VIDEO: Asot Michael ejected from Lower House, Suspended from Parliament

MP Asot Michael being removed from House

The Lower House has voted to suspend St. Peter MP Asot Michael from the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda.

This came after House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt, KC, accused the MP of cross talk, which he, the Speaker had earlier warned against.

Michael told the Speaker that he was biased in not sanctioning the cross talk of Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

The Speaker asked Michael to leave Parliament and later called on the Sergeant at Arms to remove him.

During an exchange the Speaker accused Michael of disrespecting the chair.

Watt the called on Members of the House to vote for the suspension of Michael.

They did so, suspending him from 3 consecutive sittings.

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  1. Well said Mr Asot Michael, the parliamentary proceedings are biased and only goes to show how the ABLP are going to treat their opposition members of the House.

    The country and the world is watching this puppy show; and just look at the Prime Minister in the background grinning like a Cheshire cat, thinking this is so funny. Damn fooley man!

    Asot Michael won his seat fair and square in St Peters. The ABLP party needs to start showing some respect to him and the other UPP members of Parliament.

    The attorney general is biased and way out of order.

    Gaston Browne’s behaviour over the years have been far more disorderly, and nothing is done because people ‘fraid ah he. Why so?


    • @ Brixtonian: This time around I am on the same page with you. It seems to me that Asot had now become a thorn in the flesh of the Speaker of the house & the Labour party parliamentarians especially that of the Prime minister. It is very clear that the speaker’s disposition towards Asot is very bias and at the same time the seems to be shielding the Labourites. Sad indeed! All I can say the Labourites in parliament may be up for a ride awakening. ” provoke not to anger ” Asot may have alot more in his arsenal to release.

      • Even at Uni, we were behaving and debating better than these Parliamentarians. Worse than unruly pickneys – geh rid ah dem!



      This has never been my favorite Page.

      Throwing no corn and calling no fowls (Bob Marley)

      Very much aware that this is a ‘Page’ for:

      (i) ‘…Simpletons or Simple-minded people’

      (ii) ….Political psychofants;

      (iii) …Supper singers;

      OBSERVATIONS: From the video, ‘…The Member shall have:

      (i) ‘…Obeyed the Orders of the Chair;

      (ii) …Tempered his expressions with respect, courtesy and decorium;

      (iii) …The ‘apparent disrespect was directed at the ‘Chair’ and not necessarily the
      Membership of the House;

      (iv) …The ‘WIMPS,’ (both sides) sat there and never raised a ‘…POINT OF ORDER,’ neither
      assist the ‘Speaker’ in maintaining, nor to quell the situation;
      (v) …The ‘Speaker,’ in desperation more than animosity:

      (a) forced to read the relevant ‘HSO’ (House Standing Order); and

      (b) …Prompted: …Begged: and …Beseached the ‘ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP’ to take action
      against the clearly recalcitrant and unruly Member;

      The real ‘CULPRITS’ are the ‘WIMPS,’ NOT the Speaker.’

      He did what ‘ANY’ Speaker must do.

      The ‘Speaker’ is not the ‘HOUSE-‘ (Info: Sergeant-At-Arms: Tenure:Speakers: Casford Murray/Dame Bridget Harris). Been there. Done that.


      (i) ‘…Army
      (ii) …Navy; and
      (iii) …Air Force’
      Here it would have been the ‘..Defence Force – Chief of Defence.’

      Regular Police have no standi in His Majesty’s Parliament;’

      (a) ‘…No powers of Ejection:
      (b) …No powers of Detention: and
      (c) …No powers of Arrest.’

      Seems the darn ‘Speaker’ doesn’t know these, as well.



      It reflects inter alia ‘…VERY POOR PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY.’

      Forced to visit to view the Video.

      • So what do you call yourself engaging with a publication for simpleton and simple minded people? And why waste your time writing those lengthy articles for such readers? I’m guessing it’s a way to pass time from boredom.

        “Never look down on others unless you’re helping them up” — Jesse Jackson.

