VIDEO: Constable Esprit arrested woman for not wearing mask after his advances on her failed


A Gray’s Farm woman says police pinned a mask breach on her after he made advances on her which she refused.

The woman who is also pregnant says after Constable Esprit did not get what he wanted from her he arrested her created a bogus charge for not wearing her mask.

Neighbours recorded the encounter.

After arresting the woman the police officer turned his attention to the woman recording the incident.

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  1. This video is disturbing and needs an internal investigation. This officer needs to be suspended and ultimately fired. Police men should not be allowed to arrest or detain women. He is taller and stronger, and was able to manhandle her under the guise of being detained. There were no female officer on the scene when the squad car arrived. This is disgusting optics of unnecessary force, and illegal detention.

    • Well a lot of things are wrong with this event, but a male officer can effect an arrest on a female suspect…

      • Was she under arrest tho? Because from what i see he is grabbing her by her clothes/bra and made no attempt to even reach for his handcuffs!? Just asking.

  2. 1 Based on the video the woman was arrested for failure to give her name to a police officer.

    2 Lack of wearing a mask is not an arrestable offence.

    3 ANR did you confirm whether or not the woman is pregnant before writing it as a fact?

    4 Using indecent language in a public place is an additional charge for her.

    Citizens need to inform themselves of the statutes.

    • U haffu be one sheep, there is no excuse for this clear violation of ppl basic rights…this office had no grounds for arresting or even detaining this woman….a shame and then asking the person video taping bout name and address like if she commit some kinda crime… y’all better stop defending this bull shit system that not protecting anyone!

  3. What you can prove in court. This video show failure to provide address details and resisting. This video will be use against the victim. People should think before posting videos against law following officials. She needs to show evidence that the police showed inadequate conduct will in police uniform on duty. Then she can sew for harrasment and body harm to her and unborn child and embarrassment.

      The lady recording had no legal obligation to give him her name and address .

    • Why should the woman that is recording give her name what did she do explain I want to understand.

  4. Before I assume what happened, there’s always 2 sides to the story. Let’s hear what the officer has to say and put 1+1 together. I’m not picking any side because we know how people can be towards police and vice versa. I think police need to get a customer service training coarse especially those second ranked (corporal) and constable, some of them lost all respect when it comes to talking to people and this is why there are some much miscommunication. As law enforcers they should set an example before correcting someone because they have broken every code of conduct on the street. Nobody say they have to be soft. Be affirmative, there’s ways to get every problem solved without aggression. Remember if 1 party is aggressive its natural for humans to react the same way. 2 negative dont make a positive.
    People to need to do the right thing. Sometimes it’s not all about conflict, things can really turn over positive if people just stay calm and corporate.

  5. I believe her. This has always been going on. If you pull up Antigua police officers for anything to get nasty on you… one police officer was on his phone driving and my sister blow her horn and he ran her down and stopped her car abs say he is police ans he can arrest her.

    One police man years ago made advances at me and I didn’t study him and he asked me if I knew he was police ( he was in plain clothes) and ask me if I want a jail. So police do use their power to victimize ans harrass women

  6. There is always 3 side to a story, tour side my side and the teuth. What happened before it started being recorded? Did she jus complied with putting on her mask properly or was she being disrespectful? Is she rrult pregnant? Bursting all those badwords etc. Some ya’ll need to get real..

  7. 1.Where in the law says that a male officer can’t detain or arrest a female.
    2. Females have a habit of crying wolf after they figure out their actions has consequences they didn’t expect in order to garner sympathy.
    3. The Offenses shown in this video is quit a few refusing to give name and address resisting arrest 3making use of indecent language 4making use of inculcating language 5disorderly conduct by making noise ie “profane language ”
    4. Video recordings more times than not incriminate the people they intended to help

    • Are you saying he has a right to manhandle her because of her use of foul language? There are so many antiquated laws in the books that parliament or the AG need to eliminate. As long as the word is written in the dictionary its not foul, bad or indecent. The reason that male and female officers are partnered to patrol in most countries is to remove the appearance of being heavy handed and insinuations. This boils down to ego on the constable part and the female allegations. As you stated the video shows his heavy handed restraint, and her asking the bystanders for support.

      • Education really does not equate to intelligence! Your comment about a male officer cannot arrest or detain a female alone, shows your ignorance. I suggest as an adjunct professor you do your research prior to commenting on a topic.

