Really UPP FLOP.
      If I WERE YOU, I would be worried about what the international financial community would think of PM Browne’s sanity when they see his behavior on Saturday.
      The Prime Minister’s conduct on Saturday is a very serious matter.

  4. Handing out $100 bills (yes, the slow motion video showed them bills to be $100 notes) to supporters (with your pockets bulging with money) while wearing your ALP red clothing and dancing right in the middle of UPP campaigning at election time is clearly “TREATING” which is an electoral fraud offense in law.

  5. This is why our Prime Minister isn’t fit for purpose.

    Ok, Let’s give him the benefit of doubt, and say he was buying his supporters or whomever they were drinks. 🍻

    Wouldn’t Gaston Browne or any of his advisors realise that his political opponents would use this against him?

    Bwoy, if this man had a brain 🧠 he’d be unsettling to the country … oh, but wait! 🥺

    • @ BRIX
      No BRIX, he does not have a brain. He has an ego the size of hell which is exactly where he is going

  6. And as the pilfering continues. No where and I mean no where in Antigua and Barbuda has the reliability of water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as promised by the Chief Deplorable to be a reality since September 2022. It’s now October. What is the latest excuse?

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