“Vampire killer” escapes from custody


The man accused of killing several people and drinking their blood has escaped from custody.

According to reports, Delano Forbes escaped in his hometown, Swetes, when he was taken back to one of the crime scenes by investigators.

The so-called  Vampire Killer is being pursued by lawmen.

Forbes is accused of killing Wilfred ‘Bongo’ Williams, Shawn Henry and Lisue Williams. All three men were killed last year and the police said earlier they found jars of what appeared to be blood at Forbes’ home when they were investigating in December.

If you have any information that would help re-capture the prisoner Delano Forbes, please call the Homicide unit at 764-2348 or the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or 462-3914.

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  1. The police didn’t have weapons with them? This is not a good situation. The whole community must be up in arms. I hope they apprehend him before he hurts anyone else.

    • Totally agree with you Antigua should call on the minister responsible for the police force to have them dismissed immediately. Show you the professionalism the so call police them have

      • If the police had shot and killed him while he was still in their custody it would’ve been illegal, he would’ve had to be out for at least 24hours and then found for it to be legal to kill him

  2. Gather the torches ,Pitch forks and wooden stakes. We gonna be hunting tonight. Any reward out ? Dead or alive ?

  3. Just when you thought that it was safe to come out again…. smh. Because of a monumental bo bo by the police our tranquility of just over a month has now to be overshadowed by worry in the Swetes community.

  4. How is that possible ? The incompetence of our lawmen. Now this guy is at large God know what could happen now ..

    • The news said he jumped over a raveen-he knows the area,he probably meant to kill himself.. This is how the devil works,gives you strength to do evil things then when he has used you enough,he takes the strength away,then your’e done.

      • @JH – so true. Satan make you feel “powerful” doing bad things then he expose you, trip yo naked and laugh his ass off at your downfall. The opposite of the way the Redeemer operates.

    • I cannot believe they let that killer got away. So did they
      put hand cuff on his hand and feet. Remember he is a vampire he probably flew away in thin air. I do hope they find him and when they do shoot to kill with no mercy.lord protect all my Sweetest family and friends.

  5. these cops are so incompetent u have a serial killer and u let him get away just not Kool. ….y not have a shakle and chain or a full jacket …but i guess the leader of the police fe male ways is rubbing off love to see man run

  6. I am calling on the police hierarchy to come fourth and explain!
    You guys are so full of shit!
    Do you know that we the family members of Bongo can’t fucking sleep?
    Do you know that this demon said publicly that he is coming after us,his mother Suzette and his grandmother?
    I can’t believe this shit!

  7. hahahaha…….Why not call him Dracula instead of “Vampire killer”, y’all giving him the impression that he is actually killing vampires…

  8. Why was it necessary to take him back to the scene of the crime first of all and secondly, had he been shackled properly, he would not be able to run or jump no where. Fly maybe, but not run or jump. #hardsteupps

  9. Do you all even know how to pray and contact heaven in all of this. Firstly, SATAN does not respect anyone. secondly, what on earth could possible have gone wrong in this young man’s life to open this door way for the Devil to take grounds. Thirdly, where there’s one there’s likely to be another for SATAN works in hosts. Fourthly, parents be on the alert especially dads. Get involve in the lives of your children. Some of us are too careless and selfish. Our emotional needs means more to us than raising the precious children God has given us. Mother’s in Zion contact heaven for the deliverance of this young man and stop all the nonsensical comments.

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