VIDEO: Armed Robbers terrify two women during Yorks Superette Robbery


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  1. They know the police in this country never patrol our roads, you call the police and by the time the show up, the tief could be in China. Let’s pray our God protection because with Carnival approaching, this will only get worse!

    • Police patrols can’t save the people from themselves. There will never be enough manpower to stop a population from cannibalizing itself. People know who the criminals are. The video is clear. Society will use the laws to protect criminals. Even if they are caught and convicted they would get 2-3 years and be back on the job.

  2. They’re readily identifiable from the clothes they were wearing!

    #Next_Level Crimes!

    Jumbee Picknee aka Ras Smood

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  3. After watching this, it’s like no one is truly safe and this can be damaging to our Carnival. A mean these crimes are so easily committed, then you have to wait for police at the station to jump in vehicle and rush to location, since there is no serious scheduling of police patrol in this country. We should have zones highlighted for patrol, in these zones a police vehicle patrol his area up and down, sometimes parking on the side where they can be seen and notice, now if a crime is being committed they can quickly have a jump. Where are the police dogs? how can you search surrounding area without a 🐕? we may soon have to invest in one a them police helicopter. Carnival this year will be a crime fest and the weirdest thing is most of these criminals often party with you.

  4. Welcome to today’s Antigua.
    That money stolen is buy their weed, to attend skinz, to attend tea party concert.
    They are nothing but punks walking the streets terrorizing mainly women.
    Catch them, stone them and light them a fire.


  5. Cowards!

    Attacking and robbing women, when these villains well an know – just like the recent attempted robbery in woods -, that an armed male citizen will shoot back and send them to the grave.



  6. This is sad😔
    The video is so clear, these animals need to be caught and put down…omg!!
    They look really ruff, and unkempt..
    This wha antigua come to??
    That robbery look too easy.smh

  7. That’s some clear footage. I am sure someone watching can identify the robbers. Do the right thing and call the police.

  8. That one holding the gun looks like one of them who held up the business man in woods. See the way he holds the gun, similar built and gun.

  9. When severe consequences for crimes become a reality again in this country… Look at how they have already determined its THEIR MONEY. Look at how he dragged that woman’s purse away from her as if she was the one who stole her own purse from him so he is taking it back!!.. its sad as they could have also been easily killed..

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