VIDEO: Antigua Airways arrives from Africa



Antigua Airways is preparing to operate its first commercial air service between Nigeria and Antigua and Barbuda. According to the company, its inaugural flight will take off today from Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS) in Lagos and land tomorrow, the Caribbean country’s Independence Day, at V. C. Bird International Airport (ANU), which serves the capital city, Saint John.

The flight will be operated by the Boeing 767-300ER with manufacturer’s serial number (MSN) 33048 and registration CS-TSU. The aircraft is owned by EuroAtlantic Airways, a Lisbon-based company specialising in the marketing of charter flights and the provision of ACMI services (leasing of aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) for other operators. It has an interior configuration of 16 seats in Business Class and 251 seats in Economy.

EuroAtlantic Airways Boeing 767-300ER with Portuguese registration CS-TSU. The aircraft will operate for Antigua Airways. Photo: EuroAtlantic Airways.

The aircraft made its maiden flight in October 2002. From December that year and until April 2018, it operated for Hainan Airlines. It was then taken over by EuroAtlantic Airways.

Controversy over the launch of Antigua Airways

Last July, Antigua and Barbuda had announced the creation of a new airline based in the country. According to the national government, the new company would be financed by «an unidentified group of wealthy African investors» interested in opening up new air routes and trade opportunities between Africa and the Caribbean.

Gaston Browne, Antigua and Barbuda’s prime minister, had confirmed the signing of the first agreements with Nigerian investors. He was optimistic that the airline would begin operations later this year. Other officials also highlighted the opportunities for growth and expansion that Antigua Airways could bring to the country.

However, the first controversies arose from that very moment in the public debate. Opposition party leaders called the promise «illusory». They pointed to Air Peace’s unrealised plans to establish direct flights between Nigeria and Antigua and Barbuda as an example.

In early October, Browne announced that Antigua Airways would be partially capitalised with funds from the state’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP), which grants Antiguan citizenship to foreign investors who contribute significantly to the country’s socio-economic development.

In addition, he said his administration would seek a commercial agreement with Antigua and Barbuda-based airline LIAT to boost air connectivity. The company, which offers scheduled inter-island air services in the Caribbean, is facing liquidity problems and is undergoing a rescue process.

According to the government, Marvelous Mike Press Ltd. would be the main investor in the new airline. Asked about the company’s previous experience in the airline industry, the prime minister remarked that it would lease an aircraft with crew.

In fact, the government of Antigua and Barbuda highlights that model of operation in defending the decision to allow Antigua Airways to offer flights from West Africa. The administration stresses that only the necessary financial resources are required to hire the aircraft and the necessary staff to operate. EuroAtlantic Airways will be the provider of that service.

Initially, Antigua Airways would offer three weekly connections between Saint John (ANU), Lagos (LOS), Accra (ACC) and Toronto (YYZ), according to the company itself.

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  1. Brixton… tell Franz Deftetas aka church money to go look for the election riggins as he claim … only a thief would think of such nonsense … Franz come clean about Seven days adventise money … u will be exposed

  2. Another historical venture created by the man with the vision. Our very own The Honorable Gaston Browne. Sir you have earned your Knighthood over and over again.
    God Bless Antigua and Barbuda. Many more things to come under this man’s leadership.

    • @From The Sidelines…dis joke Yah kno, no even sweet. E sour, dan green lime to rass! A dat mek, Jamaicans cyan say, “Antiguans, saff no bomboclath and de Dominicanos a walk, pan R U, lakkah Cro-Cous Floor Clath to rass!

      Next up..,
      A…The Airline is owned by Euro Atlantic Airways, a Lisbon based Company specializing in the marketing of charter flights and provider of ACMI Services(leasing of aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) for other operators. Other ‘operators’ on this case, I’m ASSuming is Marvelous Mike Press Ltd, and Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA government’s CIP Money…

      I’ll be right back, after some laughs from George Carlin, what the heck, add some Richard Pryor and Redd Fox!

      (i)…how many charters per year?
      (ii)…can the Giant African Snails be
      repatriated back to Nigeria? It
      can help to solve our Giant
      African Snail problem.
      (iii)…When will the ‘lease agreement’
      be up, and the Investors own
      this aircraft?
      (iv)…how many more aircrafts will be
      leased, or bought?

      🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌We are on #Stand By for the return flight to Nigeria. At least, we’ll be put to other uses there.


    • Sideline, I hope these passengers have a clean bill of health and no dengue fever, monkey pox, ebola or any endemic tropical deceased came with them to Antigua. Don’t blame me, white people say and blame Africa for ever thing. Do you think they can help us with our African snail problem? I heard they are a delicacy there.

  3. This is what we get for 10 CIP passports? Who are the passport holders anyway. Just waiting for the next flight and the next shoe to drop. Ground fakings have now moved to flight fakings. What a joke!

    • All that water waste on that plane and granny still can’t bathe. I will only applaud if this “Antiguan Airways” generates jobs for locals….

  4. So this “airline” turns out to be just a charter. Is this a one off? When is the next flight?

    Where is the Antigua flag on the tail?

    Gaston is so pathetic. Yet another 6 for a 9. Another fakeout.

    How many jobs will this charter (not airline) create?

