VIDEO: AG says high-profile weekend weddings were done in accordance with the law


Attorney General Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin has defended the holding of two weddings over the weekend.

One of the weddings was attended by Prime Minister Gaston Browne and the other was the wedding of Benjamin’s son.

An angry sounding AG called Observer Radio this morning to clear the air after videos of the weddings began circulating on social media.

Here is the full statement by the AG.

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  1. So if the laws were to be implemented as of today why did the police warn the protesters of the change to the numbers for.gathering last week? Mr. AG you should have just said it wasn’t your wedding and that’s all…

    • @Two sides to a story: Very,very,good observations. Did the Police knowingly lied to the people? If so,why?

  2. Was implementation of the laws adjusted or delayed so as to accommodate the wedding in question?? According to the AG, the Cabinet had agreed on certain health protocols so as to safeguard the nation. Even though they had yet been gazetted before the wedd

  3. If the video above is that of the wedding and the AG is saying all protocols were obverse, I am at a lost. I am seeing persons indoors (inside the church) without ANY mask, isnt that part of the protocol?

    • Is there a protocol for mask wearing indoors, even for fully vaccinated persons? If the answer is ” YES”…. then it would appear that the sweet-talking AG is either a RAW, NAKED LIAR OR A PELLUCID, RAW NAKED LIAR.
      We have reached the stage where people no longer are able to differentiate between right and wrong. They call evil, good and good; evil. So, lying has become the norm.

      Lying is a fundamental policy of the cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda


  4. Was implementation of the laws adjusted or delayed so as to accommodate the wedding in question?? According to the AG, the Cabinet had agreed on certain health protocols so as to safeguard the nation. Even though they had not yet been gazetted before the wedding it was still understood by the Cabinet that these practices would make Antigua safer. Yet it appears as if the wedding participants knowingly acted differently.

  5. Appears implementation of the law was delayed to accommodate this wedding. One law for them and one for the rest of us. Notice no masks? Bunch of entitled sociopaths.

  6. I see world dictator traitor tyrant thief liar bully (HT) Gaston Browne gave his puppy alleged AG Benjamin permission to speak.

    Now lets see if any of them get COVID from this. That would be karma and justice.

  7. In Antigua and Barbuda.Double standard is the norm.

    My fellow Antiguans and Barbudans. There has always been a double standard in Antigua and Barbuda. The Laws applied to each family differently. I am going back about 50 years or so. So having a double standard in Laws now. Should not be a surprise at all.It has been a part of our lives. I am not saying it is right. In 2020,there were restrictions on Funerals and Weddings by this Administration. However,those restrictions did not apply to the Funeral of an Ambassador’s wife,in Antigua. The video was posted and the amount of cars in that Funeral possession were unbelievable. To this day not one apology from anyone. However,if that was done by an ordinary person. All hell would have broken loose with summonses being issued by the Police.

  8. Seems like the leaders of this country more concerned how to pull off gatherings(which they attend) than the striking rise in numbers I this place. How long before they start blaming locals again like they did in Christmas? Airport terminals packed like sardine cans.

  9. The video speaks for itself. He too damn lie. I expected better from the Attorney General. The man spoke to general public with confidence. Every protocol was followed. A way de mask dem? Labor party. Y’all made from different cloth. Bless your heart!

  10. Antiguans should not complain. Some of us talking here were more than willing to accept the money filled t-shirts, the duty free vouchers, laptop computers, iPads , cell phones and much more in exchage for our vote. Where are those things now and how much are they helping us? I hope the politicians continue to apply their pressure without mercy, maybe then we will learn.

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