Vendors Banned From Fences When Schools Reopen For CXC Students Next Week

Former Education Minister Michael Browne

No vendors will be allowed to set up shop near the fences of schools when CXC students return to the school plants for classes next week.

Ministry officials said the implementation of the new rule is to ensure the safety of students.

“We want no vendors at the fences at this point in time”, said E Jonah Greene, the Acting Deputy Director of Education, adding “we are not able decide what happens as far as vending is concerned along our school fences”.

Parents were told to provide lunches for their children since the school cafeterias will not be operating either.

The Ministry of Education is seeking to limit contact with the students as much as possible to reduce the risk of them contracting the COVID-19 virus.

To this end, strict restrictions were put in place to limit the number of visitors to the school plants.

Education Minister Michael Browne told parents “if you have to drop your children off, leave them at the gate. If there’s an issue that you have with the school, call the school, don’t visit the school. As much as possible, please don’t.”

Greene said visitors that are allowed on the school compound will have to follow safety protocols and will be limited to certain areas.

“You have to engage the security. The security will get you into the administrative office and then the administrator will deal with you. We will not allow any visitors into our classrooms”, she said.

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  1. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel, Former Mayor of Chicago and Chief of Staff to President Obama!

    This is the time for creative and proactive planning to assist the many vendors who eke out a living in the subsistence economy peddling their goods and services around the secondary schools compounds and campuses of higher education on the Rock!

    De Vendors at Da Market say: Pay Attention! “Wealth creation and reduction of social inequality through greater and more affordable access, efficient and effective alignment with society and economy, and enhanced agility in pursuit of opportunities.” – UWI Strategy 2017- 2022!

    As GoAB shifts into a higher gear to out perform “Rona,” going from “Entrepreneurial Socialism” to “Empowerment Capitalism,” the vendors will thrive when they are encouraged to engage cooperatively with the secondary and higher education institutions! History has shown that inclusive economic policies developed by past governments, which have been dedicated to creating a level playing field, enforcing property rights, a clean, healthy and safe environment, liberty, equality and fraternity, peace, order and good governance, have successfully developed a cohesive political, economic, socio-cultural and sustainable ecological milieu for the People of African Descent!

    Principals and their administrations of secondary schools with help from MoEST should collaboratively engage with the vendors who ply their businesses on the periphery of the school plants to find accommodations on and within their boundaries where they can ensure safety, good hygiene, healthy eating habits and orderly governance!

    For Higher Education, the principal of “Town and Gown Collaborations” must be embraced by Higher Education and the Communities in which Antigua State College and UWI Five Islands Campuses are located! Early this year, this mere voice in the wilderness urged that the developing situation at the UWI Five Islands Campus be given a high priority before it festered and became septic! The leadership of the two institutions, given their Strategic Imperatives must harness their resources and create partnerships with the vendors and the Villages to produce resultant quality campus aesthetics, student faculty and staff customer satisfaction, business success for the vendors and educational institutions which embrace stakeholder social, environmental and financial values to engender trust not only for the institutions but also GoAB!

    The largest Private Institution of Higher Education on the Rock has skillfully navigated this economic and socio-cultural space!

    “Whenever a person delineates a cultural boundary around a particular cultural space in human time, this is called marking. … we must be prepared to act upon our interpretation of what is in the best interest of black people, that is, black people as an historically oppressed population. This is the fundamental necessity for advancing the political process.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change!

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