Vere Bird III Plans To Sue PM Gaston Browne For A Facebook Post


Vere Bird III plans to sue Prime Minister Gaston Browne because of a Facebook post and Browne’s unwillingness to apologize for it.

The Facebook post published concerned an alleged Cabinet decision giving Bird an acre of land for a purchase price of twenty-five thousand dollars.

Bird wrote a letter to Browne, dated December 4, 2019, which gave him seven days to respond with specific actions to include a retraction his social media post.

The specific actions included, “(1) immediately retract the defamatory statement and remove it from your Facebook page. (2) provide an apology to my client in terms to approved by him. (3) give an assurance and undertaking in writing that you will not repeat the publication of these or similar allegations concerning my client and (4) provide an offer in damages (compensation) to properly compensate my client for the defamatory statement made by you and the injury to my client’s reputation, the distress caused to him and the costs to which he has been put in the matter.”

Browne, however, acknowledged receipt of the letter and responded saying there will be no apology and Bird III should seek psychiatric treatment.

Bird, who was not surprised by Browne’s reaction, said that, “By the end of the week, next week, he will receive his lawsuit. I already drafted it. I drafted it myself. I didn’t do it out of emotion… so the lawsuit is already there for him.”





  1. What is this really all about anyway? There must be more to this story???? Why is Little Bird so agitated over this?

    • Because Daryll Matthew ran on the Labour Party ticket. It should have been him filling in his late father’s shoes. That is why he started TRUE LABOUR. The ABLP is FAKE LABOUR!!!

  2. Vere Bird 111 is fighting a losing BATTLE . The amount of postings that Vere Bird 111 placed on His Facebook page concerning Prime Minister Gaston Browne and the Prime Minister ignored Him. Let me just say a few things about Vere Bird 111 as follows..

    Vere Bird 111 is seeking relevancy . He now come to the realization that Antiguans and Barbudans do NOT want to hear NOR see Him.

    Let Us remember that in the last election EVERYONE in the TRUE LABOUR lost Their deposit. In other words Vere Bird 111 needs Psychiartric help.

    Vere Bird 111 and Sean Bird believe that Their Family have a stronghold on Antigua and Barbuda but The Bird Family has done Their time which all Antiguans and Bardudans appreciate.

    Vere Bird 111 would not sue the Prime Minister . He is just trying to see if you gain public support.

    My advise to Vere Bird 111 just go and look a real JOB.

    • It seems you are right. The Bird family made a powerful contribution to this country and most Antiguans are thankful, but the present generation isn’t the same quality of those who went before them, with one possible exception, and that is Maria Bird Browne. She is one classy lady, well educated, and socially responsible in the tradition of the founders, and it’s so good to see her at the side of her beloved husband, who represents the New Antigua and Barbuda, and does so with dignity. Thanks be to God. A New Day has dawned in this great land, and the future is bright.

    • It could be said that Vere III needing psychiatric help comes under the heading of “pot calling the kettle coal black”, which could also be applied to people who blog absolute nonsense in an apparent quest for relevance on ANR. At the very least it could be said that Vere III’s real job does not require him to keep his head firmly planted in a crevice in order to gain favour and fortune.

  3. Papa Bird time was a great time. I remember when they ousted him office. The cry was ‘spread the word;sweep out bird’. They swept him out alright, and swept him right back in when the other one disappointed them. Careful what you wish for.

  4. I now arrived at the conclusion that Vere Bird 111 does not have anything to GAFF about so He is now trying to see what type of support He can muster from the General Public . There is one thing that I am definitely certain is that Vere Bird 111 is playing with the wrong Person. Hon. Gaston Browne will win Him in court and Vere will pay Hon. Gaston Browne Court cost plus Legal fees. So I advise to Vere is just shut your traps and blow in the wind.

  5. Is Vere Bird 111 a Lawyer ??? Just from His draft for the Lawsuit I have seeing so many holes that why I ask the question. I would like Mr. Pompey to read the draft and hear His findings. Mr. Pompey hope you read my contribution. Looking forward.

  6. LMAO. You are real funny. Anyway maybe you have a point. UPP lacks a leader. At this point ANYBODY WILL DO. lol

    Following your logic Vere Bird 3 should become leader. He and Sean can plot to overthrow Lovell and then depose Jamale Pringle. LMAO me belly


  7. Family scuffle. They are all the same. Forgot that the assistant PM is a bird? The birds are still running the country.

  8. The first generation Birds were all political leaders
    The next generation however are wanna bees
    And no one is taking them on
    Please guys understand that leaders are born
    You guys just do not have it in you. Papa gave his genes only to Lester and Vere ll. Not even Ivor or Purcell would try to be a politician.
    Sean don’t even know what he wants
    Whether to be a pastor or a radio personally. My advice to him. Go in to the clergy. That way you’re only accountable to God

    • What are you guys afraid of? Can’t wait to see him run against Madam Browne. The current Labour Party is no Labour Party. It is just a front for a huge get rich scheme. Look at all the workers begging for what’s owed to them.

  9. Let The Rumble Begin

    Hon. Maria Browne won Her seat in the election by BIGGEST margin ever in the Labour Party. If Sean run in Her Constituency He would be beaten in the most awful way. Your advice is without merit . I would like to hear all the Blue Koolaid drinkers after 2023 . You Guys will just complaining again. You and UPP are time wasters.

  10. Sue his behind VB III.He likes to sue others for saying things about him.He is not above reproach.He is “Nastiness” in my opinion.


    Thanks for reading my postings . Hope it increases your IQ. Why are you so angry at our Prime Minister ? Prime Minister Gaston Browne best in the OECS. You must think before You speak / write . I place YOU with LOSERS of OBSERVER RADIO.

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