Vendors Block Street In Jolly Harbour


Yesterday, vendors used their beach chairs, umbrellas, tents and anything else they could find to block the street in Jolly Harbour outside of the Castaways Restaurant.

The action was spurred after they arrived at the area where they plied their trade and met their usual access gate to the beach padlocked.

In addition, specific instructions had been left at the first active Jolly Harbour security checkpoint not to allow anyone to drive down to the beach.

“Black people have rights too! Not just Bodog!” said one of the vendors.

“This morning we came to work and asked the security as to who is going to open the gate [and] he said to me ‘we don’t have the key and I have no idea where the keys are’.” explained Sonya Williams, vendor.

She said that she thinks that it’s the security that’s working at Castaways Restaurant that now has the key.




  1. “No Antiguans need apply”
    Boland’s people ar’u vote fu at! Everybody knows the ALP doesn’t care about picky head Antigua people, so now ar’u ha fu tek wah ar’u get.

      • What nonesence talking is this all my life vendors help to build this Country asked your parents..Oh how we forget where we come from .Ashamed to Remember.Saaaaad.

  2. Mr.Byam

    Please put things in the right perspective. The Government want to organize the Vendors. The Government do not wish the beach to be untidy. This will work out in favour of the Vendors. Please keep politics out of this.

  3. What the hell Serpent is doing at Jolly Harbour. He went down Jolly Harbour to incite violence. Serpent is NOT a journalist . Serpent want to be relevant. I hope that the UPP will make you run in St. George so that Dean Jonas will place a thorough whipping on you. The Snake Pit is washed up. All roads lead to POINTE FMM 99.1. POINTE FM speak
    truth to power. Mr. Daniel is the best JOURNALIST in Anitigua and He was very smart to join POINTE FM 99.1

      • I don’t listen to Pointe 99.1 FM neither my siblings and my two aunts. I have friends and other families who don’t listen to Pointe FM and we are all native born Antiguans from deep root generation of Antiguans. We listen to the number one radio station in Antigua and Barbuda, NewsCo Observer 91.1FM that speaks the truth of what is happening in my country.

  4. The lack of “access,” at least proper access where you don’t have to use a boat, donkey, horse or a foot path, has being the norm, in the name of investment, since, Mill Reef Club did their development on the East Coast, of Antigua as far back, as the 1950’s.
    Developers are simply following, a precedent set by previous developers.
    Until, and until, and until a Ruling Arm of the Government, demands in their Contractual Agreements, that PROPER ACCESS, and PARKING are provided to Our National Park, The Beaches, these types of protests will for, the most part end in vain, since, campaign funding could be affected.
    The fishermen in Freetown, actually had to take their case to the Court in Parham.

  5. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! The common people must have access to the beach, which is the property of The People, NOT rich people…..ordinary men and women, boys and girls. This policy was established by V.C. Bird. I see many of the politicians of the day are agreeing with V.C. Now just enforce it.

  6. Beach vendors suck. There is a difference between public access and engaging in commercial activity. I hope our government bans these beach vendors from Jamaica and Haiti ASAP!



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  8. In life They are Persons who seek relevancy at any cost. Listening to the SNAKE PIT tonight and I came to the conclusion that Serpent and Knight do not have anything to talk about..They are now talking about IHI.It shows that the roads are getting better . Therefore These two Guys will seek RELEVANCY at any cost. I do hope Hon. Asot Michael will sue Serpent , Knight and The Observer Media for calling names on the Radio . We shall wait and see.

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