VIDEO: Outrage as men use force to apprehend alleged Bargain Center thief


Some residents who witnessed the citizens arrest of an alleged shoplifter are outraged about how it was executed.

According to reports, a man entered the Perry Bay branch of the supermarket yesterday and took two unnamed items.

The man fled the scene but was later apprehended by at least two Bargain Center staff members.

A video recorded of the incident by an eyewitness captures what happened when the alleged thief was apprehended.

The man can be heard in the video saying that he did not do anything.

Other eyewitnesses can also be heard expressing outrage over the level of force being used to get the man to comply.

Several people said that too much force was being used as the man was placed in a choke hold and punched several times.

He was taken to the local police station.

“Has vigilante justice been legalised in Antigua now,” an eyewitness asked.

We provided the video to the police and await their response.

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  1. These are how ignorants my Antiguan people do and protect criminals. I did not see anything wrong or inappropriate with this citizen arrest. They used reasonable and proportional force to apprehend a criminal.

    Why you think crime is still so high. A Hero and retired Police officer stop a man from burglarizing his friends home, and it is clear he intended to rape, rob and commit other inherently dangerous crimes, including actually assaulting and battering this retired officer and the retired officer had to shoot the perp, entering into the house to rape and steal but the retired officer is the one to be arrested.

    Antigua is full of the most ignorant folks in the world and if the retired officer’s case goes to trial, they will convict this man innocently and wrongly encouraging rapist and murderers to continue their crime spree. In Antigua, their thinking is you hit you are wrong, you shoot then you are wrong, who hits first they are wrong. They have not grasp the idea or have the intelligence to know there are more legal and factual issues you need to know, like self defense, stopping an inherently dangerous crime and even a regular crime can justify preemptive force and serious injury to a person.

    Please let us stop making criminals win, let us educate ourself and stop being the most ignorant caribbean country.

    • Stop your ignorance did u see the man tried to enter the retired cop house in bolans or was it the retired cop’s word. Wasn’t this the same cop who cripple an unarmed man in Jennings some years ago after he claimed the man had a gutless and was coming toward him during an argument. Wasn’t he later convicted for crippling after it was revealed that the man was indeed unarmed during the argument. So how now do u believe that he shot an intended burglar, and why haven’t the intended burglar charged with any crime? Answer that now

      • Blade, person, I personally spoke to the owner of the house, the lady and not only that I spoke to other witnesses blade. What I notice is that most people with offsprings that are criminals and sit on the block in Bolans is against policing and as soon as a police act, even appropriately, it is an issue, they hate police. This is not someone who is assuming anything, this is someone who actually did an investigation, who spoke with witnesses that perceived the incident and corroborated the retired cop statements.

        I have one question for you, why leave the street to go on the property of another to urinate, are you that ignorant to believe that? Why was he pushing up the window, why witnesses in the house heard someone applying force to the window?

        Blade, focus on this issue, not the pass issue, which caused a conviction because of ineffective counsel and lack of funds for an appeal. I reviewed that case also and I am 100% sure it would have been overturned (the conviction) and remanded or dismissed. I will be advising on this case and I promise you, this officer acted appropriately.

        One more thing, you asked me if I saw anything and I will ask you the same, did you see anything because you are speaking like you were there. Is there a contact number for you, i would like to conduct an interview with you since you are a witness.

  2. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Yuh nuh see how the supermarket empty? The people them have to secure the last two goods them have dung dey pon the shelve. Lol.

  3. Well I hope they have proof that that man left the store without paying for any item that was found in his possession.

    If not bargain center may close before thier intended winding up date because this video will be the final nail in bargain center’s coffin once a smart lawyer take the case with a 25% wind fall when the case is won…

  4. Antigua ppl…smh it’s not a problem and considered too much force until it happens to you… so silly

  5. The media loves to defend criminals and chastise those normal citizens seeking justice. Just look the headline of this article – total media bias supporting criminals.

    I am glad these Antigua citizens conducted this citizens arrest, they should be awarded a medal for community service by the PM.

  6. If he was a white person or your child, you guys wouldn’t be saying stuff like there isn’t anything wrong with them doing such to him. There are many criminals high places but I guess some of you are blind to that. They should’ve let the “officers” handle it and not take the law into their own hands. They’re wrong. Maybe the individuals who beating have done and are still doing worse than him. Only God knows.

    • Show some respect. Looks like you need to get to one of them revival meeting altars for a little mind adjustment. Chuptz.

  7. This has nothing to do with empty shelves.. wrong is wrong ..and if he did steal anything he deserves the rassing that he got… only when the shoes are placed on your feet you feel the heat


    What is being written here is not a religious sermon. That is for preachers.

    While it is not retaliatory or extreme, some force is associated with the prevention of crime. This is the real world.

    Not sure why all the fussing. It has never been about ‘…guilt or innocence.’
    These are dealt with at trial.

    Yes, it appeared that he was roughly handled. This is what criminals, hardened or petty, are often subjected to.

    This appears not to be a case of ‘…vigilante justice,’ but good citizens performing a civic duty.

    Likened to law enforcement, though subjective, citizens in exercising the Common law powers of arrest, may also use ‘…Reasonable Force’ in subduing a criminal who offers resistance and/or take flight.

