VIDEO: Erna-Mae and woman got at it during carnival activities


Erna-mae Braithwaite’s on, a well-known DJ, jump off a truck to prevent a full blown fight between his mother another woman during carnival festivities this week.

Watch the embarrassing encounter between the woman and the General Manager of the Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Service.

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  1. She did Erna Mae wrong.. Tou push in front of the woman and then dig she with tou elbow in she back. Tou wrong!!! And you directly did it!!!

  2. The lady had a right to retaliate.Based on that video Erna Mae elbowed her as she was walking away.Hence the retaliation by the lady,Erna Mae should not have done that.

  3. The woman shoulda B*SS Erna- Mae…. I saw a longer clip of the video and Erna- Mae ah try block the woman from record. Erna Mae nuh know wah she ah do. She nuh one director. People come out to see the parade in person and you ah block dem to protect getting clips of a performance you don’t have exclusive rights to? The woman would not have stopped ABS from getting their low grade footage. Erna Mae too nuff.

    • and Ernmarie son shoulda step inna she face. Aryu too lub fetching ugly. She needed to move out of the way. Wamek she wah inna Claudette nostril?!

  4. What the man that jump off the truck was gonna do? The lady should have stood up and see. Saw them @$$.
    Maybe he thinks she don’t have sons too.

  5. @I ❤️my country this is another example of a “Niqqa Moment” where two grown women allow trivial matters to devolve to serious violence between the men in their lives.
    Antiguans just don’t follow rules. Is her camera that crap that she couldn’t capture the same footage from the side of the road?

  6. Whether or not you like MAE the lady purposely elbowed MAE and MAE mek she know I’m not afraid of you….
    What she wanted to video CP nose hole she was doing the most MAE sudda slap she scunt dung

  7. Just allowing the lady to get the picture would have been so great for the country, culture and the artist.

    She has access, I am assuming her name is Mae, should allow the artist to expand by allowing fans basic picture access.

    I would have happily backed away for the artist to get the exposure she needs to expand.

    It is like my brother is a celebrity, I am not going to be all up on him who I have easier access to, I would let the fans get priority on the street in an event like this.

    It is just commonsense but do we Antiguans actually think really big? Nope.

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