VIDEO: Businesswoman says her restaurant is reeling from repeated break-ins


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  1. The criminals are a scourge of the country, we have to deal with them more seriously. Not good for the country at all.

  2. It seems like the criminal fraternity ah run tings in Antigua?

    One break-in is unacceptable, but three in a month is downright lawlessness.

    Anyone who owns and runs a business knows the hard work, sacrifice and financial commitment that’s involved; yet the Prime Minister continues to ignores the nations cries for help and clarification in resolving this growing menace to society.

    Gun crime; burglaries; rape; nightly home invasions; tourists being recently robbed of their possessions; daylight robberies; copious amounts of drugs entering the country; human smuggling; and what do we hear from our illustrious Prime Minister?

    YES, THAT’S RIGHT … CRICKETS!!! 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗

    Does he think that his SILENCE will solve these problems?

    Gaston is all talk and NO action – accept when it comes to Litigious matters!

  3. Smdh sad sad sad and all the police doing is liming on market Street to write up traffic ticket. That is their hobby. They are obsessed with giving traffic tickets.

    • The police are a big joke! They ONLY know how to write tickets and intimidate innocent civilians!! They lack common sense, consideration and decency but they are full of audacity and CORRUPTION!! They are useless when confronted with real criminals and in fact they working WITH the criminals so ya can’t expect no better. Welcome to Antigua… Sad!

    • @Quann. We all know why this is. There is no money in finding a burglar, but there is lots of money in writing traffic tickets, huge amounts. Go figure!!!

  4. Go solar to power your security cameras and alarm. They can’t stop the sun. In addition people, pleas, please use hidden/concealed back up cameras. Even those in plain sight can be camouflage.

    Stay one step ahead, of the crooks and criminals.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Bastard
    Vere C. Edwards

  5. Well a people place Gaston in Power so they will have to deal with his way of doing things now.
    They say when you pray for rain, prepare to deal with the mud too lol

  6. Again I am asking you to please take your family with you and do not come back to Antigua.
    The country will be better off without you, GB

  7. get a LICENSED firearm
    borrow one from the politician that slam down gun on table….ask Jonathan Joseph if subben go so

  8. Lady,set a trap for those thieves and shoot their arses down.Protect your property and your livelihood by any means necessary.

  9. Well good people of Antigua who are being robbed, raped and God knows what else. Our wonderful, caring Prime Minister will be in London with the King, living the high life on our hard earned tax dollars. I hate what that man and his crooked side kicks stand for.
    Corruption and greed. Partying like King and Queen in London this weekend. Boy you’re two smart cookie, Mr. PM & wife.

      • In future General Elections, can we introduce some sort of IQ testing procedure, because its ignoramus comments like the above 👆 that keep the ABLP in governance.

        The sooner the better, so that the country can make progress!

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