    The question is ‘…How can he be brought to justice if not caught?’

    Moreover, ‘…Why should he be allowed to ‘…wrestle himself free to defeat the ends of justice and not be subdued? That has never been law enforcement training.

    Instructively, if the degree of force used resulted in the loss of life, for those apparently starved of Constitutional knowledge, see ‘…Section 4 (2)’ [ Constitution Order 1981].

    Even so, the user of the force shall show in a convincing way ‘…justification.’

    Lessons can still be learned from ‘…former Police officer Kevil Nelson in the Denfield ‘Tody’ incident. Even the London Privy Council was satisfied that he had used more force than ‘…reasonably necessary.

    The recent incident at ‘…Ounce’s Ice Cream Parlor at Parham’ may also help in providing some guidance on the use of force, whether to protect life or safeguard property.

      Was anything found on the man that bargain center can prove came from their store?

      What did he leave the store with and not pay for?

      How far from the store did he get before apprehended?

      There is a police station at West bus station and one in Gray’s farm. How soon after the incident was the police notified?

      Apprehending and injuring the man in the process is one thing proving the crime is the big daddy….

      • You do not have to find him in possession of the items alleged was stolen, but have probable cause or at minimum to detain, reasonable suspicion that he commit the crime.


    Do not engage in arguments bordering nonsense or idiocy.

    If it would help, Blade, re-read ‘…My Way of Helping’ comment.

    Absolutely no need for hostility.

    You may have completely misread the comment that clearly reads inter alia, ‘…stop a man from burglarizing his friend’s home.’

    Everything is said at ‘ANR,’ Some vexatious and some humorous.

    Seemingly, in your zeal to respond you have given readers a new word ‘…gutless.’ Is this a weapon?

    Like Frank Southwell’s last new word ‘…baxide.’

    Recently read a commentary at this website where the writer had expressed his views on ‘…judging calypso competition’ [Carnival 2018].

    He appeared more clever than bitter and more humorous than vexatious.

    He called an apparent unscrupulous judge ‘…Mr T. Finn Ross.’
    Said quickly with deliberateness, it gives a different sound and meaning.

    So Frankie, how about saying ‘…Bang E. T. Finn Ross?’

    • Well, E. T. Finn Ross did not get all the licks he was suppose to as yet Mr. Pompey. The lady in the Green Shirt was about to give him a few licks with the piece of wood but she drop it as soon as the crowd reach. So, E.T Finn Ross better consider himself lucky that people beg for him because Antiguans dont like people who steal. Even though alot of them juss do it too. Quite frankly, the Police often used to beat thief with bullbud too and quite deservingly I might add as well. Either way, he seemed to escape with all his moving parts in tact. Nothing to see here.

    • Lol… well penned… Mr. Pompey.
      Civilians have no idea of what criminals would do and have done to avoid capture. If he was not subdued, there would be no case.
      In the supermarket business… for every item stolen, SEVEN of the same item must be sold to cover the cost. When shoplifters steal constantly, it puts a huge strain on the business.
      No sympathies from me…

  10. If it was the police, we would be crucifying them…. When a person breaks the law then he or she should be punished…. We have 2 men on the run if they were citizens like these around maybe we not be worried about the armed men….

  11. Antigua like it getting like Jamaica by upholding thiefs and criminals it could be the most wanted person they will block roads and cry for them

  12. Someone help me please is that the owner of Bargain Center in the yellow top and blue shorts? If it is a now this video sweet.

  13. LUCKY

    Well, ‘Truths and Rights,’ you have used the name nicely in your comment.

    Thought you would have also say, ‘E. T. Finn Ross was lucky.’

    The apparent moderate spanking was just to keep him quiet that he could be safely handed over to the police. A quick way to bring him to justice.

    This was the ultimate objective that may have been overlooked by onlookers and some commenters.

    It appeared that they were more concerned about ‘…E.T. Finn Ross’ than justice.

  14. I don’t approve of this yes he’s wrong but who give anyone the right to hit him and they did use to many force what if one blow had kill him I wonder what y’all be saying but people are so cruel that they only looking at this from one point but he’s a stole something and am sure is good not that am saying it’s right but come on am sure sometime in life we all have stolen. If he was my family I’d take them to court because all they had to do was hold him n call police.


    No doubt ‘…Good Discussions’ on the subject. Dear ‘…Enrika,’ the end results of incidents speak only to that, which in actuality, happened. Thus, there may be no ‘…Ifs; …Buts or Supposition.’

    With ‘If’ one would only have to make a ‘…wish’ and a horse would suddenly show up to be ridden.

    One calypsonian went so far as to ‘…suppose’ he was a bar of soap.’

    What do you think he would have seen.’ Well, he is not, and therefore, could not be placed anywhere to see anything.

    From a professional perspective, what the suspect had experienced, may not be compared to what may likely happen, that is when the Magistrate send ‘…E. T. Finn Ross’ to jail.’

    But then, you may still argue that he was given double punishment.’
    Frankie Southwell and many other commenters, will certainly disagree.

    The question you may now wish to ask, ‘…Who send E.T. Finn Ross to the supermarket without money?

    Fascinated by this name. Credits to writer ‘…Vellie Nicholas-Benta’ [ANR: August 12, 2018].

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