VIDEO: Chinese community in Antigua vaccinated with their home-made vaccine


Embassy of China in Antigua:

Thank you for the chinese vaccine’s arrival in A&B and wish our motherland more stronger.
Vaccination of China-made vaccines for local Chinese in A&B.
The care of the motherland is transmitted to the most distant country, and the true feelings are not reduced.


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    • Betty Betty Betty here we go again .
      Spewing uncontrollably from the mouth again having no idea what’s going to come out .
      Do you know anything at all about China besides what you you see in front of you.

    • You mean like beating black and blue consenting Chinese slave adults who have a sexual relationship with black people and sending one of them back to China in so called disgrace. Genocide of the Uygurs in China and putting them and all dissidents in internment camps. Using their prisoners for the body parts market. Infecting the world with the Wuhan Virus etc. Is that what you call looking out for their people….Really?? The Chinese are extremely racist and are only here to take advantage and make this island theirs and worse still our leaders condone these behaviours and give them the lands that belong to “we the people”. Yes, we would be far better off with an alignment with democratic Taiwan…pretty much everything the Chinese have built here (other than their own buildings) is absolute crap and crap quality and we are and will pay dearly for the govt. inviting these people into our country…as far as I am concerned they can take their crappy vaccine and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

      • @ JEB thank you you’ve put it eloquently .
        That Betty character is Notoriously ignorant or a troll .
        What China did and is doing in Àntigua is what they’re doing all OVER the world including Africa FIX THE AIRPORTS AND PORTS AND MOVE THEIR PEOPLE IN MASSIVE NUMBERS.
        I know folks From Ghana, Ivory Coast,Mali and more, and each and every one of them tells the same story that China has gained tremendous influence, dominance
        at home including mass Chinese relocation . Personally CHINA’S MONEY is BLOOD MONEY REAL TALK .

  1. The China vaccine is the worst quality of all vaccines. It’s fine for Antigua to change our diplomatic relationship from Communist China to democracy Taiwan.

    St Kitts and St Lucia are smart to be aligned with Taiwan rather than dictatorship China.

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