Vaccination numbers drop in phase 2


POINTE XPRESS: Officials in the Ministry of Health are spending time to re-calibrate the second phase of the vaccination roll-out programme because of lower than expected uptick in the first few days of the exercise.


On Thursday, a total of three hundred and seventy-three (373) persons presented themselves to be vaccinated.


The overall figure between Tuesday and Thursday is one thousand three hundred and seventy-one.


That contrasts with the first few days of the first rollout in March when the numbers averaged approximately two thousand, four hundred.


Several options are currently under consideration, including one where the vaccination teams ‘take the roll-out to the public.’


This could mean that the vaccination teams could possibly move out from the centres and meet people in areas where there are large numbers of people such as the public market or either of the two bus stations.


No decision has yet been made on what steps the officials will take but there is an urgent desire to have more people vaccinated as this has both health and economic implications as articulated by government and health officials from time to time.


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  1. Well now I am lost and puzzled. It was advertised all over Antigua that we should register for the vaccine. On the second day of registration i called to register for my wife. Nice lady took the info, then said we will received a call as to when and where they are ready for us. My wife have been patiently waiting for that call. Now I am hearing medical officials are disappointed with the turn out. Should any and every one just should unannounced.

    • Just show up to the site. I really dont know about why they asking people to register. With the numbers down it is highly unlikely that you will spend hours only to be told its not possible.

  2. Let traitor dictator Gaston take the AstraZeneca shot. That fool got Moderna for himself and sold us out. Dictator traitor Gaston need a bullbud lashing.

    • Gaston failed to set a good example for the people of Antigua by showing them he had confidence in Astra Zeneca and was willing to take the same vaccine that they are to take. Instead, he run off and took Moderna in the dark of the night while we all were asleep and then remained quiet about it for weeks. Now that Astra Zeneca has a reported few blood clotting issues, Gaston cannot even say to the people of Antigua that the vaccine is safe for them to take as he himself ran away from it and took another vaccine!! He has no credibility in the eyes of Antigua when it comes to recommending the people take AZ.

      • Don’t be blinded by your dump political Diatribes. Most Politicians and close relative’s are protected. Hatred and nonsensical comments wouldn’t help the people in protecting themselves. You will have time to campaign. At least show some dignity, honesty and integrity. This is a serious health issue. You are showing yourself to be a JDD.

      • Exactly Truth Be Told.

        The scumbag dictator traitor Gaston only uses his position and us as his financial slaves and nothing else.

      • @N….people like you want normalcy yet you all refuse to take the vaccine. As I have said you all cant have you all cake and eat it. The many you spoke of have refused to take the vaccine so what you expect is not for us to wait until whenever unless they take it?

  3. With the amount of negative post this blog and many others put out about the AstraZeneca vaccine I’m not surprised.

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