VIDEO: PM Addresses Protesting Pensioners


A group of over 50 outraged pensioners are pleading for the payment of monies owed to them for the past two months.


They gathered across from the Prime Ministers Office on Queen Elizabeth Highway this morning with signs that read “Gaston go now.”


Prime Minister Gaston Browne attempted to quell the situation by explaining that Covid-19 has affected the influx of money into Social Security.

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  1. Has it affected the influx of money to pay his salary, his wife’s health insurance, and the salary of the wealthy ministers and pensions of wealthy former ministers?

    • In which world do you live? Have you ever seen a small dog eat before the bigger ones? The pensioners have to wait their turn. All would be paid in due course.

      • And the way government should work?

        Pay the rich people first, let the workers and the poor prior starve?

        Someone should remind you and Gaston just where the tax dollars and social security came from in the first place.

        BTW, there was another island with a functioning government where the PM stopped taking a salary and cut the pay off the highest paid workers so he could pay everyone else

    • He outsmarted himself.He thinks he is the smartest person on earth.When he said,no Statutory Corporation should have a surplus.Then he went on to say.He is going to borrow Antigua and Barbuda out of debt.Covid has not a damn thing.To do with your poor handling of the finances of the Nation as the Minister of Finance.Those monies wasted on Concerts could be in the Treasury to help persons at this time.How many millions wasted for absolutely nothing.Chances are if you did not wastes. You would not want at this time.Pensioners,do not give up on your plight.Do not ease up your feet off the necks of those fat bastards politicians. Keep the pressure on.Next week shut down St.Johns.

  2. All of the money spent on those One Nation concerts could now be used to pay pensioners. New rule, no MP’s should be paid until all pensioners are first paid.

    • That brand spanking “NEW” Wadadli Power Plant money that did NOT receive parliamentary approval would be good right now.

      The fences money too.

      • That brand new wadadli power plant could have been in operation if it wasn’t for the corrupt, badminded leaders and supporters of ALP.
        Who is benefiting now that it was intentionally sabotaged?
        Where is the replacement school for five islands children?

  3. COVID-19 should not have affected Social Security payouts. The scheme had the contributions of workers but it should not have Sur-pluse and badminton stepped in and now we suffer. When I was working before I received my salary the deductions were made and now I am suffering. My God man.

  4. I said to my pensioners this morning to ignore the failed experiment he is only here for a photo Op. Now the videos are marking the social media rounds. The pensioners should have turn their backs at the failed experiment when he walked across the street. Beatrice is nothing but a drama queen. Pensioners let us picket social security office next week on upper long street. We are going to force him to spend the election monies he have put aside. The passport (CIP) monies belong to the people. Keep the faith people.

  5. I feel for them, no way should their payments be behind or delayed. Pensioners should be a priority and ensured their rightful check Every Month

    • In my opinion.The Prime Minister should not have gone into the crowd of picketers. I do not know.What could have motivated him to do so.His security should have told him not to do it.He is living dangerously.Ego is one thing.Stupidity is a whole other matter.

  6. They have money to spend on bracelets to enslave black Antiguans when returning home but not to pay people! Some Syrian get rich again!

  7. Rule #1: No salaries are to be paid to the PM, members of Cabinet, and all permanent secretaries until the pensioners are paid first. Indeed, all elected member of Government must take an immediate pay cut of 50% until the pandemic is past. No more government cars for any of them.

    • They shouldn’t be living high on the hog if the country is too poor to pay pensioners, provide food for Clarevue, fix the post office, and give some stimulus cash to the poorest people on this island .

      The idiot PM said he didn’t need his salary. So why is he taking one during a national crisis?

      BTW, someone commented earlier that the PM thinks he’s the king. He sure does. Look what he named his kids and what he calls his wife. He thinks he’s part of a royal family to rule over the peasants instead of a leader of a democracy that must answer to the people who put him in power in the first place.

  8. Truth stares the nation directly into its eyes and yet still the people do not see because they are blinded with corruption.
    Antigua is a doomed nation ! Just as the entire world is…so it is the same for Antigua. Corruption is the normal. Covid-19 did not bring a new normal. The truth is that covid-19 has exposed the seriousness of real normal: JUST HOW CORRUPT THE PEOPLE ARE !
    The business people, the politrickians, the air traffic controllers, the calypsonians, the religious misleaders, the statutory board members, the trade union people, the civil servants, the police force, the bar association, the talk shows hosts ……… All are deep in corruption.
    It is one messed up country. When a nation fails to take care of its senior citizens…then we know that the nation is at the end of the road. If you think covid-19 is anything…. just look out for what is to come soon after.
    Your day of judgement is soon at hand, people. Consider your ways now! Change your ways, my people. Are you so blinded by your corrupted ways that you cannot see that your doom is at hand. Do you think that your corruption is not known and recorded.
    A warning to all who turn a blind eye to the corruption…. your day of judgement is soon to come !
    Your corrupt loot CANNOT and WILL NOT SAVE YOU.
    Wake up, Antiguans ! You are warned and found wanting.


  9. This needs to happen and more often. All Gaston and his cronies do is practice the ABLP self enrichment scheme. Sell out our lands to the Chinese, sign off on loans Antigua and its people will never be able to pay off. Who built the new dock at the port and with which country’s money? How do you think we will ever be able to pay it off? Hold Gaston and his cronies responsible and make sure they never flee the country without his due process.

    It’s good to see that the people are waking up and realising Gaston and his cronies don’t represent us but themselves. We are being sold into a new world slavery and Gaston is responsible for that. We the people need to hold him and all his cronies accountable for not working towards our nation’s betterment and our successful future.

    What is happening with Yida and the destruction of the mangroves and protected area? Nothing in the news has been mentioned about that. Are we going to continue to allow the misleaders in govt to destroy our lives and our country? Wake up people. The time to put an end to all this corruption is now. I say now because if it isn’t already too late, it will be very soon.

    Any person in govt who isn’t working for We the People, needs to be removed from office and replaced with someone who will. Party affiliaation is the least of our concern and of no importance so long as they are working for We the People and to better our nation and our livelihood.

    We must stamp out corruption and take out any and all those who have continued to send our nation into what it is today.

    • @Antigua Citizen
      You talked about YIDA. Did you forget the fortifications at the Chinese Embassy and the concrete fortress that they have encircled themselves with? It looks now like they are building a moat, around the wall, because there is a separate circular wall going up around the fortress.
      God help us. Dawg, what have you done to us? Why have you sold us out to those people? Will the war against the US start from our back door? If so, we will all perish. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

      • @ What have you done, Dawg?

        Thanks for that reminder.

        What is going on with the embassy that it appears to be so fortified? I bet no one will dare answer that.

  10. Ignorant commentaries in support of a disgraceful and shameful display of elderly vagabond behaviour – indecent language and all!!! And these are the ideas and conduct that we expect our young people to develop and emulate. Sickening!!

  11. You have a lot of gall to talk about others and their behaviors.Have you ever listened to your Moses,Gaston Browne.The way he ridiculed others. Regardless of their ages and or genders.Keep on drinking that Jim Jones’ Red Kool Aid. Labor Party Supporter known as ANAL the 1st.

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