VIDEO: ‘Extremely Disturbing’ case of bullying at a local primary school


Education officials say they will ensure an “extremely disturbing” video of bullying at the Golden Grove School is fully investigated and dealt with.

Click here to watch the video: 

A parent told Antigua News Room that the incident, which in some cases impacted her own daughter, is a usual occurrence at the school.

She said the school administration is not dealing with the matter with the seriousness it deserves, despite several reports.

In immediate response Director of Education Clare Browne says he will investigate the video which was reportedly filmed in a Grade 6 class of the school during a break.

Later, Browne provided ANR with this comment “The school is aware of the incident and will take the appropriate disciplinary measures today. The incident occurred yesterday during the lunch hour.”

Browne indicated that a feud has existed between the two girls for some time now and both parents are aware.

“It is practically a weekly occurrence between them. The Education Officer for the Zone – Zone 1 Mr Rolston Nickeo, will be in touch with the Principal, Ms Christian, today to further address the situation. I assure you that the Ministry of Education and school will address fully,” he said.

The video shows a female student being punched several times while fellow pupils watched, laughed and even cheered on the incident.

At the end of the video the female student who received several blows from the male student is seen against the blackboard crying.

The altercation went on for several minutes.

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  1. Ministry nor the teacher or principle ain’t gonna do shit trust me. All schools stay so.

  2. There should be law’s that holds Parents and Students accountable for poor behavior. Most poorly behavior Children comes from the adults conduct.

    • Not always Colombo+Thomas but 99.99999% of the time which places you 99.9999999999999% correct on that point.

  3. it happens in all the schools!!! Either bullying, or harrasmant!!!! Schools do nothing about it.
    Kids should be seriously sanctionned…the ones bullying, and the ones no stopping it!!!, plus the parents!

  4. That kind of remind when the government make laws to force people to do things that they dont want to do but it is accepted because they make the rules, this is a serious problem

  5. wow! I can take a wild guess as to how things are in that young man´s household that he actually thinks its ok to hit a female.

  6. 1 is the class monitor system not in use today?

    2 what period of the day did the incident occur?

    3 why was the students unsupervised?

    4 what was the genesis of the squabble?

  7. And NOBODY in that class stepped in for their “friend”?? Not one person? come on man…give me a break! And on top of that the person who took that video should also be disciplined just as harshly as the others. Nip it early and nip it hard so a lesson is learned early.

    “Browne indicated that a feud has existed between the two girls for some time now and both parents are aware.” Grade 6…assuming they are all in Grade 6 is what…….11? 12? And they’ve had a feud for some time now? What kinda feud can someone that young have?

    • why should the person making the video be disciplined?
      are you forgetting that the person is a child also?

      it’s the video that is providing the EVIDENCE i.e. PROOF so that the matter will be appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken.

  8. I saw a boy and a girl fighting not two girls.
    I have a child in school also and we as parents know our children are wild at times, boys need to know they should never hit a girl because in the end it looks bad on their behalf later on in life and for girls also. If we would teach our children how to hand conflicts the correct way, a lot of things happening in school would not happen. My child used to be hit by students on purpose and accidentally and I went and spoke to the entire class, eyes can’t be bought, legs and hands can’t be bought. It was a stern warning to all including my child because if she had done it to someone else child she would have been punished by me in front the class. I asked the children if the understood what I was saying and they said yes. Playing does not have to end in fights or vexations because they are many ways to punish children. The teacher was present in the class when I gave the warning and it was done at a primary and secondary school.

  9. The boy should be disciplined. He was acting like he’s in the boxing ring. another boy did try to separate them but to no avail.
    One of the students should have called a teacher or security. SAD

  10. The school would be more interested in punishing the child that made the video. I know of one government primary School that the principal had a policy of , if you reported another student, both you and the student would be punished with a cricket bat. The result is that bullying flourishes as a way of life in that school.

  11. This is very troubling to see a male student beating up a female student. Intervention is needed by the parents and school counsellor. There was a time when these misbehaving students would have given a whopping by a parent in front of the class. Of course today many people will say that corporal punishment makes kids who are already violent, violent. Most of us got our behinds cut as kids and turned out to be responsible non violent citizens.

  12. This is a everyday thing at this school down to teachers he want to fight with god no if this was my child

  13. The ministry is fully aware that during the lunch hour when teachers leave for their lunches that most students are unsupervised. Teachers have begged for some adult supervisors to be sent to schools….them na badda with the teachers them so this is normally what lunch time looks like in most of the government primary and secondary schools….. bullying is a big issue that parents and principals tend to take lightly ….I do not encourage it in any of my classes because I remember being bullied in school and having suicidal thoughts…..bear in mind teachers are humans and especially in this covid time with thy mask wearing…..we need a break with having to part one of these even if it’s for a few minutes…….

  14. Ramauna J Jarvis “concerned parent” first of all, so much noise and no teacher close by? Bullying is not OK and though someone is filming, someone else needed to go get help from a teacher. The way the young man talks its like he is behaving like what he sees at home or in his surroundings. This is not good at all. I have 3 children, 1 C-section deliver and 2 others by unbearable pain, who on earth can do this to my children? We need to train up our children on the right way, cause many are headed in the wrong direction. I know it’s hard sometimes but please let’s him mold these young mind into something that impact our community and country in a positive way.

  15. The filmographer should be rewarded. Some footage when the teachers bullying the students need to get out there too, I does hear things. live video seems to be the only way tingz don get swept under the carpet. The boy was using excessive force but it would be good to know who started the fight and why. Where was the teacher??? Let me answer that, absent like how plenty a arwe picknie min left tutorless in the lockdown.

  16. It’s amazing how all the bloggers forget that what transpired in the video was a regular occurence in their time only difference no social media.

    Then the bloggers are all self righteous and expecting the childrenn of today to be better than they were as if they are any better than the children.

    A child’s environment is not limited to their homes but expands to the entire community that shape mold and tolerate cultural norms.

  17. Melchesidec you are saying what exactly 🤔? Maybe you were a bully in your time this “self righteous” soul never was. Bullying must stop! 🛑. That is why we continue to put up with nonsense from all angles in Antigua, cause when you make a move to deal with stuff likka dis one ya you get remarks lakka dat one dey.

    • @Silent Shout

      Reading and comprehension is not synonymous.

      In clear language hope you do not miss it this time….

      The problem is not the children. The problem is all the adults in the country.

      Stop blaming the children. Their behavior is the symptom caused by adults. The solution would be to treat the adults, no?

      The society is lacking in sensible humans.

  18. Teach y’all children to defend themselves aggressively against these punks, girl or boy. It’s sickening to watch and everyone just laughing and having a good time.

  19. Suspend him! Then he would return to school after him and his family meet with the disciplinary board to let them all know that he is on his final strike; expelled from all public schools after any further incident. His parents could then face the consequences of finding money to send him to private school. Additionally, I wish the Girl’s parents would file charges.

  20. thats why i pray for my kids every second of the day when they are at school cause some parents do not teach their kids no respect. i have a son and i teach him how to respect (no hands, no cussing out) his sister (women) everyday. im glad this did not turn out to be a stabbing or anything grand. trust me sometimes the students would alert the teachers but they could care less they on lunch or break on their phones and enjoying lunch they would ignore students i was a student once trust me ik. i applaud the young man who was trying to calm this beast down. just there thumping the girl in her young chest…..

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