VIDEO: Activist alleges former minister lives rent free in government owned home


While they wait for their hard work to be recognized with a raise in pay, some employees at the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA) are complaining that a government official is exploiting their sacrifice in rent-free accommodation.

The disgruntled workers say they are unhappy with the way staff members are taken for granted by both the board of directors and management, and they accuse these persons of affording themselves certain privileges, including access to loans.

However, what is bothering them most is their claim that the chairman of a government-run board is living in a property that is not only owned by the Authority, but was renovated and outfitted with Ashley furniture by CHAPA, as well.

The staff allege that the official was given a two-year grace period to recover from illness and surgery; however, they say the time has long expired and, to date, “not one red cent” has been paid to CHAPA for the “proper house” in which he lives in All Saints West.

“He has two or more incomes and not paying a cent while poor people [are] hungry,” one staff member says bitterly.

According to the employee, “they treat the staff like [dung],” while a dismissed board member allegedly continues to be paid by CHAPA on the grounds that he is working on a constituency project.

Meanwhile, as they wait for what they say would be well-deserved salary increases, the staff also claim the Authority is owed money by a builder who failed to deliver on a contract for 10 houses in the same constituency.

Just as bad, they say, is that building materials that were paid for with CHAPA’s money remain in Trinidad, since the contractor still owes the manufacturer.

“The statutory corporations are ALP’s purse,” the staff conclude.


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  1. Oh yes! I was waiting for this to come out loooooonnggggg time now! Plenty investigations must take place…

  2. Isn’t he a freemason and young gal magnet?? Can’t his lodge brothers chip in and help him out? So much for “brotherhood” and oaths/rituals. Terrible reflection on the C.B. Masonic Temple. #Terrible #Freemason or #BROKEmason

    • What the hell has FREEMASON got to do with any of this? They are a nearly dead organization made up of a few old guys just aging out. Chuptz.

  3. Comrades,taking care of their own,Comrades. That is just the tip of the big Comrades Icebergs. Cannot wait to see them going to 1735.Walking from the High Court to the Prison in ankle and hand cuffs. Sets of thiefing scumbags on this earth.

  4. Eating from the trough is why many of them will sell their soul to keep ALP in power. Take spliff for example sitting on state insurance board while collecting salary as facilities manager but the facilities are in shambles, not to mention being paid as liaison officers.
    Then you have others like the fake dread on Gaston radio station, being paid by national parks not forget blinds and sly J being paid to sit on transport board and there are many more just like those.

    • Plenty more, at solid Waste workers can’t get pay for weeks but the retired police officers that have two and three garbage trucks working at Solid Waste MUST get their cheques whenever they are paid ( weekly or monthly) or they go and make noise for their money and get it. Too much unfairness going on in certain quarters of this Country. Who have getting more.

      • You can help change the situation by rounding up your people and go vote out the corrupt regime we have now. Nothing will change under this government as they have been carry on like this for over fifty years. The culture has to change. Time for a new dispensation.

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