Vere Bird III Seeks Aggravated And Exemplary Damages In Defamation Case Against PM Browne


Vere Bird III has filed a claim against Prime Minister Gaston Browne for defamation and is requesting “aggravated and exemplary damages” over a Facebook post published by Browne.

Aggravated and exemplary damages are damages requested and/or awarded in a lawsuit when the defendant’s willful actions were malicious, violent, oppressive, fraudulent, wanton or grossly reckless.

Bird III filed the claim against Browne on December 12, 2019 in the High Court; a claim which states, “damages for defamation against the defendant, for words published and broadcasted on Facebook on the 5th, 6th and 8th of November, 2019”.

The Facebook post published concerned an alleged Cabinet decision giving Bird an acre of land for a purchase price of twenty-five thousand dollars.

Bird wrote a letter to Browne, dated December 4, 2019, which gave him seven days to respond with specific actions to include a retraction of his social media post.

The specific actions included, “(1) immediately retract the defamatory statement and remove it from your Facebook page. (2) provide an apology to my client in terms to approved by him. (3) give an assurance and undertaking in writing that you will not repeat the publication of these or similar allegations concerning my client and (4) provide an offer in damages (compensation) to properly compensate my client for the defamatory statement made by you and the injury to my client’s reputation, the distress caused to him and the costs to which he has been put in the matter.”

Browne, however, acknowledged receipt of the letter and responded saying there will be no apology and Bird III should seek psychiatric treatment.


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  1. Vere Bird 111 Just seeking lime light. He believes this will bring His TRUE LABOUR PARTY some recognition. He should go and find HAPPINESS. Look who is His Lawyer….Charlesworth Tabor ?????. This case going NOWHERE . We shall hear about the outcome in the next THREE YEARS.

  2. I am reading that Vere Bird 111 filed a CLAIM in court against Hon. Gaston Browne. The Lawyer representing Vere Bird 111 is Charlesworth Tabor. If my memory served me CORRECTLY Vere Bird 111 mentioned in one of His postings in this medium that He,Vere Bird 111 drafted and filed the claim in court. I am confused How come Tabor is the Lawyer ….Is Tabor just RUBBER STAMPED Vere Bird 111 CLAIM ? Tabor be careful that Vere Bird 111 is not setting you up for a MAJOR counter SUIT by the Prime Minister. Vere Bird 111 will pay all legal costs for Hon. Gaston Browne at end. Vere Bird 111 and Charlesworth Tabor will pay the Legal costs for The Prime Minister. Looking forward for a BIG BIG LAUGH.

    • Yes VB3 said that he drafted it himself. That he calmed down and sure to “leave the emotions out of it” before he proceeded to draft it himself.

  3. This is going to be a case of EGG FU YUNG! runny egg on your face your man..Don’t do it man..DON’T DO IT!

    There is no escaping once you start. Do you know what you got into? Can you handle whats coming to you? Its gonna get rough for you..the heat is up up up. Hope you can take the pain with the pleasure. The PM is not soft!

    You might be the first one opening it up but you wont be the last one taking it down..When the cats come out the bats come out to play.

  4. I thought he would be spend his time strategizing for True Labour Party in order to vote out the False Labour party next general elections. When will he unveil his shadow Cabinet and hold townhall meetings and walkthroughs?

  5. @ONE BIG DUTTY STUPESSSSS. You are correct. This is going nowhere. Vere 3 is playing with FIRE. Hon. Gaston Browne is NOT A push over. VERE 3 and Tabor are TWO worst Lawyers in Antigua. They are just trying to gain fame before the next election. I heard Vere 111 and Tabor will be on the UPP slate for 2023. What a DISASTER.

    • @BE TRUE TO ONESELF I don’t even know why he bothered! He sees himself as gasoline but our PM is FIRE and what happens when gasoline mix with fire? It would add a very volatile fuel to the fire and the( fire) would burn hotter and bigger!!!

      What fame he trying to gain? of losing? lord lord..why fight a losing battle?

  6. Does he “True” Labour Party even exist now? Who dey be???? They sure got kick to the curb las time. Meh thought Little Bird and Harry L. were teaming up. Wha happen? The People want to know.

  7. Vere Bird 111,Tabor and Serpent are hiding behind the UPP POLITICAL PARTY. They want to run for UPP but AFRAID to announce Their intentions. These Guys are BUNCH OF JOKERS.Serpent hiding behind the so called MOVEMENT and TABOR and VERE BIRD 111 hiding behind UPP. No wonder Hon.Gaston Browne and ABLP / ALP Will return to office in 2023 with ALL 17 seats including BARBUDA.

  8. Thanks Mr. Bird. Browne is investigate with Calvin Ayre by FBI since December 3. Just wait soon he will be in jail.

  9. @ Mc.Beverley
    What proof do you have in reference to the investigation ? You UPP People chat without PROOF. No wonder you are sooo UNPOPULAR in Antigua. Get your Facts straight before opening your BIG BIG mouth. Should be ASHAMED of yourself.

  10. @Mc. Beverley…Save some money to help Vere Bird 111 to pay His court costs. Hon. Gaston Browne will COUNTER after Vere Bird 111 lost the case. Get ready. Hope you can back your FAT chat.

  11. @Mc. Beverley
    You are talking NON SENSE…Hope you will be able to assist VERE BIRD 111 FINANCIALLY.


  13. UPP MEMBER January 4, 2020 at 7:26 pm

    SERPENT on Observer Snakepit behaves as if He is the Leader of The Opposition in Parliament and also Leader of the UPP . Serpent talks as if UPP is afraid of HIM. Why the Hell my Party is allowing this to happen. I am very concern about what is going on with the UPP. I read in the Observer Newspaper that The UPP was PROTESTING outside Government House. This PROTESTATION was a BIG Failure . NOTHING was said to the other members. The turnout that I saw in the paper was SHAMEFUL. If We want to win Seats in 2023 Our Party must distance itself from the following the Persons

    If We continue under our current Leadership…We are doomed to FAILURE . Let Us SMARTEN Brothers and Sisters.


    I believe Vere Bird 111 will be more interested in KNIGHT or SERPENT. For sure Not Cleon Athill. Vere Bird 111 not interested in Women.

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