UWI To Receive Hundreds Of Millions In Reparations Payment

Sir Hilary Beckles

The University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom has agreed to pay £200 million in reparation payments to the University of the West Indies.

This was disclosed by Vice Chancellor of the UWI, Sir Hilary Beckles during a recent interview on the Jamaica News Network (JNN) programme – Insight.

Beckles, who recently returned from the UK said the University of Glasgow  recognised that Jamaican slave owners had adopted the University of Glasgow as their university of choice and that £200 million of value was extracted from Jamaica and the Caribbean.”

Sir Hilary Beckles

He said while in the UK the Vice Chancellor of the UK-based university Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli opened up their records, which showed a ‘massive influx’ of grants and endowments from Jamaica.

He said added the University of Glasgow and UWI are currently drafting a memorandum of understanding, and the term ‘reparatory justice’ is expected to be included.

The £200 million would be a combination of cash and kind. “We are not on the street corners asking for handouts. We are looking for partnerships and development.”

One of the projects in which the University of Glasgow has reportedly shown interest involves research in chronic diseases in the Caribbean, including hypertension, diabetes, and childhood obesity.

“They are looking at the possibility of partnering with us and having a massive institute for chronic disease research that is going to prevent the proliferation of these diseases in the future,” said Beckles.

A report dubbed Slavery, Abolition and the University of Glasgow, published recently by the university, reveals that it benefited directly from the slave trade in Africa and the Caribbean in the 18th and 19th centuries to the tune of almost £200 million in today’s money.

The university has announced that it has launched a wide-ranging and ambitious “reparative justice programme” that is based on the findings of more than two years of research.

In addition, the University of Glasgow had also announced that it intends to implement programmes and projects that will provide scholarships and exchange programmes for Jamaican and other Caribbean students through its links with The UWI.

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    The contents of the news story appear not to be in harmony with the headline.
    The contents speak to ‘…partnership and development.’

    This, however, is contingent upon a ‘…yet to be formalized MOU.’

    Reasonable inferences might be drawn that Sir Hilary would like a clause that includes the words ‘…reparatory justice’ to be inserted.

    This might be dangerous for any kind of partnership.

    Not sure if Sir Vito Antonio ‘Anton’ Muscatelli would be amused with the story suggesting that the University was about to ‘…dole out its share of Reparations’ for what modern-day crime identifies as ‘…Human Trafficking.’

    Thus, it might be misleading to associate such an apparent ‘…Gesture of Partnership Generosity,’ with Reparatory payments.

    Reparations seem far remote from the University’s ‘…Outreach educational programme to places such as Singapore.’

    It would seem that ‘..migration of grants and endowments from Jamaica and the Caribbean,’ have more to do with the United Kingdom as a nation, than had the University been the recipient of the proceeds of the ‘…Trans-Atlantic Criminal Act of the Slave Trade.’

    It further begs these questions, ‘…Why would a University wish to take on the Sins of its nation? and ‘…Why Sir Hilary would like to call the millions in cash and kind ‘…reparatory justice?’

    Some people are never sure which came first, ‘…the chicken or the egg.’

    • “Why would a University wish to take on the Sins of its nation?” Maybe their conscience started to bother them. Knowing how they have benefited themselves from the very same slave trade. Was there not a University in the USA that also finally decided to pay back Antigua for slave labour they have enjoyed. It may surprise you Mr. Pompey but the Catholic Church under this Pope finally apologized for its role in the slave trade. Have you ever heard the British Royal Family ever apologizing to the world about it? But these days the very same nations claim to be upholders of human rights and justice.

      • @ sideline do you really think this University could do such a thing without the consent of the nobles?
        To catch rat you must bate the trap.
        The Caribbean is broke and out of ideas to generate new money, they are fully aware of this so they are using money to re-enter.

        200 million pounds would sound like a lot of money to a broke man to the wealthy it’s a small price to pay in order to achieve a covert or overt operation

  2. Antigua should get its fair share of this money to help build the UWI Antigua campus.

    PM Browne, please place a call to this university and tell them to direct a good sum of this money to Antigua for the UWI campus here.


    This is a MOST horrific development. It is the beginning of the end.

    The reason why a UNIVERSITY is doing this, it’s because the Caribbean people are so dumbed down that they will see the UNIVERSITY as credible thus it will be accepted easily.

    1 The Caribbean people will now be studied as to how they were able to survive this long after slavery.

    2 Studies will be done as to why all the diseases and PHARMACUETICALs has not wiped out Caribbean people.

    3 DNA tracking will be done to developed specific TAYLOR MADE diseases and PHARMACUETICALs to destroy the Caribbean people.

    5 Nothing that is good for you is free and comes without striving, BEAWARE BE WARNED tell them to tell USA to pay us what they owe us.

    For years THE ANALYST preached that STANFORD DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY no one believed, he was condemned and humiliated many a times.

    LISTEN PEOPLE THIS IS A HORRIFIC DEVELOPMENT. And I know and understand that they are monitoring this article.


    Been following the two ‘…Rastamen;’ one ‘Real,’ the other, well not quite sure. Both continue to make their contributions.

    In this case, one is ‘…hopeful’ and the other is doubtful or skeptical.’

    Which one do you believe ‘…From The Side Line.’

    May have to ‘…move from the Side’ and ‘…join the ‘…Line.’

    For now, ant squaring off between the ‘…two Rastamen; …Sideline and Sweetiepie,’ taking the position of pacifist.

    Cheers ‘DB.’ like the parable. None may have aught against you.

    Eggs in a basket are no chickens. They are only counted when hatched.

  5. @ Mr Pompey if you are the commissioner of police is their any need to remind your subordinates that you are the commissioner of the police?

    My case has been established. The fruits of a RASTAMAN is rooted in the consciousness of his language.


    Absolutely no need to tell subordinates that.

    You are as wise as your comments suggest.

    Nice line ‘…The fruits of a Rastaman is rooted in the consciousness of his language.’

    Sounds very much like my friend ‘…King Frank I.’

    Hope that ‘…the real rastaman’ is following your vibes.

    Sir Hilary now says the headline is ‘…inaccurate.’ It answers the questions herein posed.

    While you harbored doubts, he was just hopeful that some of the millions could have been channeled to help develop the proposed University.

    The offer appeared too good to be true. Now the ‘real rastaman’ appeared to have ‘…grabbed at straw.’ Do not shoot anyway.

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