VIDEO: Antiguan transgender model stars as Grand Marshall at NYC Pride

Photo: John Novotny

Story by VOGUE:


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    • Gyal ….me ah say the same thing …but bramsbull dnt live ah merica and knows who is overly involved in who choses the GM .im sure whoever is behind him is apart of the LGBT.

      Plus using him from a disabilty standpoint gave them a better inclusivity look ……outa curiosity ah who in dem right mind fck a disabled transgender. How desperate would anyone be.

      • Who ever you ate , you dunce me, my child can spin you on the top of her finger nails with intelligence, she doesn’t need to be fuvked as it seems that that is all your small MndI can articulate . My child has been to the UN IF YOU KNOW WHaT THAT MEANS, IT DOESN’T TAKE A FUCK TO BE A GRAND MARSHALL OR verbally address those are so angry the grudge is eating you out.Read her accomplishment.then ho such your man shitty dick

        • Your kid IS uuuuuggggllllyyyyyy asf……an accomplish nobody …HE WILL NEVER BE A WOMAN HE WASNT BORN WITH IT…YOU CAN CONSTRUCT IT ALL YOU WANT ….. YOU SOUND LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON HIS FREE FOODSTAMP SECTION 8;apt ..also him montly disability check… amount of accomplishments will make HIM A HER….SUK MY A**. Ppl are jus nice to him so he can feel better about his ugliness and desperation to be ACCEPTED AS A TRANS GYAL….NOTTTT Your maddddddddd .

          • If you had replied under your real name .. I would have answered you.. but clearly your just an angry nobody. If you had any sense or read the article you would know that the ugly child does not need food stamps..

      • All that ignorance, that you wrote clearly shows that your intellectual powers are are thinking that my DAUGHTER IS LOOKING FOR ACCEPTANCES. FROM WHOM?You are obviously not a reader, or writer, JUST SOME ANGRY HEFFA HATING ON MY CHILD BECAUSE, YOU SUMPLY JEALOUS ALL OF HER.
        KEEP ON RANTING AND raving let’s see if any of your hateful words can stop her.
        Go educate yourself and stop making yourself a regular ass. At least SHE IS EDUCATED. SPINNING YOU ON THE TIP OF HER LITTLE FINGER.JUST ON THE TIP OF HER NAILS.

  1. I wish this young man all the best in life. May this young man come to truly know the Creator and discover the plans the Creator has for his life.

    • Come to know the creator that created him with a life altering but a creator that could not possibly have made him gay.

      Sounds logical.

        • Just because you are afraid to come OUT ,you ARE HATING and calling other people the names that best suits you. If night were to turn INto daY., you old dried up prune. My Daughter Is a TRANSGENDER, GET IT RIGHT. I AM HER PROUD MOTHER AND HER FAMILY SUPPORT HER , HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK, that YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT HER IS WORTH,THINK ABOUT IT JUDAS..NOTHING!

  2. ABC 🙄 sorry I mean Lbgtqi putting us on the map now lord Jesus 🙄
    And wtf all those photos for 😳 is miss universe or what ???

  3. Do your thing sis, Only god can judge you. We’re in no position to judge her for her choices , at the end of the day you either go to heaven or hell and most of you judging this person probably don’t even have a seat reserved in heaven. To all you so called Christians, Y’all really think God approves of your homophobia? Cause I can tell you right now if Jesus came down in human physical form and were to even spend a week with this person he wouldn’t be treating him/her the way alot of you so called holy self righteous people do. If you really wanna help him/her out, keep him/her in your prayers and keep your homophobia to yourself

  4. If I were to have an issue with this article it’s the need to label it “Antiguan transgender” when this individual seems to more identify with their US home more so than their Antiguan land of their birth. So my gripe would be it would have been nice if Antigua got a little shout out but otherwise than that it’s your life to live however you may see fit.

    • The only thing that is real about you, is that you have never given birth, the “puddy cat stank” that, your knees are brused and your backside flat from over work
      not even fire can fixed that real woman

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