VIDEO: Franz defends use of the ‘Bull-Bud’ on ABLP candidates




  1. Wait for it, get ready for the humourless 😏 ABLP acolytes/disciples responses in 3 … 2 … 1 … zero

    🤣🤣🤣 CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • Oh yes!!! We can all learn from the Shadow Minister of Education what NOT to do.

      He needs to tell the public whether or not he is a CITIZEN OF ANY OTHER COUNTRY.

  2. @BEGGY BEGGY Franz – love to beg food, paintbrush, paint and school supplies

    Greatful is an incorrect spelling of grateful. GRATEFUL is the correct spelling, and greatful should be universally avoided. Greatful is a common misspelling for the word grateful. GRATEFUL is the correct spelling of the words.

  3. [GASP] Jacquie Quinn is that you? Didn’t you say you’re keeping away from politics because stressful situations can potentially bring back your cancer?

    Can the Rag-Tag queen tell the public if she has paid back one red cent to Medical Benefits for the “gift” she received from MBS at the command of Baldwin “ASHE LIED” Spencer?

    The average citizen has to resort to Fish Fry and BBQ to raise even 10% of their funds for Medical treatment.

    Also, she is yet to apologize for the fake news she published about the last Vincia James discovery story. She went back and edit her Facebook post to correct her initial story, but the damage had already been done.

    No apology from Jackie to this day for the inaccurate information. Isn’t she supposedly an “experienced” “journalist”????

  4. This is all stupidness. Such ignorance. Shouldn’t we expect better from those who think they are somebody?

  5. What a phucking waste of media space and time. They really don’t have any plans! Franz should take a bulling and Jacqui a bud.

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