Vaccine mandates working but more to come, PM says


The Gaston Browne administration is set to announce new vaccine mandates as it races towards herd immunity by the end of the year.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says some new mandates to affect persons serving on board have already been announced.

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  1. Herd immunity Herd immunity 5. They say when you repeat the same thing over and over again then it sometimes becomes reality in people’s minds.
    Israel with the highest number of vaccinated citizens still can’t get it under control.
    Keep saying it .

    • These vaccines do not confer immunity. Therefore, 100% of people could take them and the virus would still be spreading and people still getting sick.

  2. Search Gaston Browne, O God, and know his heart today
    Try him, O Saviour, know his thoughts, I pray
    See if there be some wicked way in he
    Cleanse him from every sin, and set him free.
    (Rest in peace Joseph Niles)

  3. How many more have to die, how many more have to suffer for people to realise whats going on, this one size fits all approach is an act of genocide

    • They don’t believe because they’re already programmed you can most likely only try running the truth by the unvaccinated. It’s already in them so I guess they literally have no choice but to ignore, believe what they want and hope for the best😂🤐

  4. All employees in Antigua and Barbuda should be required to vaccinate. Exemptions should be closely checked. Not only that, but entry to public buildings (private and government) should be only to the vaccinated, during this deadly pandemic.

    • Excuse You? What if it was some time ago when ppl were discriminated against and had no right or freedom to do anything simply because they were born black? And you’re telling me that just because someone doesn’t take the poison they should be restricted with no rights? You’re ‘protected” right? So what’s your issue? What makes you so special and entitled? The fact that you lined up to be a guinea pig? Smh. There’s a special place for people like you. Selfish.

    • @ Runako Francis , since you so passionate about it and want to determine what substance goes into another human body,
      You should take the vaccine shots for all the
      Antigua employees
      You may know the answer to this.
      Does taking it affect common sense ?
      No need, you wouldn’t know it if it stood in front of you.

  5. Wait ! This man still talking about herd immunity! We are doomed.
    There is not one country on the planet where the herd immunity concept has worked. Not one.
    Just check, the higher the vaccination rates, the higher the covid cases. The same thing will happen here.

    • Born Antiguan, it already happened. When there were no vaccines for an entire year things were going fine. As soon as the liad dictator supposedly take the vaccine, COVID cases and deaths rise. The governments have people in Bondage, Depressed and sad. What a state of affairs.

  6. Proper protocols prevent spread of a virus, some people think it all safe and let their guards down because they are vaccinated

  7. Gaston. People livelihood you a mess with. Bout mandate, wa Mek you nah talk bout how Antigua over populated. Antiguans and Barbudans have loss their country. It no longer belongs to us. Long story short, the government has so much debt from all the loans they’ve been taking out to the point they have to keep the country open. Another thing, the government has made so many promises to these investors it’s not even funny anymore.

    But Gaston is minister of finance so he knows how to not default on loans,!it’s all a cycle, the government WILL NEVER pay of its debt. They’ll just keep up with interest rates.

    None of this matters tho

  8. The Vaccine does not protect you. Keep up with the current events in the global news Mr. Browne and stop tell the people lies. Your agenda will not come to pass. I am just sad that people still haven’t opened their eyes as yet. The only way to beat this thing is not the vaccine, nor science, its God and what He has given to us in nature. Mr. Browne you need to repent, you need to find the THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD and REPENT. When you oppress the people of God, God always comes through for his people. Be mindful of that.

  9. You stupid sheepish person. God doesn’t stop people from being dumb and listening to your nonsense. If there is a god why did he let us black people be slaves. Why does he let African genocide go on so . God isn’t involved in the day to day management of this world. He gave us brains , he lets us make choices. Faith won’t save your rasa when you laying in the hospital . But maybe your deaths with save others .

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