“Vampire killer” thinks he’s possessed by demons says dad

Delano Forbes

The father of 23-year-old murder suspect Delano Forbes says his son believes he is possessed by demons.


Jimmy Forbes says his son, who was once head of the Boys’ Guide and played keyboard in church, suddenly shifted his interest.


“He went to St. Croix for a year and that’s about 3 years ago…after he came back he wasn’t the same. So, I know for a fact that he got himself into something, but it’s not a normal thing. You have to look at it that way; two way…he have to get help.”, the father told state media.


Forbes says whatever his son got himself into “that is what messed him up.”


“I think it’s either a cult. He always talks about the Illuminati and the Lodge he wants to join. He always talking about… getting rich and he would die at age 30,” the father revealed.


“He told me he is possessed. There are two demons. He will say two but demons go by legions. You understand… He tells me there are demons with him. He says it’s going on two years now,” he added.


Police charged the 23-year-old with murder last year after alleging he killed three people and drank their blood.


He has been on the run since Monday when officers reported he escaped their custody while assisting them in the investigation related to the charges.

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  1. The father is stating what many people suspect. He is in need of spiritual help. He must deal with the consequences of his alleged acts, but he is not wrestling with flesh and blood. Only the Most High can deliver Him.

    • Agreed that something is pretty un-natural here. Who drinks blood? The first time he was in custody i wonder if there were any psychological evaluation done to him. Anything normal should first be ruled out first, but one thing that’s certain,he is either under the influence of some serious evil forces or he is very mentally ill. Either way he needs help desperately and needs to be away from the public before he strikes again..

      • I totally agree and the ordinary mortal man would not understand. He has evil forces in him and if the necessary help is not given it can get worst

  2. Delano’s uncle is the senior pastor of the Pentecostal Church in All Saints.
    His mother is a very well known teacher who once taught the the Irene B.Williams school.
    Two very spiritual individuals.
    It is time to fast and pray.
    Break the blood line curse.
    Pastor Forbes as a a pastor what needs to be done.
    May the good Lord help us all.

  3. I can agree with the dad..my only things is as a parent at the onset of this initially conversation with my son I would have tried to get him some help then when he first mentioned demonic possession

  4. There is POWER in the name of JESUS to break EVERY CHAIN!! “The Blood that Jesus shed…will NEVER LOSE ITS POWER”!!

  5. This kid is mentally ill. You really think his parents never and haven’t prayed for his soul? I know for a fact they did. We aren’t walking with a person of a sound mind. Instead of getting this troubled teen help they prayed, instead of seeking counseling they prayed.
    He isn’t possessed, he is mentally unstable and anything short of mental help we will fail him again.
    I feel sorry for him, we as a country failed him, his parents failed him and if we gun him down we would have failed him again.
    Let’s find him and once and All get him the help he so desperately needs.

    • @Voice of Reason- Totally agree with your comments.Do not know the family but that’s the reason i asked if there ever was any evaluation done on him to determine his mental state.He very well could be just mentally ill. I am a bit suspicious about one thing though,according to the media he leaped about 25ft,with feet shackled how is he not seriously injured? Something about that does not sit too well with me.

  6. all these groups popping up eastern stars and the masons most people join without knowing the true meaning behind it …most of them thing it’s a charity group but they are devil worshipping groups but the little man and woman would not know that ,and people thing they possess some kind of power but the only power I want is life forever if u cant give me that then it aint shit. …when you in them groups is just like playing for a team and i look out for u if i need a favour and my member is a judge better believe am walking free it is something like that …..and most lodge members are gay and you have to pass up that 1/4 panel when the time comes people do the research, they worship the devil and if someone tells u differently then they are blind…especially if they in the group and be telling u oh we doing charity work the they just the normal members that helps to spread that part of the lodge

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