VIDEO: Female Police Officer


The video footage appeared to show the veteran officer concealing what insiders say was dental floss in her shopping bag. She was shown unpacking a number of other items from a small grocery basket just moments before the embarrassing incident.

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  1. IF she tiefed, why isn’t she under arrest? Why isn’t she locked in one of them filthy cells at the police station? Why isn’t she fired???? Lock her up or clear her NOW.

      • Well if plenty people beg for he it’s rightly so!!! Why fire her when even if she did do something wrong there is a trend in the police force to keep wrong doers, and even reward by promoting them. This force has no morality, no standings, nothing. An officer swindled an English man out of 4000 pounds when he was a sergeant, he is now an Asp. An office stole a 10000 dollars goat in five island when he was a corporal, he is now a sergeant. An officer raped a minor when he was a constable, case was withdrawn not acquitted, he is now a corporal, and have acted sergeant several times, soon to be confirmed. An officer again raped a minor, again case withdrawn, he still on the frontline. An officer stole drugs from narcotics department, sold it to an ONDC informant, he was promoted to sergeant. The list goes on. While these persons were on suspension, the officers who were working hard are overlooked for promotion. So the question again is why should that female police officer be any different from the others who have done worst. One did a stint in prison but is MC for every Police function. And again no morals, no nothing.

  2. What is the exact timestamp of when the alleged act was committed? Watched it 3x but must have missed it.

    • I am not going to that supermarket ever again. Too many incidents and why the security guard always following people around and the cashiers are so f-cking rude. I miss Bargain Center Supermarket.

  3. It’s funny how ppl beg for her a Police officer wearing her uniform stealing she’s not been locked up a woman who has a f****, job steal have not been locked up!!!! But wen other ppl out deh who unemployed steal alyo jail them🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 where is the justice so it is ok for a police officer to steal?
    Where’s the example this just shows how weak Antigua police force is not just the force but how weak the country is a big ranking officer steal in her uniform a darn dental flost an alyo just walk over it just so!!!!!!! Wow!!!! Ok I see so Yu all encouraging police officers to go out an steal ok

  4. why a supermarket has to be sharing that video for something that petty?just appropach the lady and let her pay for that petty floss ,it could easily be a mistake on her part .so many times customers buy perishables and other food items just to realize later that is either expired ,perished or damaged and customers lose everyday especially with the high cost on almost every item.

  5. This seem speculative and could be a set up. I looked at the video and did not see her concealing anything or putting anything in her purse. Too many of you have jumped on the band wagon without having proof. Unless they’re not sharing everything, she seems to be shopping. She needs a lawyer to sue the supermarket for defamation of character.

    • @Adjunct Professor…
      Yes, speculations can and do cause damage and damnation!
      However, before I speculate, I would have to view and analyse the entire video/audio time line of her arrival on the premises to her being accused, of the crime.
      There are many questions surrounding this incident.
      I don’t think, the COP or CID could be this incompetent, to have allegedly asked for her resignation, if they were not presented with hard , physical, verifiable evidence.
      …from fingerprints on the alleged stolen item to her interrogation #matters.

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