‘Vampire Killer’ disrespects magistrate

Delano Forbes


Delano Forbes, who is charged with four murders was sentenced to three months in prison for contempt of court this morning.


Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel reprimanded the accused who sucked his teeth while she spoke to him in the All Saints Magistrate Court.


The defendant was making his first court appearance for allegedly killing 62-year-old Morrison Thomas onMarch 7.


Forbes allegedly committed offence after escaping from police in February.


He is due back in court in September for committal proceedings.


Forbes is also charged the murders of Lisue Williams, Wilfred Williams and Shawn Henry who were all killed in 2017.


Police accused the defendant of draining and drinking the blood of his victims.

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  1. Sucking teeth?? Can tell how he used to behave in class. Hope he enjoys his mini-vacation at 1735.

  2. Delano was never a rude child growing up please let god do the judging I have children with his dad and one thing I know he had manners am not saying that he did not do those things or he did them all I have to say is he who is without sin cast the first stone that god to the judging when the day of judgment comes

  3. Why can’t we just bring the hangman back for one day for this man alone. he doesn’t deserve anything less. Not even a trial.

  4. His rass needs to be hanged.
    He has no heart.
    Imagine a bowl of blood siting on Morris counter with a ladle!Morris vest soaked with blood and multiple head wounds Bongo beaten on the head and forced in a latrine and it being nailed shut…. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!
    May God have mercy on his family and their third and fourth generation… That curse that has been handed down needs to be broken.
    Delano parents and grandparents need to get down on their knees and repent!

    • u need fu shut tf up cuz Blood cnt e placed in a Bottle without curdling chupz. if u ad kill he nuh an see. Antigua ppl aways have the world to say shut the fuck up chupz
      his family has nun to do with nun so leave them out his mother was and is an respectle woman she use to teach me.

  5. I really don’t think the sentence means anything to him since he’s there already.

    September it is then

  6. Why you people keep talking about hanging that will never happen again? I sure bet if he was your family you wouldn’t be shouting it from the mountain top

  7. J.P.H two of the victims are my Family!!
    Two wonderful, hard-working, warm-hearted, loving men who contributed to Antigua with service to society.
    If Delano ever escapes again he Will be taken to either Barnes or Straffie…. Whichever his family chooses.
    Do you know how this hurts?
    Do you really know?
    I don’t care whose brother or sister or f…… g child he is…. Snap his f….g neck off and let him be a damn example.
    I know the youth since he born.
    He cause plenty trouble long time till his mother say she can’t manage him.

    • Hope you ready for the curse that will be bestowed on your 3rd and 4th generation for this conment! Fix It Jesus!!! Repent! Repent I tell you

      • Suppose it was your brother that was murdered… annoyed…. What would you say or do…. How would you feel?

    • y u nah go hang he rass n see cuz u Bad chupz anyone of yall were there god say judge not tf yall e so god?

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