    Gaston, gwan go sort out the dozens of failed projects, massive unemployment, and out of control cost of living. Where is the water? Why are workers getting paid late?



  5. Paul on Disturber: The road to Willikies is dark dark and in need of street lights.

    Caller: Paul, when last have you been on that road?

    Paul on Disturber: It has been several weeks.

    Caller: Well Paul all the poles from the gas station to Willikies has lights.

    Paul on Disturber: The lights ain’t bright enough.

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    • Brixton… tell Franz Deftetas aka church money to go look for the election riggins as he claim … only a thief would think of such nonsense … Franz come clean about Seven days adventise money … u will be exposed

      • @ curious, yes yes we all know u receiving the brown paper bag frequently so collect as much as u can cause it ain’t coming after election. I wonder If u can interpret what I am saying? Lmao….

        • @lolol…. dont worry man to bad you wouldnt be collecting any paper bags because upp broke … anyways Harold love giving out tissue paper … just as he classifed the Hon. Baldwin.. we all know what tissue paper is used for. Hope you can comprenend what i just wrote … you sound like your alias laughable

          • @ curious I dont need government money sir, I work in the private sector all my life and i am still young. U are feeding off of me and I want my money back! Yall keep saying upp is broke but the irony about it is that whilst upp was in power u can see where the money was spent with all of these social programs… but in Alp…. still pending… you actually proving everyone’s point when u say upp is broke and u don’t even realize it…. u sir is a clown!

    • @ pop, your words may come back and bite u… this government hasn’t got a good track record with foreign investors. If you’ve been following the news u should know what I am talking about.

    • Im sure the Ministers disappointed. The persons that came had no money to take care if themselves. No accomodation. And from what im hearing the airport had to be sprayed with lysol from the after the persons were landed. So with no running water what are rhey going to do. These persons not adding to the economy. They will be a burden on us. To early to rejoice about this. Some have until 12 to check out of guess houses today. Where will they stay. If u ask me it looks as though some one just pack up a plane of refugees just to say Antigua Airline arrives. This is next to human trafficking. The one hundred plus persons cannot maintain themselves they were very hungry and with insuffucient funds. What will they eat.

  6. Euroatlantic Airways Flight 621…Operated by Euroatlantic based in Portugal. I thought this was an Antigua Airways Flight!

    Why wasn’t it label as such on any flight tracking network?

    Give me a Tylenol ! As I concluded after to this flight being announced and this “new” Airline took to the skies. I said. Do not be surprised by a “CHARTERED FLIGHT” labeled as such. Just to disprove all the criticism.

    This piece of crap can’t even keep water running 24/7, proper road network, return VCBIA(through ECAA) to category 1 status:can’t pay workers, pensioners, contractors on time. They want me to believe that they can partner with an African “Prince “ Marvelous Mike to operate a wide body aircraft into Antigua from Africa.

    Seems to me somebody is putting assets to work. Personally or from other means!! Just my opinion.

  7. Off all the places in the world it has to be Africa
    This is a good thing but why it has to be Africans

    • @Randon McDonald.. you sound white … where else woukd u suggest we get a flight from… asking for a Black african decendent nation

  8. We really need to stop denigrating our own existence on this beautiful planet and on our twin island state. The world is way too enlightened nowadays for all that ignorance we continue to display. For years we have accepted the Western economic way. In some ways it has worked and in other ways it has ban abject failure. It is time to reconnect with our peoples and our motherland. We also must recognize that there are other opportunities in this world apart from the United States. Enough respect and Happy Anniversary to our peoples. A thing of beauty!!

  9. If you sell your name to someone(royalties) your name should be represented somewhere on what is carrying said name, especially a company that sort the name of a country and it’s people to bare it’s name. Where is the name of Antigua represented on this Aircraft? This is one of the biggest representation in years for the name of Antigua and it’s people,so where is Antiguan representation on this Aircraft, that should have been displayed loud and proudly if indeed Antigua is being represented!!!

  10. Good lord thats AWESOME!
    Let’s get regular flights from Tampa to V.C. Bird so americans don’t have to deal with the horror or danger of MIA.
    Superb first step, hope to see you folks soon!!

    • @Scott…🐌🐌🐌🐌u tink a de fus Charter Flight a land, de ah Antigua?

      B.O.A.C., Pam Am, British Airways have all being doing charters for over Fifty(50) plus years….

      A #fool_fool Neargah and #Fooly_Beadee alone a nyam dis idiatness!


  11. Gaston is such a fool,we can’t even maintain the roads, pay salaries on time,get Medical issues addressed, maintain our water plants an I can go on……..Will Antiguans go hungry to keep this airline in the air???Some of us are so blind, we only see what others see……We can’t see for ourselves…………ABLP bring nothing to the country of antigua and barbuda plus no future for the young generation……….Wasted 10 years

  12. Here is what we know. This is a charter flight operated by a company out of Italy. No signs of Antigua Airways, if such a thing exists, no local office to make inquiries, no foreseeable employment for the locals.Is this sustainable? Is this another election gimmick? All we have to do is wait. Time has a way of unraveling hidden things. As a free thinking Antiguan and Barbudan, I am not impressed.

  13. Antigua Airways arrives from Africa

    This news nuh edit taaarl
    headlines plus in the body of the news.
    OR is this a political fixup ???? lmao

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