Vaughn Benjamin to be Buried in Antigua on November 25


Vaughn Andre Benjamin of Midnite Band and Akae Beka unexpectedly passed away on Monday, November 4, 2019, at Tradition Medical Center, Port St. Lucie, Florida. He was born in Antigua but was a long-time resident of St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands and most recently, Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Vaughn’s family said they appreciate the Virgin Islands offer to officially honor him on St Croix. “We are aware of the gathering that has already taken place on the island to acknowledge his contributions to the reggae community in the territory and his accomplishments abroad and we are grateful,” reads a statement from the family

However, after careful consideration, his parents, with the full support of his entire family, life partner and children, have decided to ship his body to Antigua for burial according to Vaughn’s wishes.

A celebration of life will be held on November 25, 2019 at 11 a.m., House of Restoration on Lauchland Benjamin Drive, St. Johns, Antigua. Interment will be private.

Vaughn was 50 years old. He was a creative musician, a visionary, a lyricist, and an exceptional vocalist. The expanse of his intellect and intense desire to live fully and purposefully fueled the passion with which he approached his work. He was charismatic and insightful, complex, yet lived a simple life. His journey and passion for conscious reggae began with Midnite Band in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. The band garnered enormous exposure and became known as “one of the world’s most influential roots reggae bands.” As a result, Vaughn toured all over the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Australia and continued on this trajectory in 2015 when he embarked on a solo journey as Akae Beka. His love of music and his disciplined, relentless thirst for knowledge resulted in a collection of writings spanning more than forty years and amassing a catalog of over 70 albums in his lifetime.

The prolific lyricist was an intellectual whose focus was on making the world a better place the best way that he knew how, by bringing an awareness to many social, economic, political ills facing our world’s population using his gift of writing. Vaughn’s songs hit the Billboard Reggae Album top ten chart many times.

He will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him.

He is survived by his parents, Ronald and Jenita Benjamin; life partner, Farrach Acevedo; children, Senuah Benjamin, Jahi Benjamin, Tsya Benjamin, Asasia Benjamin, Niani Benjamin, Kwengo Benjamin, Nyiieli Benjamin, Eleasah Benjamin, Staworro Benjamin, Nahariyya Benjamin; sisters, Shenneth Canegata, Anthea Harris; brother, Ron Benjamin. Brother-in-law, Bruce Harris; aunts, Glendora Lewis – St. Croix, Rachel Price – Antigua, Hildred Otto – St. Croix, Rowena Medley – United Kingdom, Shirley Benjamin – United Kingdom, Vadis Grant – Antigua, Roma Nicholas – Florida, Claudette Brooks – New Orleans and Emelda Jackson – All Saints; uncle, Rolston Benjamin – St. Thomas. Nieces, Ashley Frederick, Jessica Canegata. Nephews, Andre Canegata, Ronnie (Jay) Benjamin, Jr., Aswan Benjamin; extended family, Stephanie Hodge, Naa Borle Sackeyfio, Halima Davis, Marie Masicott-Gorum.

He is also survived by beloved members of the Vigo, Braithwaite, Newton – Antigua and Dominica, Kent, Jacobs, Pigotts, King families; and many other family and friends too numerous to mention.



    • You would never, and could never hear of him, due to the fact, that Antiguans do not support their own, for the most part.
      It’s part of the hypocrisy which plagues us, as a People, and it’s a fucking shame and disgrace.

      • Ras Smood:I never heard of him.I did Google him and saw his accomplishments in music.I cannot believe this man is from Antigua.And I never heard his music on any stations there.It is rather shameful.He came unto his own,and his own received him not.

        • BLACK-MAN…let’s just hope, this is a turning point for the Nation, to become more adept, in recognizing it’s OWN, Native Daughters and Sons who have made, and are making great contributions Internationally, in all walks of life.
          Ronnie Benjamin a well known musician Internationally, since, the 1970’s is his father.
          The radio stations knew of Vaughn. Simply put, the music him and Mid-Nite produced are the kind, that for the most part, Our Nations psyche rejects; for one, he’s a Rastafari and his CONSCIOUS LYRICS are the swords which slay the beasts, that use propaganda, social engineering etc, to keep most people mentally and physically enslaved, and I am quite sure, that you already know, what a FREE people are capable of, once they possess the POWER, to shake the yokes of enslavement.
          As, you can already tell many around the World have already IMMORTALIZE Vaughn, as one in the class and category, of Bob Marley. I guarantee you 100 and Point 666 percent, of the stolen legacy of Our Carbon 6, PERCENT, if he was born in Jamaica, he’d being heard of, in Jamsica Nation wide; by the way Jamaica knew of him, but plain and simple they were not going to promote him, outside of the Rastafari Community. You can google archived shows of Muta Barukah, and get some interviews of Vaughn in Jamaica.
          My good brother, I could go on, and on, and on from tangent, to tangent, to tangent on this, hey but WISDOM dictates, that I save my breathe, since, like Vaughn I’ll be a fallen tree in the forest. One of John French II, famous sayings.

          Go well my Brethren, in the light of Positive love, guidance, peace.

        • How he came unto his own,he left Antigua years and years made the US VI his home then moved north to Florida.Antigua did not abandon him.I am sure if he made his music and himself available to the Local media and Public,Antigua would know of him.

  1. Oh’ Death, where’s your Victory?. Sleep in peace my Musical & personal Brethren (VAUGHN’ *AKAE’BEKA* BENJAMIN).
    I give thanks to Jah’ for all the times we spent together my Beloved Brethren, “Vaughn” *Akae’Beka* (tribe) of Benjamin was a steadfast & immovable musician. Again I give Jah thanks! Knowing that : “VAUGHN”*AKAE’ BAKA* BENJAMIN, (LABOR)

    My Deepest Condolences.

  2. Always Remember that,
    His Day Begins at Midnight.
    Sun Sets at *AKAE’ BEKA*


    • E-Key Robbie nuff respect. Respect your love.
      Strange this is the first time I am hearing about this brother. Did a search and real-eyes he was huge.

      My condolences to his family, friends and fans.
      Somehow we need to appreciate our people.

      Corporal Mantana another forgotten soldier, did much for music in Antigua.

  3. A guy with such recognition overseas should have been well know in his homeland… we need to promote our own more

    • They are hypocrites in Antigua, especially those who control the Media…
      …mediums(money, oligarchs)
      …controls the media(radio, television)
      …to program huemans(at regular scheduled times)
      …to control their lives(works, thoughts, deeds)
      …nothing is the only thing
      …that happens by mistake!
      …every other thing is by design!

    • Again , we who need to promote them? What ,we suppose to go searching for them? All this talks about promoting own,but when our own go aboard most times and make it big,they to big for Antigua.

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