VIDEO: Fuller says decision to restrict access to offshore islands will cripple business


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  1. Hey Eli, ok with part of what you are telling us, BUT….I have a boat, I pay insurance, I got inspected by ADOMS, I had to get my boat licensed, I had to go to the fisheries, etc…and most of all, I have a captain… So you’re telling me I should not ba allowed to go to off shore islands on weekends,when the kids are not at school, nor during the week because I’m a local? And what do I say to my captain? That he loses his job for the next few month???

    • “Poor Man” did you understand anything in the video .Tell that to the employees that depends on his business to put food on the table. Shit flew right over your head you completely miss point Chuups !

  2. Boy chicken little at it again. One time he complains a tax (ABST on his clients)that was delayed over a decade will destroy his biz, Next he in essence arguing we should stay locked down since to his mind only the hotel properties benefiting, now we hear he at least breaking even and making enough money to help government pay salaries. Anyway this is a non issue, since licensed tour operators are allowed to continue to operate

    • Love love love love you for making this comment! People forget, but not everyone all the time. I too remembered when he wanted us to stay locked down. He wasn’t concerned overly concerned about people eating or government being able to pay salaries then. He was willing to sacrifice his own business then, but since his belly has been full and his bank account in the black he was happy…..until now.

  3. Who gives a sh!t what this attention-seeking social media skettel thinks? He can ride on his daddy’s tailcoat and last name. The average pickeyhead indigenous Antiguan knows and understands the value of hardwork. I can assure you that Eli’s ancestors did not endure a gruelling slavery existence. Stop pretending he can relate to Antiguans and Barbudans

    • What does his last name and slavery have to do with the issue he was addressing? You have said nothing about the issue he was talking about in his video. At least try to make a sensible contribution rather than just criticize.

  4. @Antiguan Citizen
    …. and you may be quite right! We all “don’t get the bigger picture”. One more time should not kill us. How oft have we focused on the big picture while ignoring the little things – the
    cancerous pimples turned lumps that gnaw away at our insides leading to the fatal Stage 4 diagnosis. So yes, we all need to pay keen attention at the goings-on with the smaller pictures to fully understand and tackle “the bigger picture”.

  5. I hear your outcries but have you any plans for the Chinese which to me look like a invasion of sorts . China helps, not because they care or like you , it’s always about their interest always .

  6. Now I get and agree with lots a things this man is saying,BUT how about the other businesses that are suffering and can’t even break even due to the limited amount of ppl that could be at functions over the Xmas and new year season . They can’t even keep their workers employed since covid started. Boss it’s a strain on all parties involved in trade in Antigua especially in tourism when persons have total disregard for the rules set forth by the GOV .Bus drivers , tour operators, events companies, bars , restaurants and I could go on , so please nelly ache fir all of us when you feel like your livelihood is threatened . Thanks in advance

  7. I guess the people bitching about ELI are the ones partying? This is going to affect the marine industry surely, yachts will stop coming and its about the only sector least affected, and yes along with excursion operators Antigua can ill afford it. He is right and he speaks for everyone who relies on tourism.

  8. Was moving along with you, Eli. I was nodding my head in agreement with you. That is until you said that Gaston Browne does not know about the restriction. Really? Ever thought about joining one of the political parties? You will move up the ranks very quickly.
    Understood that you don’t want to upset him. It would have been better if you did not make that statement. That kiss you sent him was huge. Being a praise and worship seeker, he just might change things, just for you.

    • Yup that’s the only part that caught me also lol….I was like trust me he knows what’s going on over there and if his son can’t go over there and party with his friends in peace then nobody can go there except the money aka the tourist aka the Covid….

  9. Every country is scrambling to figure out how to deal with the emerging SARS-COV-2 variants. In a place like Antigua, where your highest likelihood of new cases comes from tourism, and it’s a hard line to walk. So far, implementations like tracking bracelets and mandatory testing before entry have been encouraging steps. But it likely won’t stop a gradual rise in cases as tourism continues.

    There’s undoubtedly a need to prop up industries that are struggling, and for the government to help individual citizens survive this ordeal. I’m not sure where the decisions to limit access to the offshore islands come from? Does anyone in the comments know? Are there populations there that can be infected? Or is it to continue the limit on offshore tourism? The yachts can still operate right? Just not dock on the islands? If that’s the case, it doesn’t seem like the damning, industry-killing, hammer Eli claims, but more of an inconvenience to overcome.

    Regardless, compared to layoffs in other sectors of the Antiguan tourism industry, this seems marginal. (and maybe not worth a news article lol)

    Pointing to hypocrisy doesn’t really do anything for Eli’s point either. Seeing average people wearing masks incorrectly or not socially distancing is something you’ll see in most countries. Enforcement has always been the hardest aspect of this. Do you fine people? Arrest them? Compared to America, Antiguans look like model citizens. I agree that allowing indoor church congregations is problematic. Maybe make them outside? Offer publicly owned lands to host the congregations? Again, not really something that supports Eli’s argument as much as something that also needs working out.

    On another level, and to reflect some of the other comments, there’s a moral element to consider: the majority of the human population is desperately struggling during this pandemic, while a very select few take private planes and boats to continue living a life of extreme leisure. This was true before the pandemic, just based on wealthy inequality, but it has become even clearer over this last year. However, we can save the “unregulated capitalism is bad” argument for another conversation.

    But, that fact does makes me empathize less with Eli and his clients. Like…congrats you took more billionaires out on your yacht during the pandemic. lol. Thanks COVID! Glad it took harsher restrictions in other places, to make people who want to skirt the rules and come to Antigua. (Potentially at the expense of citizen’s health) However, for the employees of these charters, it’s important they maintain their livelihood, and if the government is restricting their industries to the point where they have to close, then the government should also be responsible to keep them housed, fed, ect

    So, maybe, that’s a better place to put our collective effort. I’m unsure what unemployment programs the government currently has. Can anyone inform me?

  10. Oh Eli! You are worried about Antigua now?? All you do on Instagram is post about people in America and Trump this and Trump that. Meanwhile your business in Antigua is getting away from you.

    Stop worrying about America and mind your business here in Antigua. First you wanted Antigua to stay locked now you don’t want to stay out. You are just like the white People who are privileged that you post on your Instagram everyday.

    It’s seems like you are obsessed with America.

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