Vaccines could ‘expire on us’ due to slow pick-up rate, PM Browne says


Prime Minister Gaston Browne fears that AstraZeneca vaccines obtained under the COVAX facility may expire.

He says this is based on the slow uptake rate.

PM Browne says he remains hopeful that residents will make themselves available to take the vaccines.

Meantime, Browne has defended the government’s decision to pay residents to take the first jab of the vaccine.

He says the only argument that should be made is that EC$ 50 is too low and that it should be increased to $100.

Listen to Browne speak on the issue of vaccination on Pointe FM yesterday:

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  1. What’s the expiration date, I’m waiting patiently for the due date for my second jab!!!???

    • @mary. EXACTLY! me too.
      This creates panic
      And makes me wonder if they HAVE held back the full 26,000+ second doses ????
      CMO clarification please as I note this was not from the Office of the Prime Minister or Ministry of Health, but an opinion expressed on a radio chat show.

    • Mary what you are saying makes sense. If demand is low and the expiration dates are approaching we should be giving out the second shots and increasing our fully vaccinated numbers rather than having this artificially long wait between doses.

    • @mary! EXACTLY this is so ridiculous. The first dose was given about 2 months ago and up to now no second dose but they are worried about expiration… the way this COVID vaccine is being administered is a joke… the woman in charge of the vaccination roll out. The woman who use to run the NCO call center make sure her whole family have both doses already but yet the common folks almost 2 months later are still waiting.

      I’m so sick and tired that everything, even basic medical privileges come down to friend and company. Y’all must remember Antigua is small and people chat plenty.

      Give the people their second shot!

      • What are you really talking about. The Centers are open for any and every one, the mobile Units are at CMC and Woods Mall. Doctors and Government Ministers are on radio and TV Daily begging for person to come in for the vaccine. They are now paying people to take the vaccine, yet the rate is slow.
        What friend and company you talking bout. you are just so ill informed. Every thing you stated is so wrong wrong. If the lady works in that area, and is for the vaccine, then it is obvious she will encourage her family to take it early.
        What do you mean “Up to now no second dose” Every one who took the first dose was given a date to return for the second shot. My shot was on the 3rd March, second will be on 27th this month. That’s 12 weeks. 3 months, not 2. And i got my shot early, being a front line worker. I am not so sure any one is due their second shot as yet. And if the experts say 12 Weeks, please let’s trust them, do not rush them.

        You obviously have no idea. None, zero, zilch, nada.

        • @BJ, as you just said, you got yours early because you are a front line worker, but the everyday man who got theirs since March either don’t have a date yet or the date isn’t until end of June. I got my shot the end of March and I was informed that my next shot is June 28. That’s a long time… and if people’s family members and friends are already getting second shots, why should the ordinary man with no connections have to wait 2 months..
          My dear you are a front line worker so you will get special treatment. The bill Oman in charge, her family are not front line workers so they should be on line like everyone else.

          So the man knows exactly what he’s talking about …

    • Who the heck is this woman? A PhD is not a Doctor of Medicine. Check her credentials please. I don’t trust her or the “Rumble” outfit spreading her stuff. Isn’t “Rumble” a Trumpite outfit?

      • There are many Dr. of medicine with PHDs.. Most scientist aren’t Drs. of medicine. Very few Drs. of medicine knows much about vaccines. Trump doesn’t own the platform rumble.

  2. The PM is totally correct on this one. The vaccination saves lives. Respect the people. This is important.

  3. If uptake doesn’t improve soon,Antigua and Barbuda,will not get on the UK’s green list,if that happens,you will not be seeing tourists,or cruise ships with British passengers on board, coming to your shores,any time soon.

    • I really wonder why the moderators of this blog continue to allow you and that foul language you post to pass. It does not look good. People of all age religion and class read these comments and you my dear sound very ignorant and dunce. Even if you don’t like the Prime Minister can you not express your displeasure in a more mature manner without the foul language. AND do better.

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