Delano ‘Vampire’ Forbes found not guilty of escaping custody

Delano Forbes

Antigua News Room

Multiple murder accused Delano Forbes was found not guilty of escaping from police officers on February 12, 2018.


The verdict was delivered by Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards in the All Saints Magistrates Court today.


Forbes was charged with Escaping Lawful Custody after police officers alleged he jumped over a cliff in Swetes Village and disappeared.


The prisoner, who was charged with three alleged murders at the time, had reportedly agreed to show investigators where he had hidden bloodied clothing.


Forbes, who was restrained with foot cuffs, was in the immediate custody of Corporal Greg Grell as he led five officers through bushy terrain in Swetes.


Forbes testified Corporal Grell told him the police were setting him free because then Commissioner of Police, Wendel Robinson had said there was no evidence on the murder charges.


Corporal Grell and Former Commissioner Robinson both denied the allegations when they testified at the trial.


A manhunt was launched following the incident but Forbes remained on the wanted list for weeks until he was recaptured by police on March 9, 2018.


He was later charged with a fourth murder after police alleged he killed 62-year-old Maurison Thomas while on the run.


Forbes is also accused of killing Wilfred ‘Bongo’ Williams, Shawn Henry and Lisue Samuel in 2017.


He was branded “Vampire Killer” after police alleged he drained and drank the blood of his victims.


The accused was represented by attorney Sherfield Bowen.


Following an internal investigation into the incident in 2019, Senior Sergeant Rohan Gittens of the Serious Crime Unit, was reportedly fined $400.00 on two serious disciplinary charges of ‘Neglect of Duty’.


Disciplinary charges against Corporal Grell were reportedly dismissed.

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  1. Editor is it possible to publish the witness statements in this matter.

    This is an interesting development since Thomas was killed while Forbes eluded the police.

    The police did an internal investigation and found no liability on the officers.

    So what now Mr Pompey? Wasn’t officer Grell name mentioned in the same sentence with illegal narcotics? Not related however character comes into the picture.

    Mr Pompey what is the next step to discover some semblance of the truth when both accounts opposes each other?

      • DARN RIGHT ‘HM 6’

        Mellie must be a darn dentist.

        Aint pulling nor extracting no darn teeth, though.

        See comment provided above on ‘…question 2.’


      Seems you are mixing up the darn news story.

      To your first question, though [Paragraph 4], have not the slightest idea.

      Besides ‘Rawlston Pompey’ does not dwell on;

      (i) …Rumor; or

      (ii) …Hearsay or

      (iii) …Matters irrelevant to the fact in issue;’ in this case ‘…Escaping Lawful Custody.’

      To the second question [Paragraph 5], still not sure.

      Suffice it to say, what is contained in the news story, is what had already been reported by all the news portal.

      What the news may have been saying is what led the Magistrate to reach that decision.

      From ‘…professional prosecutorial experience,’ a few things may have factored;

      (i) …There may have been a ‘…Reasonable doubt’ of what really transpired.

      This must be ‘…resolved in the defendant’s favor.’

      (ii) …The evidence by the ‘…Police witnesses’ may have been ‘…manifestly unreliable,’ that it would have been ‘…unsafe to convict the defendant on such evidence.’

      Some ‘darn evidence’ a witness cannot give to the Court, particularly if it is ‘…pregnant with doubt, inconsistencies and untruth.’

      Evidence affected by these, then ‘…Mellie must walk free.’

      The trial Magistrate may have carefully looked at;

      (a) …Defendant in restraints- ‘…hand and foot cuffs;

      (b) …Reportedly jumped over banking;

      (c) …Out-run the custodians/officers.’ and

      (d) …Seemingly no valiant attempt made by his custodians to pursue him at point of escape.

      In short, the ‘Magistrate,’ looking at the totality of the evidence (Prosecution/defence), may have been convinced that the prosecution did not prove its case ‘…Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.’

      What might now be inquired into, is whether or not Members of the public got the ‘…EC$50, 000 Reward offered and expended for his apprehension?’

