VIDEO: Medical student rescues dog being tortured



This is Arlo, the dog that was tortured. He has a puncture wound and he is now with his rescuer, a medical student by the name of Kate.

She is cleaning the wound regularly and Arlo is on antibiotics.


He has not been eating or drinking yet and if that persists, she will bring him back to the vet for IV fluids tomorrow morning. He can stand up and there are no fractures.


I should add that Kate is to be highly commended, she stood up to a group of men who threatened her life, but she held her ground and took the dog anyway.


Such bravery should not go unrecognized.

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  1. Wow! What would we do without the Caucasians coming to the rescue of our animals again (sarcasm by the way)?

    ANR could you please stop highlighting these stories, unless you also highlight the cruelty, hunting practices of Western – hypocritical – countries like the USA and UK as well.

    I come from a family of farmers, and we treated all animals with care and respect … mind you we didn’t have in our beds. Urgh … NASTY PEOPLE!!!

    • Why are you making this about race???? It’s about humans not being kind. They come in all race creed and colours. We know that. Stop the nonsense and be kind. I have been to Antigua many times and there is lots of beautiful kind people , like anywhere else there is also idiots like these jerks were. Anyone acting like this should go to jail period!!!! Be a stand up person and don’t bring all your baggage. Stay on topic!!!

      • Because we are sick to the back teeth of people like you who think that you’re the only ones who care about animal welfare.

        I read so many negative stories about how we treat animal badly – THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE!

        Furthermore clever cloggs:

        Antigua have a donkey sanctuary set up by Caucasians. They make a lot of money through their charitable status, however, whenever I regularly visit – when open -, but I only see a handful of donkeys – HOW DOES THAT WORK?

        I’m not saying this is a charitable scam, but when you look into the many founders and directors of these charities, they take a very high percentage of the money which outweighs what goes to the actual beneficiaries (unless the donkeys are living off, caviar, steak and truffles)

        Most charities now need a root and branch clean up, or it will be forever seen as an EASY MONEY MIDDLE-CLASS EARNING SCAM …

    • ANR, please continue to highlight animal abuse on the Island.
      Brixtonian may treat them with respect but others need to follow his example.

  2. Black ppl curse, look how they treat each other and animals… The world is a better place without them

  3. Friends, it like peeling an onion, there are a lot of things taught to us for 300+100 years which have to be peeled off. Remember during that time our only role models were white people. We are bad caricatures of them, (can it get worse) slowly peeling off!
    Peeling off any love for dogs was not necessary, dogs are still raised to bark and bite when black people approach them. Expat dog lovers have now cashed in on this dog-love vs Antiguans no-dog love lost; it is done by capturing roaming dogs, flying them out by jet to the US, and selling them.
    Everything is for sale, even our fear of dogs, hence our not caring for strays by sharing food which is already short. The North comes to the South to educate us in their priorities, not to share anything human.

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