VIDEO: Here are the main concerns of tourism workers in Antigua about the COVID-19 vaccine


The Ministry of Tourism recently conducted a survey amongst hospitality industry players, transportation service providers, hotel workers, vendors, store, and tour operators.


It was with a view to understanding perceptions of the need to be vaccinated to ensure a safe return to the business of hospitality.


The findings of the survey concluded that the concerns of hospitality industry workers fell into these categories.


  1. How are the vaccines made?


  1. How quickly the covid-19 vaccines were made



  1. Adverse side effects (mainly blood clots)


  1. The availability of other types of vaccines


The following video outlines some Covid-19 facts and answers the main concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines for hospitality industry workers.

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  1. Sorry to say but there is nothing I didn’t already know/hear/read. Just repeating what’s already said over million times before. I’m not sure how is this going to make a difference in convincing person’s to get vaccinated. But at least they get some points for trying.

  2. What’s wrong with these people who are resisting the vaccines? All the answers to the those questions are available on the web. Why are Antiguans and many others following the anti vaxxers of America? Over 4 million people worldwide have died and they’re still asking foolish questions. The answers are on the web.

  3. Those who have resisted the vaccines initially and have subsequently become infected are begging for the vaccines. Most people learn from other people’ mistakes. Some learn from their mistakes and there are others who will never learn. The latter is due to two reasons; 1) death and 2) their hearts have been hardened. Choose life. Get vavs.

  4. how does the vaccine help asymptomatic individuals. in saying the vaccine does not kill nor stop the spreading of the virus

  5. Why do we have a resort with multiple cases of covid, staff and visitors, all staff are suppose to have vaccination to work right Max. Ask sandels staff if everyone is vaxed. Why are tourists being let in not fully vaxed, nationals have to or get lock up. Who is running this circus, Max?

  6. When I hear people using these dumb arguments, I wonder about them.
    How many things they do not eat daily and don’t even read the fine print what it is made from. A simple thing like hotdog. If you really know what is in it, you won’t be eating them anymore.
    And how many medications do we not take without know the side effects of them.

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