VIDEO: Cruise passengers must wear masks in Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua And Barbuda is looking forward to the return of cruise passengers to the island, Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst has said.

He is however, reminding those who plan to disembark in St. John’s to follow mask wearing protocols.

Hurst says the mandatory mask wearing rule remains in place for all.

He was address a post Cabinet news conference yesterday ahead of the restart of the cruise season next month.

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  1. Yeah right: Do you really believe that tourists will accept and adhere to disembarking from a cruise ship and move about with face masks on. NO WAY will that happen. If these cruise passengers are fully vaccinated and come from areas of the world where mask wearing has been relaxed, do you actually believe that they are going to wear mask here?

    Oh come, Mr. Hurst, you were a former ambassador: you really do know much better than that. However, your agenda is to deceive and mislead the people as usual.

    I am warning you, my friend: Judgement Day is soon. On which side will you stand? The choices you make now will determine your destiny.


    • I do not agree with you – our law is our law. If mask wearing is mandatory, the disembarking passengers will be told the policy. When they get caught in town without the mask, we charge them a fee, that could also be extra money.

      Tourist travel worldwide and have to abide by the law of the country that they visit, not by country of birth. I want you to travel to some of those countries in the Mid-East and break their laws – but I bet you will abide.

  2. Theyvare full of feces. After they nearly put a gun to our heads to take their vaccine, they are now allowing tourists to come here unvaccinated and potentially infect us, all in the name of money. They look like fools.

    • @Neptune Although you are trying to escape, you still got infected with the propaganda virus. Vaccinated or unvaccinated tourist can spread the virus, that is one thing that was told from day 1. If you took the vaccine, then you should feel more comfortable.

      The fact is, our country needs money to run so we have to learn to live with the reality. However, I would agree that we need to do so cautiously. At the moment we can enjoy a level 1 rating from the CDC and therefore we are likely to get more tourist coming. However, if our numbers go up, our level with go up and it could negatively impact tourism.

      So we have to treat everyone as potential cases and take the necessary precaution – it is NOT about vaccinated or unvaccinated.

  3. LMA0! It’s now that the asymptomatic spreading of the virus going to start. All the vaccinated passengers with their “break through infections” that don’t have symptoms but are infectious. Y’alls better boost your immune systems. Sunlight, sunlight, sunlight is the order of the day…and it’s FREE VITAMIN D.

  4. Great news, all the tourists will be required to wear mask. Right. When that does not happen, what we gonna do. Why after 18 months of this world wide crap, have we not developed a plan that does not involve tourists. Why has government not developed a plan to support Antigua, that did not involve the tourists. We have had 18 months to prepare our economy to live without the tourists dollars. And we have come up with 0,nada,zilzh,nouthig from our Leaders except take a jab, heard emuity, no investment to alternative, because no kickback, except from hotel people. We need a plan to develop other sources of revenue, besides tourism. That would be leadership Gaston.

  5. There is no way I’d leave my country where I’m not forced to wear a mask, to come and walk around with a mask in 85+ F. You all might be able to dictate your population but not everyone will take your crap. Government better finds a new source of income, because many of us will not support a wanna be dictator.

    • It seems that you only care about yourself, no interest in protecting the locals from this virus?
      You could be asymptomatic and bring the Delta variant with you.
      This pandemic is far from over, mask wearing will remain for a while yet, get used to it.

  6. By the way as far as I know the government has not pass any Regulations saying that vaccinated persons do not have to wear a mask. That being the case all cruise passengers, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, should be required to wear a mask. This also begs the question of how will a cruise passenger not wearing a mask in St. John’s be dealt with. Will that cruise passenger be given a ticket and pulled before the Magistrate to pay $500? Please government remember the law must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner.

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