Vere Cornelius Leaves DNA To Join UPP

DNA candidate for Rural East Vincent "Vere" Cornelius

Businessman Vere Cornelius, the DNA’s candidate for St. John’s Rural East in the last general election, has resigned from the party and has opted to join the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Cornelius revealed that his resignation was dated February 24, but actually handed it in a day earlier.

Asked whether he was unhappy with the DNA or its leadership, Cornelius said he “just decided to move on”, and has “applied to the UPP for membership”.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Jamale Pringle revealed that he has been in talks with Cornelius since the last general elections and commends Cornelius.

“He’s seeing that we need to be united to take this country forward. And I’m happy that he had made the move and willing to be a member of the United to the after party,” said Pringle.

In the last general elections, Cornelius obtained134 votes as he was competing for St John’s Rural East Constituency.

Although he got the most votes obtained by a single DNA candidate, he lost the seat to current MP Maria Bird-Browne from the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party, who won the seat by amassing 2,175 votes.

When asked, Cornelius neither acknowledged nor did he confirmed that his defection to the UPP was based on any promise made to him regarding future candidacy for the Rural East seat, currently held by Maria Browne.

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  1. Is tis a joke? Did I read that right…”134 votes”. The guy is finished before he re-starts. Feel sorry for the dude. This will just drag the UPP down. He’s a nice guy, but all of this is out of his league. Even the “Vere” part of his name won’t help him. It’s painful to watch.

  2. This Gentleman would NEVER win that seat. He should have stayed with the DNA.The UPP will be completely wiped out in the next Election. There will be NO Opposition in the next Election. The UPP and DNA do not make a Viable Party . So Mr. Cornelius it is SIX OR HALF DOZEN. I promised Mr. Cornelius that He would not get back His deposit just as the last Election. You Guys are a BUNCH of LOSERS. The ABLP must be laughing because Hon. Maria Browne will beat you so badly in the next Election.

    • I feel sorry for the guy @ON THE MOVE..Maybe he doesn’t understand or see the bigger picture

  3. I am completely at a Loss to understand why Mr. Cornelius left the DNA. Sir, You had a better chance in the next 30 years with the DNA. UPP is a LOSING PARTY. You will find out very shortly. Harold Lovell NOT to be trusted. Cannot wait until the next Election. Just to let you know you will definitely lose your DEPOSIT.

  4. Although I am an independent citizen, hands down you are the best person of all the previous individuals to represent St. RE. Not sure why you made that move, and cannot say its a bad move either, however you will definitely get back your deposit the next time around if UPP decides to make you their candidate for RE. My friend it is gonna take a lot of hard work. Knowing there will be a lot of monies thrown in this constituency come election time, you may not be able to match the coffer so a lot of pounding the pavements, door to door chatting along with a bi-annual public meetings in the constituency you may be able to pull this seat. We’ll talk boss!

  5. @True Antiguan


    ON THE MOVE I have been following your PREDICTIONS and you are usually correct. I totally endorsed what you predicted for Mr. Cornelius. I am willing to bet ANYONE that Mr. Cornelius will definitely lose His DEPOSIT. Also I would also predict that only TWO of UPP Members will get back Their deposit in the next Election. I would like to hear what “ON THE MOVE ” and “WAN BIG STUPESSSS” think about my PREDICTION. I have not heard from Mr. Pompey for the past weeks. Mr. Pompey I would like to hear from you on this topic.

    • @RUPERT MANN I totally agree with your Prediction..HE will lose his Deposit and he will bawl BLUE BLOODY MURDER . SMH

      Mr . Pompey where are you? We are missing you


    I totally endorsed your prediction concerning Mr. Cornelius. Since when Someone is taking ADVICE from ONE SINGLE PRINGLE. By the Way… SERPENT, KNIGHT ,GLADYS POTTER and CLEON ATHILL running for UPP ? Would Someone please enlighten me.


    Like your posting …..RIGHT RIGHT….

    • @ON THE MOVE, Glad you like my chant! But I don’t know what got into Mr Cornelius’s head..He gone from Bad to worse..The jump into the Fire is gonna kill him..poor soul…What a ting!

  9. Cannot believe that I am reading correctly……Mr. Cornelius received 134 VOTES in the last election ??????.He should be EXPELLED from running for politics. This shows that the UPP is GASPING for Oxygen. The UPP is the WASH YOU FOOT and COME PARTY.UPP just trying to make up numbers. When SEAN BIRD and VERE BIRD 111 will declare Their CANDIDACY for the UPP. I heard VERE BIRD 111 has ABANDONED His Part to run for UPP. Lots of news in the next few weeks. MURDA BE BELLY.

  10. @ ALEX

    Alex your advice is useful but as You know that seat is a safe ABLP SEAT. Mr. Cornelius does not have a chance.

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