VIDEO: 1952 Antigua, A historic destination video premiers


The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority premiered for the very first time in Antigua, the first known destination video produced about Antigua, last evening at the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.

The 1952: Antigua destination video, features heritage buildings, familiar streets, the Hellsgate Steel Orchestra, Highlanders, the sugar factory, sea island cotton production, tourist sites such as the Nelson’s Dockyard, the Mill Reef Club and more.

The video was previously stored in a vault in England. Featuring actor and historian Mr. Jules Walter had previously mentioned the lost film to Cultural Envoy to Antigua and Barbuda Dr. Barbara Paca. Together they worked with the Tourism Authority and the British Film Institute in London to recover and bring the film to Antigua. Interestingly, Mr. Walter is featured in the film with his artist relation Frank Walter.

We have learnt that George “Nugget” Joseph of the Hellsgate Steelpan Orchestra, also features within the video.

Copies of the video have been presented to the Museum, The National Archives, ABS Television, the Ministry of Tourism and Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Hon, Chet Greene, who was instrumental in ensuring the video was obtained by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda , when he served as Minister of Culture. A copy will also be presented to the Ministry of Culture.

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  1. The images were exquisite to watch but the narrator was painful to listen to.

    Negro? Hardly industrious? Primitive?

    It would be great to create a new voiceover for this video in Antiguan voice to capture our narrative versus that of some white man who was viewing oour beautiful people and island through England’s colonial lens.

  2. Makes you wonder if advancement is a good thing…The Antiguans in that video seem happy, peaceful, content with their place in this world. I was envious of them for a little while. ST. Johns town seemed so beautiful at that time and even though there are no skyscrapers then, natural beauty is undeniable. As the rastaman said, when and how did it go wrong from there? Maybe it didnt…maybe we still have a chance to makr it what we need it to be.

  3. It is thanks to historian Mr. Jules Walter Sr. that I located the film. My name is Dr. Barbara Paca and it is an Honour to serve as the Cultural Envoy to Antigua and Barbuda.

    • Mins. Chet Greene mentioned during the private screening your name as the person who helped to bring this to us here and that you are indeed searching for more things about Antigua /Barbuda. Thanks a million

    • Mins. Chet Greene mentioned during the private screening your name as the person who helped to bring this to us here and that you are indeed searching for more things about Antigua /Barbuda. Thanks a million

      • It is an honour and a privilege to work with Antiguans and Barbudans to preserve the culture and history if the beautiful island nation. The story is all the more compelling when heard through the voices of Mr. Jules Walter, Hon. Ambassadors King Franki, Webson, Greene, and Matthew, HE The Governor General, and the youth supported by Halo Foundation.

  4. @ Dr Paca Please arrange to have all the historic artifacts and other information pertaining to 268 which are kept in universities, court houses, and museums in the great house that the sun will never set on return to 268 as soon as practical…..

  5. Praise the Lord!!! I am overjoyed and thankful for the unforgotten history of my native land. It makes me miss Greenbay Hill.

  6. I am greatful to hear, see and appreciate the long hidden historical data of Antigua. We need more facts that we can help the younger generation to appreciate the culture

  7. Lovely wonder if anyone alive could recognize themself…..antigua even beautiful even in black and white ……(just wondering do people still say techni color

  8. I am history fanatic and I enjoyed this documentary. I am wonder how many more these type of film/films are somewhere in London of Antigua and Barbuda. I would love to see more of my beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda.

  9. Fascinating documentary. Interesting to see how our forefather lived. Hell’s Gate sure has been around a long time. The oldest steelband in the world indeed. The voice-over makes it really authentic. I noted how the dancers were dressed for carnival. What a stark contrast to mas troupe costumes these days LOL.

    Kudos to all who made it possible for us to take a look back into our precious history.

  10. Does anyone recognize anyone in the video, a mother, a grandmother, a great aunt? I love this

  11. The historical footage is indeed greatly appreciated but the narrator comes from an age and culture that is equally inappropriate and offensive. Using words like ”primitive’, ”natives”’ and ”negro” to describe our people did not sit very well with me. This voice over needs to be re-worked. I recommend the vocals be redone by a modern day ”thinker” before going any further.

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