VIDEO: Man injured after truckload of plywood falls on him


A freak accident as verified in surveillance video, left a man injured and sent workers scampering to his aid.

The extent of the man’s injuries is unclear at this time. The incident occurred at Dews Lumber Yard

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  1. How this gets to the public when there has not even been a full internal investigation beats me. Everything is public mele these days. Whoever sent this out should be fired!!!!!!

  2. So let me get this straight. An industrial accident happens, the security footage of the accident is made public. Two Einsteins then shout out fire th them for making it public. Can you please elaborate as to how the accident footage being made public OS going to jeopardize the ” internal ” investigation? How does it change the facts of the tragic circumstance? Oh I know, its quite possible that no one can say now something different to what actually happened as the evidence is there for all ro see.

    • That’s the problem with the world today. Curiosity kills
      I am not going to say fire them but a discussion should be held. It’s ok for you to say nothing is wrong because you want to be in the know, but think of the family and friends of the person who may come across this video.
      It’s show how far we have come if you and others think there is nothing wrong with leaking the video. Maybe when it’s a video of you taking a shit then you would understand.

    • Let me me clear as, this is a tragic accident, I take no pleasure in watching it for entertainment purposes, however it is 2022 and in the real world this is how journalism has morphed into. We will all watch BBC, CNN REUTERS and have no issue when a CCTV of an accident is shown, but we’re having a cow because one is shown here? Now of there was a fatality or dismemberment I can understand out of respect for the victim it not be shown. Thankfully the individual did not suffer that fate, bit not let’s be hypocritical and get all in your feelings, for the video is not distasteful or violates anyone’s privacy or decency.

  3. These comments is exactly why the best thing I ever did was not to live in Antigua.
    Some you sound so Dunce, Stupid and uneducated.
    Sometimes I wonder if some of you aware that slavery is over . You really can’t change stupid.

  4. So the plywood na tie together and you go load it pon one forklift and drive with it above head height. This whole lumberyard should be shut down and if this man dies his family should sue Dews. Antigua need a health and safety overhaul for real boy. This is beyond negligence. Dem kinda supm na supposed to happen inna 2022

  5. In ALL aspects, of the Construction Industry SAFETY is PARAMOUNT above ALL from clothing to breathing.
    The Insurance Companies and Construction Companies should petition the Government, to bring the SAFETY standards in the Construction Industry in line with International best practices. It’s in their best interests.

    A…no #flagger monitoring and controlling the process.
    B…the plywood should have been strapped or re-strapped.

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