      • Did you see Narcotics next his name? Since you are playing chief investogator then bring the evidence you have.

        How are you not aware that Delano’s father was the one shielding him from police capture then still turn and received reward of 50k..Is this not questionable to you and the Antiguan public?

        One sided brains.

    • Did you see Narcotics next his name? Since you are playing chief investogator then bring the evidence you have.

      How are you not aware that Delano’s father was the one shielding him from police capture then still turn and received reward of 50k..Is this not questionable to you and the Antiguan public?

      One sided brains.

    • They are not dealing with the criminal and his senseless act. Instead they are focussing on the police.
      He is a notorious criminal and that also means he can be a notorious LIAR to say the officers allowed him to escape.
      That’s just disgusting for anyone in their right minf to even believe

    • @Chubblesum:This is Antigua and Barbuda,not Iran and or China.We have a legal system.Where one is perceived to be innocent until proven guilty in a Court of law.By the way,what you are proposing to be done to this citizen.How about the firing squad for those Public Servants who thief the people’s money.No trial for them.Would you and “Truth Be Told” be okay with that.How about cut off their thiefing hands.Without a trial .

  2. So if he was fond not guilty and during the time that he was intentionally release as was claimed,and he committed another murder as suggested then common sense tells me that the police officers who were involved must be held accountable for the the muder too,It’s because of his release he got the opportunity to carry out the alleged muder, What kind of nonsense I’m reading here of $400.00 fine.

    • I agree. It hurts so much to know he was in Police custody and Antiguans could’ve felt safer, only for him to be afforded the opportunity to kill again because of slackness.

      • @Mmm
        The only slackness involved here is the Vampire performing his own rituals to escape once outside. he is a ritualist and cultist, he is capable of performing such rituals both to escape and to blind the courtroom to be acquitted of his charges.
        So meanwhile the court accepts his lies to acquit him of the charges, on the contrary there also is not any evidence to convict the policemen of his escape.
        The court needs to see him for what he is…a vampire cultist. that’s it

  3. We need a serious investigation into the police involvement in this escape. It cannot be just wiped under the carpet. If we have dishonest officers they need to be flushed out the system even to top.

    • The police does not need investigating.
      The vampire and his family needs investigating. They are the ones who got paid to SHELTER AND HABOUR A CRIMINAL with the comfort of meals and cell phone and possibly more blood to drink.

      Your focus is negatively shifted. Fix it on the real matter in question. Stop fooling yourselves believing the Lies comimg ftom a killer. If he can kill he can lie easily unless he has BRAINWASHED the whole of Antigua with his Rituals and Cultism

  4. Some of you need God. To belueve a criminal will be left loose on purpose to go kill other people. Some of you need deliverance just like the criminal. Hope the same soup does not pour in some of y’all bowls some day.
    A criminal is a criminal. Just as he can kill he can also be a notorious LIAR. How he was able to barzoody the judge is the question you people should be contemplating.
    Was he able to influence the judge or was he able to witchcraft the courtroom?
    Some of you are mad to believe this summon, and even worst to have expect the officers to risk themsekves and fly down the gutter after the criminal

    Think before y’all speak ill of another. You have family members, think about that and think critically when needed

  5. The police has no involvement in the escape..The criminal like any other is looking for freedom to commit more crimes…
    A society of people that are not in support of the police officers that protect your community, instead you are lambasting the police in support of a criminal.
    The criminal is a coward. He kills and hides, If he can lie on the police for escape in order to continue his killing spree, why doesnt he bring himself in?

    The fact that some of you will actually come on this stream and speak in Favour of a Criminal says alot about the type of people you are

  6. He is a Vampire killer that kills and drinks blood…Use your heads people. USE YOUR BRAINS
    A vampire killer is CULT. One that participates in rituals and cultism and witchcraft practices. For that purpose he can disappear in thin air right before the officers eyes fly down a gutter unhurt.
    The officers are NOT CULTS they are aloso NOT SUPERMEN, if they jump down the gutter they will die. The criminal wont die, as he engages his rituals.