  2. Assot off to drink more rum. It was something else hearing Assot suggest that someone charged with a crime, but not convicted, should be assumed guilty. He really should have passed his questions onto someone who is not in a pot calling kettle black situation. Kudos to the speaker for his fairness in handling the situation

  3. Asot is right, go home Jerry watt! U are boring. Go and water your plants… when u have a majority who selects the speaker …. that speaker will always be biased! It makes no sense in terms of democracy…. why not have an independent panel to select a speaker?

  4. Let me first preface this by saying that I didn’t see the Parliamentary debate today. While I agree that it is the speakers role to control the proceedings, our parliamentary proceedings are quickly descending into somewhat of a strict and restrictive format, void of proper debates and serious talks. Both sides must be given some latitude to freely debate and some cross talk is necessary and should be allowed. If we ever watch the Parliamentary sessions in the UK during question time for ministers, we see this in full display, and it is the very system we operate under today. To eject and suspend the Hon Member for St. Peters is regrettable and unfortunate because what we are saying here is that the constituents of St. Peters are not important and as such will not have their elected representative seated in Parliament. That is fundamentally wrong! I have the greatest respect for the Speaker but I urge that more tolerance be shown to these cross talks which both sides are guilty of doing. It is all in the interest of spirited debates and add both flavour and substance to the dialogue. I hope that good sense will prevail and the St. Peters MP would be allowed to take his place in Parliament as he has a duty to represent the people for St, Peters that sent him there.

    • Like you said, you did not see the debate today. Sir Gerald has always allowed a fair masure of banter and cross talk, but he has always asked them to keep it civil and respect his order as speaker. Since Asot was on the government side Sir Gerald has warned him about breaking the rules. When parliament is chaotic and sounds like a fish market we complain. Now that the speaker is asking people to really debate the bills and not the political campaign some still complain.

    • @Phillip with all due respect .. go listen to the exchange … I don’t expect this from a man like you … Your passing judgment without hearing the argument …. And when are we going to stop comparing little Antigua to the likes of the USA and UK…. Have you ever heard them comparing themselves to us … Just asking ..

  5. What a disgraceful performance in our highest court. The man has no decorum. He is what he is, a scumbag. Money doesn’t make him an honorable man. Such a shame. And that is the best representation for St. Peters? I know many owe him their vote, but sometimes one must wonder if this is worth it. And I really understand, in particular the people from Parham. He has always been there for many of them. If they are in need, most of the time financial resources, he will assist the family. And when you are in debt to someone like that, why not give him your vote when he asks you for it.
    But you cannot change the ‘pig’ in him. I wish our laws would allow for the parliament to remove him period. He is not fit for Public Office.

  6. Sidelines:For all of those times before he was thrown out of the Labor Party.Where the “F”was your voice. He was always a disgracefully behaved person. All of you “A” Holes,Labor Party Supporters had not one damn thing to say then.

  7. Speak the truth about Gaston Browne’s shortcomings and his deliberate attempts to deceive for personal gains; promise him a cut of what was swindled from the populace in the property deal in the Emerald’s Cover area and then renege and the entire Antigua Labour Party, including the Speaker of the house, Tenman, From The Sideline and all its supporters, will descend on you like a tornado. Asot Michael was of the youngest and brightest minds to ever enter elective politics. He had money, he had charisma. The party was dependent on him financially and he delivered every time. He was very honest and amongst the best of negotiators but the long-awaited Party Convention made him the villain that he is today. The mandate to suspend him from three consecutive parliamentary sessions came from the one who benefitted most from his absence but Asot still knows what he knows and he’s still unwilling to give the promised percentage of the transfer fees.

  8. The Speaker was extremely biased, he allowed Gaston to get away with the behaviour he charged Asot with, the Speaker demonstrated out of control behaviour that was provocative and abused his position and charged Asot with disrespecting the Chair, the Speaker is a bias R****hole.
    Asot should convene a protest outside Parliament with members from his consistency demanding to have their voices to be heard. The Speaker should not be allowed to get away with his biased behaviour. Asot gather your constituents and used your democratic rights andet your voice be heard outside of Parliament. For the time being,Antigua is still a democratic country though Gaston Browne, the Speaker et al of similar mindset would like to turn Antigua into a totallerterian state.

