VIDEO: Accident On Old Parham Road




  1. Someone finally went down in that big hole on the side of the road (sewer?). I knew it was bound to happen one of these days.

      • The gutter/sewer is a big hole the way it is designed in Antigua. It could and should be covered like it is in most countries.

  2. Both drivers could be at fault, judging solely based on the video. Driver A seemingly came out of the Drive-Thru bank and proceeded to make a right turn a very short distance away. Hapless Driver B attempted to overtake Driver A just as he was making that right turn. Questions: Did Driver A signal his intention to turn right? Before proceeding to turn to the right, did said driver do as expected and engage his rear and side mirrors before turning? Was speed involved? Did Driver B do as is⁵⁵⁵ required and honk his horn signalling his intention to overtake the vehicle directlty in front of him? Hope nobody was seriously hurt.

    • Drivers in Antigua need to stop trying to “overtake” each other. These are narrow 1 lane roads. It’s dangerous to go into oncoming traffic to get in front of one car.

      This is a tiny island. Why are people so inpatient? What’s the big hurry? Slow down and drive safely.

  3. I agree both might at fault. If the driver coming from behinf had just eased up a bit to assess the situation instead of trying to overtake, the collision would not have happened. That said, the driver coming also did not properly assess the situation since a glance to the east would have picked up the upcoming car and the speed it was traveling. Hope they are both ok.

  4. First thing driver A is not to be exiting out of an entrance way. He came out an entrance for the bank and establishment when he was to come out from the other side close to KFC. Driver B had speed so driver A should have seen the speed he coming down in. Two are at fault but driver A is mostly wrong.

    • Agree Tiffany Driver A came out an entrance point.
      Driver A should be blame
      1. the Driver came out an Entrance point. 2. Driver A came out when it was not safe which cause Driver B to try to maneuver around driver A and instead of Driver A continuing on the straight part. Driver A decided to turn right again which caused the collision.


      Enter ‘Exit’ or Exit through ‘Entrance’ at own risk.

      That’s how ‘Chimps’ some times drive.

      Watch ‘Chimps’ climb into trees.

      They grab onto any darn branch ‘…green or dry.’

      Then they came tumbling down to the ground.

      That is not called ‘…an accident,’ though.

      It is called ‘…a fall.’

      When drivers ‘Enter’ or Exit’ wrongly, they ‘…go down into gutters.’

      That is called ‘Stupid Driving.’


      Very simple. It is all about ‘Access’ to property at ‘one point’ and leave at ‘another point.’

      Could be problematic trying to get to ‘Heaven’ through ‘Hell.’

      Might not get out.

      If anyone believe this is not so, then drive up on ‘…Newgate Street’ and drive down on ‘Market Street.’

      Do know a driver may not drop into a gutter, but more likely in the darn cell at St. John’s Police Station.

      Then he could figure out if it was ‘legal,’ or if it was a ‘stupid thing’ to do.

      Chances are for ‘F-O-O-L-S.’

      Follow the ‘Directional Signs.’

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