    Y’all are here bad talking Police Police, don’t worry. All of you on here talking – – – – Im sure have families too.

    Learn to support Law officers. They are there to serve and protect. And we as a citizen ought to trust and respect that. Unless some of you are so Law-less abritrary to BELIEVE a Notorious criminal over the Police officers.
    Think people, Think or shut up

    • @Sue Ben…#TalkingBlues!

      The #Rituals which indoctrinated this individuals, thought processes are deeply, entrenched into the ALL of the #ReligiousOrders, #Lodges, #FraternalOrders which grace the shores, of the Nation…
      …All a dem, Wuk #Obeah!

        • @Donald…Ignorance is still #Bliss; however, when the Mind leads one’s thought process, due to ignorance, lack of knowledge and comprehension, they will always, prejudice the moment with their ignorance!

  7. This same officer Grell was cleared of all allegations made against him by a disciplinary tribunal of the organization which he joined as a young man to serve and protect the people of this country. The question you ought to ask yourselves is “Was this by way of choice or friend and company or by way of justice must be served?”.

    This only shows that the officer in question reputation was never questionable and he has been and will be a force to reckon with among his colleagues until he ready to take his peaceful departure from the RPFAB.

    This officer is loyal and honest and his reputation and name he love so much, who is this demonic led killer to convince a justice system that the officer released him from custody. Furthermore after this same officer was the first officer to charge him for murdering Bongo after he confessed to the crime. Come on! Where is the sense in some of you head? This simply shows that this Antigua justice system gone to the dogs. It’s a shame!

    I hope and pray this officer appeal that decision and not sit and take this as business as usual.

    May he find justice in the high courts when the demon stand trial for the innocent people in society he thrived on. God bless the officers who have a sense of empathy in this case because one day, it only takes one day.

    • @Vincent Jackson
      you are right.
      The vampire was undeservingly given the benefit of the doubt by the court in learning , the maximum sentence for this is a slap in the face, anyone with sense can infer that the intention clearly was to spite the Heroic officer only to bring his reputation to the table, But there is a GOD.

  8. @ Mr Pompey
    What happens now?
    This was/is a case of high public interest.

    Under the carpet?

    By the way isn’t character important when giving evidence? Goes to the heart of credibility, perhaps pulling some teeth without novocain will produce some answers.

  9. Yes this is the young officer who saved a drowning grown up man just recently off a dock when he rolled over in his vehicle. The off duty offficer saw his demise and dive to his recue, while riskimg his own life doing so
    Is this a young man who hates human?
    I dont think so. He cares about life. He values life.
    Deal with the Vampire and leave the officer alone

  10. This whole thing is a very simple matter. We must fairly go through all the formalities. It’s time to get the gallows ready for an execution. It’s time for an “eye for an eye”. All we need to hear is the judge say “GUILTY as CHARGED”!

    • @Antigua Citizen…such #Exorcism, and action of, “a stake through he heart,” must begin on the pulpits, and in the pews/vestries of the religious and fraternal orders, gracing the shores of Our Nation.
      I, do not have the full transcripts of the trial, but it appears as if, his lawyer did a great job, as he linked his client to the upper echelon of these Orders, and their relationship(s) with the practice of #Rituals…
      Quite, an Illumination on a lodge I might add!

      • Exactly thats all it is…much involvement of exorcism, and Rituals

        Getting everyone to speak in his favor aquitting him of charges and convicting the policemen.

        Such a shame, a Ritualist can get away with lies, and more and more lies

      • @Rass Smood Did he do the same before he killed his victims and drank their blood? He want live live like a vampire, kill he like one.

        • @Antiguan Citizen…the #Vampire which presumably, indoctrinated him, lives in the TOMBS, and catacombs of your religious orders/Lodges.
          Bear in mind, that many such orders, still practice the, human blood drinking, and flesh eating, at their jesus seances.

        • @Rass Smood

          You hab me wrang. I don’t believe in no cult. From so-called religion to witchcraft. All a dem is cult. All dat for fooley weak people.

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