VIDEO: DJ Quest hoping to make a big impact with ‘HOME GROWN’

Dj Quest

Flying the flag of 268 high, Blashford Wilkins Jr. (DJ Quest) released dancehall EP; ‘Homegrown’, yesterday.

‘Homegrown’ samples a handful of the rising talents within Antigua, setting the bar high and establishing unity amongst the local music industry. Its execution was a collaborative effort.

‘Homegrown’ is available worldwide on all major streaming platforms and may be accessed using this link; and is also available on all major streaming platforms.



  1. Congratulations, young man. Big up yourself and all the other artistes on this collaborative effort. Unity is strength.

  2. I wish you well, but I’ve never heard your name before, or the “artists” (?) you mentioned. Hopefully, you’ll do well. Best wishes.


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