VIDEO: DCA demolishes ‘ital’ structure near East Bus Station


The Development Control Authority (DCA) has demolished another structure belonging to a small business owner, this time in St. John’s, and many locals are crying shame on the authorities.

Videos in circulation this morning, February 16, captured the demolition of an open-air shed that was located next to the Natural Livity Ital Restaurant.  The structure was pushed down in the presence of police officers and the owners of the business.

Reports say the shed was recently erected to create a more aesthetically pleasing ambiance to the area and to shelter to patrons in case of bad weather.

Accordingly, a number of local flowering plants, ornamentals and benches had been placed under the shed to add to its beauty.

Jahleejah Peace, the owner of the restaurant, says that brand-new materials had been used to erect the shed.

She explains to REAL News that the business had received a letter from the DCA about two weeks ago, advising that they take down the structure.  Peace says she then wrote to the Authority asking for a meeting to discuss the matter.

The businesswoman, who was getting ready for work at the time, says she was quite surprised to learn that the DCA was on the scene, breaking down the shed, since she was still awaiting a response to her letter.

She sees this action as the DCA jumping the gun ahead of any discussions taking place to resolve the matter.  If an agreement could not have been reached, she says, the owners would have taken down the structure themselves.

Peace says the DCA appears to be specifically targeting local business operators.  It seems that only locals are not supposed to operate businesses in Antigua and Barbuda, or to construct anything, she says, and there are no rights for locals anymore.

One woman, on seeing the videos, tells our Newsroom she is “losing hope” of a future for Antiguans and Barbudans.

Another one, shedding tears, asks why the Browne Administration is “so vindictive” and has “no heart for poor people trying to make a living in these hard-hard times.”

Others agree with Peace that there appears to be a concerted effort by the Administration to “come down hard” on locals while it looks the other way when others flout the rules.  A St. George resident cites the ordeal of livestock farmer Elton Ryan as a blatant example of what he calls “the hypocrisy.”

Today’s demolition follows the destruction of a small business place in Parham by the DCA  on January 15.

That business was operated by a group of young men, who were seeking to support their families and make a contribution to the country’s economy.

Watch the Development Control Authority of Antigua demolish an “illegal” structure at the East Bus Station. Video Courtesy NewsCoObserver.

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  1. DCA finally doing their job. People think it’s normal to just knock up shop anywhere you please. Pure lawlessness has been going on for much too long in this country. And when you are now trying to correct it, it becomes a political problem

    • @Sidelines: In the heart of the City. There are structures built onto the pedestrian sidewalks. The people have to walk in the streets because of that.What is the DCA going to do about such infractions? Are they going to level those structures? Are their palms being creased by those business owners? You are such a big,fat,hypo-crite.The DCA NEEDS TO BE FAIR ACROSS ALL ETHNIC GROUPS.Whether you are a Syrian,Chinese,Black,Yellow,Pink or Red.Apply the same damn Laws equally,to all.

        • @slow walker/talker:Where in the story did it say. It was built in a natural water way. If the DCA wanted it taken down,give a reasonable amount of time for it to done,not 2 days.Then if it was not done in that time remove it.In my world,common sense and good judgment always prevail.

  2. “She explains to REAL News that the business had received a letter from the DCA about two weeks ago, advising that they take down the structure. Peace says she then wrote to the Authority asking for a meeting to discuss the matter.”

    Ummmm now she wants to meet to discuss the matter?

  3. DCA need to remove all dem stalls round by market too and all the main streets in town.

    Tek all a dem down.

    Blasted eyesore.

    • And what is more ….they dnt have. NO PRIDE in how the stalls are constructed jus any knackup… jus any wattle & daub…. its about time MARKET STREET SHOULD BE NEXT!! I AGREE.


  4. Stop the picking and choosing, DCA. There is an ugly lean up stand at the corner of Cross and Redcliffe Street. Rain or shine it is always there and looks very unsightly. Are you afraid of touching that one?
    All vendors should dismantle their stand everyday if they want to be in these main locations in the city. Don’t play favorites. You will be taken more seriously if you don’t.

  5. What about all the shacks on the beaches? Look at Darkwood restaurant every year it get bigger and bigger and more unsightly. Do they have a leases do they have DCA approval? I hope DCA being fair.

  6. I agree DCA is unfair and people from the environment, look at Shell Beach, a man take over the whole place building all kinds of structures, and things in the water and now charging people to launch them boats…..a slip that belong to government. But he supported UPP and when government change he back ALP so he safe! Antigua is a joke.

    • The United States of America is a JOKE!!! just ask Missa Knight. They don’t even get to vote for the President. Not to mention that black people are highly at risk for discrimination and police shooting simply because of their skin colour. What a CARTOON COUNTRY with no democracy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      They can’t even tell you who are the members of the so-called “electoral college”
      The president is pre-picked, handpicked, washed and packaged and given a script to follow. Bunch of Luciferian society devil worshippers behind closed doors.

  7. The flooring of the structure was made up of pallets WHICH IS NOT A STERDY MATERIAL. Imagine if a child was to play under that unstable structure and the floor broke with the child causing damage. What would y’all say then?!?

  8. Its amazing how people always like to find excuse when someone does wrong. Interestingly she admitted getting a removal notice. Why wasn’t the structure removed. Simple, attention is needed when DCA moves in and the ignorant ones amongst us will want to come cry victimization.

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