Vaccinated tourists will no longer need COVID-19 tests to enter Antigua



Effective Wednesday 16 March, 2022, nationals and residents of Antigua and Barbuda returning to Antigua do not require vaccinations; however, they require a Covid test (PCR or approved Rapid Antigen) no more than four days old and a quarantine period in their own homes of 10 to 14 days.


Further, nationals and residents who are vaccinated do not require a Covid test to enter into Antigua (unless they show symptoms of possible infection).


More than 40,000 vaccination ID cards have been issued thus far, such that the nationals and residents can readily prove their vaccination status.


Post-Publication Addendum:


All tourists traveling to Antigua and Barbuda are required to be fully vaccinated; however, these visitors do NOT require a PCR or Rapid Antigen Test for entry into Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. There is no justification for this other than to hurt nationals as the norm for Antiguan governments. All they care about is foreigners.
    You can still spread the virus even when vaccinated. This has been know for nearly a year, so on what basis is Antigua forcing it’s citizens and residents to pay for tests when foreign nationals who can equally spread the virus are exempt.
    How this pandemic shows the glaring issue with Caribbean governments being so invested in foreign money that they will treat their constituents worse than dogs.

    Vaccinated people are no more protected then the unvaccinated and both groups can spread the alleged virus. Why are you favoring one group over the other?
    This double standard is a blatant violation of EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW.

  3. ELECT A NEW GOVERNMENT! At least a few years of the UPP will get the ALP in order when we re-elect them again!

    • Agreed, You DON’T reward people for their bad behavior. You punish them.
      For the ‘crime’ of torturing the people of Antigua for two years during the plandemic, the administration MUST be taught a lesson. Let the UPP govern awhile and if the ABLP show signs of rehabilitation, then we can try them again.

      Note: The UPP will need to be squeaky clean while in charge if they hope to restore faith in their ability to run the country’s affairs.

  4. I am grateful that smallpox was eradicated before the birth of social media. We would still be facing outbreaks of it thanks to people listening to Dr. Facebook and Joe Rogan’s medical advice.

    • Tropical Pleasure inform yourself properly. The small pox vaccine was tested and created by companies for philanthropic use not for profit and protection from being sued. You lucky no on you know dead from the poison shit they injecting in people’s bodies.

  5. There is still no evidence of this announcement on the Antiguan Government website. Does anyone know if this change is really happening on March 16th?

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