  9. The speaker is BIAS! He allowed the abuse of Jamale Pringle by Cutie not so long ago. And, I will say to the UPP Parlimentarians, I know y’all don’t think you should support Asot but, you should always stand up for impartiality; start showing the people of Antigua that you’re different from those in the ruling party — That you will stand for what is just and fair even when it will not benefit you.
    I would hate to think y’all are the SAME as the reds
    only wearing blue instead…. I said what I said!

  10. Observer, you have to train your journalists to use quotes, and to not make statements made by other persons as though they are coming from their media house.

    Case in point, in the news wrap up on Observer this morning, the reporter said Asot Michael was expelled from Parliament for thuggish behavior, or such like. She omitted to say that Michael was expelled for what the Speaker referred to as his thuggish behavior.

    This is happening too often. Journalists have to make efforts to get training in how they present the news. This looked as though it was the Observer’s opinion that Michael was expelled for what Observer considered thuggish behavior.
    It is true that good newswriters and presenters are hard to find, but if they have the job, they need to do their best to improve their on-air or written presentations. They need to stop making loaded statements that seem to be their opinion and credit these statements to the ones making them.
    To do otherwise makes them appear bias.

  11. Gaston Browne, you are certifiably totally out of control. You are drunk with the power you have in Cabinet, in the courts and in the Parliament.

    You deliberately spurred on the eviction of Mr Michael because you knew that the Speaker, your sidekick, will support you and your antics. This is very, very sick happenings in this little island. You believe you are indestructible.
    This cannot go on. You will be brought to justice, Gaston Browne. Take warning

  12. think he had too much English Harbor and Cavalier Rum yesterday before he went to Parliament.It’s obvious he was drunk & that’s why he’s so disorderly too.🍹🍹🍹🍸🍸🍺🥃

  13. BAWHAHAHAHA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Karma is a b!tch!!!!! How does it feel now!!!!! All who u does yell ah show off yaself on. All them tears you made my mother cry🤣🤣🤣. She laughing at you know. BAWHAHAHAHA!!! Jerry Watts ah ya match!!!!

  14. Tanny Rose, your defense of Asot Michael will one day be your downfall in the very same Labour Party. And it’s not that you do not know the problem child Asot is, but it’s because you also know the good side of Asot. But you have to one day say enough is enough. No matter the good things he did, that doesn’t give him the right nor the freedom to do as he likes. And to say as he likes and behave as he likes. His father tried with him; his mother tried with him. Even the Bishop tried with him. We gave him all the medical and mental help he requires, but he just does not change. Or he doesn’t want to change. And it has to stop one day. And tanny he has become undefendable.

    • @From The Sideline.
      The excuse we have for a Prime Minister can threaten and make derogatory remarks against an opposing Member of Parliament in parliament and that does not concern you. Neither the Prime Minister nor Asot Michael should do or say whatever they like in or out of parliament. This is especially so with the Prime Minister. From what I have seen on the video which might not be much, it would appear the Speaker did not act evenhandedly with both members. Point is there is little decorum in parliament which is disappointing. Asot in my view asked, quite rightly why was the PM not also required to leave the House since they both behaved in the same way. Seems a reasonable question and we all know why.

    • Sad But True – Yep time running out, his creditors demanding their money. Now he is hoping and praying the government will fall, however his creditors can’t take that hope to the bank. Civil lawsuits filing

  15. The Speaker told everyone that during the debate earlier on , he ignored them cutting across each other but now he is warning them and anyone who interrupts, will be remove . Asot interrupted the PM and the Speaker told him to leave . Then he started to cursed out the Speaker. telling the man he is old and he should resigned and give young people a chance.


  16. I was wandering, is it not after one miss Parliament for three consecutive parliamentary sittings you are no more considered a parliamentarian. I heard through the grape vine that this is a plot to get rid of Assot out . P


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