VIDEO: J’Truth reveals his mom has Stage 4 Cancer; Appeals for assistance


Social Media influencer J’Truth says his mother has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.

J’Truth, who hosts Lives on his Facebook page, J.Truth The Engineer, made the revelation on Tuesday and appealed to his fans for help to assist with treatment for his mother.

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  1. Young man am so sorry to hear. Cancer is serious stage 4 at that. I hope u get the help u ask for. U talked abou this Government so bad am wondering if u would try to go to get help since u need emergency help for your mom

    As I tell people be careful everything has a cycle in life.
    Hope all those who watched your live assist an not only there for drama.

    • At times it is best to remain silent and let people wonder what you are rather than open your mouth and confirm it.

      • J’Truth sorry to hear this sad news about your mom, still there is life so work with what you have too go forward with in the now and also create a GoFundMe page as soon as possible for your mom’s cause so people can make a donation to assist with your mom’s treatment. Hoping and Praying for the best outcome possible for your mom and all the family

    • At times it is best to remain silent and let people wonder what you are rather than open your mouth and confirm it

    • A government is suppose to serve THE PEOPLE so if he reaches out and they can assist they should….If he is not pleased with certain things the authorities doing is he to just shut up about it???? Some of yall like ya forget we live in a democracy where u can air ur views and opinions freely…SIGH….J’Truth I am really sorry too hear about your mother I am hoping for the best and I shall keep you in my prayers…

      • Thank you for replying to that dumb comment made earlier. I was waiting for an idiot to say something about j truth views and in true dunce fashion, the comment is the first one. I FOR ONE WILL SUPPORT ANYWAY I CAN!

    • The government isnt Christ!! And the sooner yall stop treatig him like he is and hold him accountable like j truth has, Antigua would be better.

    • What if his mother is a tearing Labourite? Does she then deserve a chance at life?

      How we are going through a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and people heart still so lacking in compassion is utterly beyond me.

    • U think is a favour govt (MBS) doing people? Whether we want to or not, contributions to MBS are taken out of our salaries and wages – even before we get our share. Whatever assistance his mother gets has nothing to do with his criticism of the govt. It’s his right to criticise if he chooses so to do, and it’s his mother’s right to get assistance from the govt.

      Ur ignorance is unparalleled

  2. Common lets have a heart in what we do and say , this is not the time for negativity when a precious life is in need of help. Let us give our support in any way possible

  3. Avatar photo Cicil you are a certified Di@# Head . I guess only people who doesn't critique the Government might get help.. The fact that it even came out of your mouth is the problem .

    Don’t know his Mother’s particular situation but I’ve had couple of stage fours in my family and it was just a matter of making them as comfortable as possible . Nothing is impossible May God be merciful

  4. He cuss too much people and now realising how much you need people….
    Love to tell people about their mother and where she got them from…. hope this allows him to better understand what life is..
    Hope she don’t get covid-19 at this time because cancer would be a pre existing condition and he is not for the protocols..

    • Your cold, guess that’s why you call yourself dinosaur just stay extinct.
      Question for all, is a person life more important than a building? Reason for asking the government paid $9 million on deluxe cinemas basically bailing out a MP & family and the building is sitting there not been used. You know what’s funny it’s the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda monies that was used to purchase the over priced building. Today ANR has 4 auctions posted, is it just me only who thinks the government should bail out the families with properties up for auctions?
      Oh sorry their not MP

    • The young man is appealing help for his mother. Stop bringing up the negative. If it was you you would be asking for support as well. No one is perfect . Look for the good in every situation because he went all for cursing he was talking facts too so just hush and stop with the negativity please

    • You are an a$$. Such an a$$. I hope when it is someone for you, that you are struck with powerful and endless grief.

    • Your alias dinosaur speak volume of you. Where do you came from? As a human being you’re very insensitive as a human. People like you make this world a very sad place. You’re making a big mistake as a mother I would be ashamed if you’re my child. You have no empathy and no human regards as a human being. You came from a female and because of his personal beliefs him and his mother should suffer. People like you can’t see past your nose and it’s a totally disgrace. Don’t celebrate anyone misfortune because it’s a road we all have to travel. Once a man twice a child and you need to search yourself and find your human pride and ask God for forgiveness and apologize to him and his mother. As my grandparents would say where he come from his mother a$$ or he drop from a tree?

  5. So what if he criticizes the damn Government/Administration.The money in the Government coffers.Does not belong to the Politicians.It is the people money.It does not belong to you ABLP minions only either.Keep on keeping their feet to the fire J’Truth.Set up a Go Fund Me Account.I would be very happy to give my financial support to you and your Mom.Set it up soonest.

  6. Let us be sensitive in this situation, sickness could happen to anyone of us, put aside politics and comments that sounds like rejoicing because of the situation. We need to be our brothers keepers especially in trying times, each one help one.

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