VIDEO: Bar Association Writes Commissioner About Bathroom Conditions At St. John’s Lock-up


Condition of Bathrooms and Toilets at St. John’s Police Station

The attached video dated 3rd December, 2020 depicting the condition of the bathrooms and toilets at the St. John’s Police Station, has come to the attention of the Antigua and Barbuda Bar Council. We are sure that, after viewing the video, you will come to the conclusion that the condition of the facilities is absolutely disgusting and totally unacceptable. These outrageous conditions are liable to cause infection and breed disease. Persons detained and/or arrested, and held at the station, are entitled to basic human rights, which include regularly cleaned sanitary facilities for bathing and relieving themselves.


Members of the Bar, who are required to interact with clients at the St. John’s Police Station, and also the policemen at the station, are clearly also at risk of infection and disease. The Bar Council demands:


  1. The immediate cleaning of the facilities.



  1. An immediate investigation into the condition of the bathroom and toilet facilities to include whether this is the norm at the station, and recommendations for a permanent solution to this awful situation.


We would be grateful if you would confirm that the facilities have been cleaned and provide us with the findings and recommendations of your investigation.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Please note that for transparency we have copied this letter to public media.


Yours Faithfully


L.W. Johnson





Lenworth Johnson



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  1. Oh he left out the “Worshipful Master” this time lol lol lol. These lodge boys are something else.

  2. Maybe if the people in lookup didn’t mess all over the place the wash rooms and toilets would not be in that condition. This is not to say that the authorities should not be cleaning up.

  3. Vere Bird III wrote about this since he and Jim Galloway were locked up when they picketed David Should office. You mean to tell me nothing has ever been done to correct this and the police are going to work everyday locking people up in those condition. in the end they want to put blame on the government for these things. The police top and the station chief should be fired for these things. They too nasty. That is the main problem. They get enough resources to maintain their stations.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE while I agree with your point that the police themselves should have shown more concern about the conditions at the stations, it is still the responsibility of the government to fix. I am sure you can recall that the present Attorney General made a statement some time ago that he would use his own resources to address the situation at the St. John’s Police station. While the Attorney General meant well, it is for the government to address the problem.

      • And if the police is not reporting these issues to the Cabinet to act on how can they know of it. As I said this happened way back when Vere Bird III and Jim Galloway were jailed for picketing. Vere wrote about the condition and no one of the BAR Association came to his aid. He had to fight it all by himself. A case he won by the way.
        The Postal Workers see a problem with their building and they strike. The police sit on their laurels and have in my opinion a don’t care attitude. And the people they arrest and put in these cells seems to behaving like pigs too if you ask me. Nasty set of people.
        But I just was made to understand that this video is not a recent one but was circling son two years ago. If that is true I wonder if the BAR association could not do some more homework before responding to a video clip. As lawyers they should know better. Lots of fake news out there. Could even have been somewhere outside of Antigua.

  4. Wait r u na custom to neglect yet??? Ah Antigua r u lib nuh…..The Government repair, clean, paint things when them feel like which is usually close to election……

    • Well it’s a lot sh** going on in this country and nobody really cares. The human right of Antiguans are being violated everyday in this country And again nobody cares.

  5. The officials here should be worried. Someone could sue them for civil rights violations under the Antigua Constitution and for human rights violations in the world court. The BAR ASSOCIATION should do more than LOOK into this, they should stop acting so limp wristed and DO SOMETHING about it.

  6. This mess must be very recently contrived! The Bar Association with its army of criminal lawyerrs (no pun intended) are only now aware of these alleged conditions at the St. John’s Police Station???? What have been taking people’s money for then? Just to show up in court to plead leniency for your poorly represented “client”. I am sure you did not even verify for yourselves the authenticity of the video, but as self- indugent reactionaries wanting to appear still relevant not moribund, you run with the “story”. Still a major part of the problem. Time to shift gears. Be part of the solution!

  7. @Anon the 1st
    Verify the authenticity of the video? Are you serous?
    You sound like a government shill… how much are they paying you?

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