    • show me wherein this Video recording that this woman was refusing to give her name and address.

    • Thank you Constable Esprit.

      We don’t know what happened prior to the start of the video that caused you to detain this mouthy woman, but despite her provacations, you remained calm and used nothing more than adequate force to restrain this belligerent person.

  8. Some of them doesn’t even know the law the keeping saying a male officer cannot arrest a female and I wonder where they get that nonsense from 😂😂😂😂😂 on a next note that same lady said that she was not wearing her mask properly she said she had her mask below her nose that is an offense the law requires persons to wear a mask over their nose and mouth also she was cursing badwords that’s a next offense. She made herself look bad even in front of her son she was cursing badwords. I need to hear the officer side tooo I did not like how he was dealing with her

  9. All the police is corrupted. And we as the people need to get rid of dem before they and thesystem get rid of us, slowly there killing us and taking what we work hard for.. just cause of power. Open y’all eyes.. they don’t serve and protect us… all they do is terrorize us and inflict pain.

  10. I never knew you could be arrested for not wearing a mask in Antigua. If she was not wearing her mask. He could could have given her a ticket. There would be no touching and or manhandling of a female by a male Police. The whole matter in my opinion looks disturbing on both ends. I do hope all involved did learn something from it. Wear your masks when out in public at all times. The Police needs to be more tolerant in these times. Becoming more of a people person. Talk more to the public. It is not all about using brute force in all matters. In my opinion,if someone is on the Beach and or out walking alone for exercise. That person should not be wearing a mask. Then again,I am not the Police.

  11. Why does it seems that the Police as a Force. Operates differently in the Grays Green areas and Point. Than say Crosbies,Paradise View,Hodges Bay and other uppity areas around Antigua. I am just asking. Are there double standards that apply.

  12. By the way, why is one police 👮‍♀️ officer patrolling in the area? I thought police 👮‍♀️ officers should patrol in pairs. Either two male officers or male and female officers. This ya look more like a man and woman mellay.

  13. Some of these police need to get nail up with some bullet.Wait yall believe because yall a police yall can do as yall please.What the fuck i seeing here.I tired and fed up of some of these police officers.They need professional training.I swear….If these things happen to me or my family.God knows…

  14. “We are losing the country”

    The officer was too easy on this foreign trollop. She needed a good flogging. I would have knocked her fat ass out and dragged he by the feet to the police station. All of these foreign criminals need to be deported now.

  15. Mr Editor there are times when you sensor comments on this forum but for the life of me you allowed this fool “BYAM ” to use this platforrm to advocate violence against women .
    He would’ve knocked her out and pull her by her feet ?

  16. Something is very wrong with that picture. It seems the woman is at her home wit mask on she face. Can someone be arrested for not giving their name? What kinda nonsense is that. And people actually a defen dat.But is not your mother.When police begin to do thingz like this and get endorsement from top canines people betta watch out.

  17. Some people act like dem na come in a disya worl by a B’am know dis woman a one criminal.stand up and fight for what is right foreigner or foreigner not! data how you win you country.

  18. Smh smh. Ultimately sickening and disgusting the the barages of negative, violent, disconcerting and supportive comments on this grisly act performed by the arresting police officer.
    To boot, when the highest seat of the land has openly come out and said that this woman was wrong! What kind of leadership do we have in this country of ours?
    What wrong did this woman do? Her mask was on her face. She has the right to pull the mask down from her nostril to inhale healthy oxygen on occasional instances. Seems like the status quo is bent on killing off people with these draconian and nonsensical protocols!! Wtf does the mask do first of all! Get a life. This was a sordid, vindictive, insensitive and malicious act by this beast for a police officer!! Comrade PM I do have respect for your academic intelligence, but for u to publicly condone the act of this idiotic police office in the garb of law enforcement is cardinal and prejudiced. Wake up to the reality of the suffering of the vanguard in this country and the world. Do you think the last 18 months for people have been easy?
    Do you know how many have been destroyed financially , mentally and emotionally? Shame on all the people who perceive this encounter as being a lawful act by the police. Gimme a break! Fxxked up world and fxxked up laws!! Smh

  19. Permit me to give my two SENSE on this. Should the police be more active in preventing real crime such as robbery, shootings etc rather than harassing people for not wearing a mask. Mr. PM you wrong on this one, don’t defend ignorance. The officer was ignorant.

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