VIDEO: DNA Leader New Year’s Day Message


For the New Year, the DNA wishes the people of Antigua and Barbuda Prosperity for All.

In 2021, the DNA will continue to speak the truth and be the driving force behind changing the political landscape of Antigua and Barbuda.

Expect more from the DNA on promoting technology, tackling the diversification of our economy, a plan for reducing the cost of living, taking on unemployment, and charting a new destiny for our development.

Hope is on the horizon! Happy New Year!

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  1. When did the DNA hold its convention to ratify Ms. Massiah as Leader? Who is the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer etc? Will the party be contesting ALL 17 seats in the next general election?

    • When did the ABLP had their convention? Asot did say it is long overdue.She has the right to talk as she likes.A Antigua she come fram.A dey she barn.She no bang water come dey.

  2. DNA still ALIVE ?? This is a WASTE OF TIME.There will be NO Opposition Party in Antigua and Barbuda after 2023. Presently, the two Opposition Parties are NOT constructive.They believe that Their job is to oppose everything. Jamale and Joanne should get together and get rid of Harold and Gisele and maybe within 30 years They might have a chance.

    • She doesn’t have a party anymore, and she speaks as an independent. DNA totally dead!!! Yes, Lynne, you are right. IF Jamale and Joanne “could get together and get rid of Harold and Gisele and maybe within 30 years they might have a chance”, but I would predict they’ll need at least 40 years.

    • @lynne it would seem you are correct… Joanne speaks of some Vision 2040 in this video. That is 19 more years of ablp…
      UPP dead in the water, DNA – who knows.
      It is dangerous for any country to lack a viable, organized opposition as authoritarianism ensues.
      Politricks in A&B is personal and dirty leaving many capable under 40’s uninterested in getting involved.
      Maybe the politics of the future will be social media driven, much as social & environmental injustice protests are driven now.
      Change in the ‘how’ is certainly important for our future.

  3. Not sure if she is speaking from her heart or if she’s just regurgitating what she hear the people saying. Apart from criticism of the current government, we need to see leadership and the ability to make things happen. Antiguans tired of the talking.

  4. @ TUNA
    TUNE you should become a member of the DNA. Tuna you talk the same NON SENSE as Joanne. DNA is NOT a Political Party. Joanne will come out occasionally and make WHIRL WIND statements. I have been looking at the Team of Candidates the UPP put together for election 2023. This is the WORST Team I have ever seen….NO way Antiguans will vote this UPP team. These Guys and Gals for the UPP have nothing to offer Antiguans. ABLP will win all 17 seats in 2023.

    • CARSON this article is about the DNA and the New Year’s message of their leader Joanne Massiah yet you find a way to bring the UPP into your discussion. I guess the UPP and its Redeem Team is on your mind. Why are you so preoccupied with the Team?

    • @CARSON:I am on record for some years now.I have predicted that Gaston Browne with his fancy moustache. He would go down in HISTORY as the worst Prime Minister in Antigua and Barbuda.That man is all freaking talk.He has not one ounce of imagination in leadership.His approach and outlook in leadership is to enrich himself and family.At the expense of the citizens.They since 2014 have become more destitute than ever.And you Labor Party minions are pointing fingers at others.Look into the mirror.Perhaps you would be running from that reflection.You people would stand in line to drink that RED KOOL-AID.You would see those in line ahead of you drink and fall dead.However,you would still drink.You people of the ABLP(a cult) are so brain washed.

  5. At a time like this when so many persons are out of work and still having all their obligations facing them, Gaston Browne is choking the last bit of life out of us. He has no let up on the fuel prices or anything else and still indicating that taxes will increase very early in the year and this is what these people want for Antigua for the next 30-40 years? This is Stockholm Syndrome for real.

  6. Let the woman speak she from ya
    When other idiot’s in power talk shit u all praise them let her speak and it’s full time another party get a chance ablp and up had there’s why not try DNA

    You GUYS are a bunch of Blue Koolaid drinkers who cannot see further than your NOSE . Tabor I must mention UPP because Their choice of Candidates. UPP is NOT serious of winning election with These Jokers of Candidates. Tabor you also share my sentiments. TUNA you just an ABLP Hater. ABLP can do nothing right for you. I am surprised that you are not a Candidate for UPP 2023. UPP Leader in Parliament is the BIGGEST waste of time. I like how MP Lennox Weston destroyed Jamale Pringle recently in PARLIAMENT. You Guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Very Sad.

    …#HOPE! #HOPE! #HOPE!
    …it will solve all of your problems
    …like #DOPE! from heroin to coke!
    …come, and get your hope!
    …we keep it way up high
    …like these Pied Pipers #PieInTheSky!

    …the DNA’s selling #HOPE!
    …the UPP’s selling #HOPE!
    …the True Labour, ain’t got a bit of #HOPE!
    …the Go Green has lost all #HOPE
    …the ABLP is telling tall tales about #HOPE!
    …I wonder which bank is taking notes of #HOPE?

    ..these SHITuations are no joke
    …some of which have Our Nation
    …pulling and pushing on the #Choke!
    …just to start its engines
    …and get us moving!
    …instead of being stalled, in the same position.

    …We need leadership with strong convictions
    …that have a workable, and working #Action Plan.
    …instead of being bamboozled by well scripted versions
    …then come on Social Media and those Tell-Lie-Vision
    …then smile and grin, after the LIGHTS-CAMERA-ACTION!
    …but, once they’re turned of and your gone!
    …the People are back to those same SHITuation.
    …so, tell me Miss, Mrs. or Mr. Politician
    …if all your selling! Selling! #HOPE! #Hope! #Hope!
    …the People need to stop buying!
    …’cause if it’s not a joke!
    …you really got the People tripping!
    …getting High! High! On your dope!


  9. Why would Anyone listen to Joanne Messiah ??? Joanne cannot find People to run for election in Her Party. She should just stop talking and also stop annoying People with Her VISION 2040. Look after your DNA PARTY before criticizing Others.

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