VIDEO: Congestion at airport over the weekend described as super spreader event on steroids


A passenger has expressed concern that congestion at the airport on August 21st, 2021 could lead to the rapid spread of COVID-19.

The passenger shared the following Steroids UK

“This is the Super Spreader on steroids event at the VCB airport this afternoon with 5 aircraft on the ground at the same time.


There was at least 1000 people crammed into the arrival hall.


Social Distancing was not evident.”

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  1. Bring your dollars and your COVID! What happens when cases double, triple? We still welcome the outsiders so long as they bring dollar dollar bills y’all! Politics and profit over lives.

    • The mask is the only protocol? OK🤔 so as long as ppl wear mask we can have gatherings as much as we want. Is this what am hearing here?

    • Masks reduce spread. They don’t stop it completely.

      The fact they aren’t 100% effective isn’t a reason to not wear one.

      Would you not wear a condom because it’s only 97% effective?

      • Masks are not even 50 percent effective at reducing spread. The size of the corona virus relative to the size of the openings in the mask is night and day.

    • @Chocosonblon:

      There are 48 new Covid-19 cases on the Dashboard today.You could still get Covid-19 when wearing a mask.

    • Thank you for showing this. They are going on as if this is a social event. All major airports are busy with travelers. The fact is they need to understand to keep their masks on at all times. And the flight they entered are also fully booked. You sit right next to other people and you just have to protect yourself and keep on your mask the entire flight.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE looks as if we are on the same page for a change. What a miracle. Yes, you are correct the arrivals at an airport is not a social event according to the terminology of the Regulations re gatherings. Neither is a picket a social event. Please advise Gaston and the Attorney General on this nuanced interpretation.

        • You are the worst lawyer in the world. A picket is ORGANIZED. Travelers happen to be at the same place at the same time.

          • FROM THE SIDELINE I might be the worst lawyer in the world but your understanding of simple English might be the worst in the world. The point is the congregation at the airport and a picket are not social activities (gatherings) according to the meaning given to social activities under the Regulations. You must learn to read, interpret and understand before making all kinds of nonsensical comments. As the saying goes “I should just leave you at the foot of the cross”.

  2. Well, they will even be close when they get on the plane, big deal. It is so much stupidity that goest on with the whole COVID protocols.

    You go to check on for your flight (about 30 minutes), you social distance 6 Feet.

    You get on the flight for 4, 6, 12 hours, etc, you social distance 1 inch.

    You arrive at your destination for immigration and customs (about 1 hour), you then go return to 6 feet social distance.

    It puzzles me.

  3. 2021 is the year that American Airlines, British Airways and all the other airlines in the global industry can now be identified by one name….Delta Airlines…

  4. Same thing happened two weeks ago.
    Tremendous amount of passengers and too little staft. Everyone talking in each other face

  5. Tell Antiguans to shut up, how they never post up the same New York they all running to go! NYC immigration look just the same in the international terminals…. America arrival departures have thousands.., so how is this news ??? Chups

  6. ABLP (All Bull Lying Politicians) just looking out for their pockets as usual at any and all costs especially at the risk of bringing COVID to our shores. If we the people had any gatherings like this they would be quick to use teargas and rubber bullets.

    world dictator traitor tyrant liar bully HT Gaston Browne and his entire cesspool gang must be removed. They don’t represent us. All they continue to do is practice their creative enrichment schemes.

    World dictator traitor tyrant liar bully HT Gaston Browne and his entire cesspool gang and their time in office done.

    Justice for Nigel Christian and Mehul Choksi. Enough of the abduction kidnapping murder human trafficking by the current govt.

  7. Well, this is the world we now live in, therefore, we protect ourselves and
    make adjustments to the circumstances. The fact is, if you travel at this time, you’ll realize that there’s airport congestions in various places around the world. People are clamming to escape one dilemma only to run into another. So what’s the solution? We follow the given protocols as best we can, and stay safe the best we can. Covid-19 disease is not going anywhere anytime soon. And who wants to catch a disease???

  8. Y would they unload 5 aircraft at a time.just unload one at a time if the covid rate is getting high use better judgment. This is just pure nonsense.

  9. Can tell by these comments some of you never set foot on a plane in your life. I won’t even be surprised if any of you experts have a passport🤣. This is nothing compared to other international airports😂😂😂

  10. Wow ! this looks like a covid convention investment.
    People must remember , they are consequences for all those who a gwaan pack up like crab inna barrel, many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die, don’t ask me why.

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